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  1. Abuse - Verbal: Why?

    Huh... abuse on an asking about verbal abuse thread, how original (I kid, I kid). Yeah, heads up to these guys: owl, Bangladesh, Promit, Dmytry (Nice one about the warning), Krokhin. Thanks for putting the thought in and not resorting to the more - and slightly sardinist - "abusive" port of call. So far: Human behaviour is a "mixed" bag, at best. In order to be at the top, or at least further afield in terms of status - individual, societal or work-based, humans will use the reasoning and measures that are most appropriate to their own inner alignment of their psychology. To simplify this, if you had a hard life growing up, you are most likely not going to let anybody push you down with simple insults so you are either going to indulge them with far harsher words or assult them physically- with the latter being the case in more abusive lives. The thing is though, once one has chosen to use a method of dealing with an individual or set of particular problems, that very same person may feel - in a sense - "committed" to using that way of dealing with confrontation and attaining higher power than the rest. Hmmm... I guess you could say that if you're a bit of bitch then you are going to bitch as best you can in order to be the top dog, whereas if you're a more calculated person who prefers the "satisfaction" of a good "burn" played on somebody else then you are going to bide your time until you can completely destroy them- in the sense of emotion and metal state rather than their "complete" annihilation. I'm still perplexed: If human behaviour - as part of the all-important Human Condition - allows a person to exact verbal abuse to another, then why doesn't the conscious - or probably better, the subconscious - mind moderate that before it is unleashed upon others, even if the person is normally of Moral Right personal alignment?
  2. MMORPG economies, few thoughts (long read)

    I would suggest that this thread be moved over to the GDLounge. My (quite) simple reply: What is the main currency of the game world worth to the player at in any given time, set of circustances or events within the players's mind, within the current frame of his avatar's situation? That is, in essence, the entire structure of a player-driven economy. (Very) Simple example: Mine, Enterprise, Fight, Research? Easy to say, tough to answer- especially to the would-be big guy newbie.
  3. Abuse - Verbal: Why?

    Thank you for you comment, owl. You have brought more thought to the intellectual table regarding this matter. Oh, I do love it when I go into deep thought. Who doesn't? Anyone else. Please enlighten me as to your feelings on the matter. It'll be interesting to see the different thoughts.
  4. Looking for Feedback - Gameplay Description

    Skim read... My answer's simple: DON'T FAIL! No pressure then... This is a serious reply. What your Good/Evil alignment thingy (thingy's a funny word) is trying to represent - at least my interpretation leads me to believe - is that at the core of everything, absolution from one to the other to both to none, is a necessity if you are to progress any further. All I'm saying is that, just as Foniks said Quote:...any incentive, when you try to give a player a choice it falls between three "human" choices: The path of Moral Right, the path of Personal Ease and the path of Malicious Greed. Most humans bend towards the 2nd rather than the extreme two. Think about the Fallout games (excluding 3- if you've played the originals, you'll know why) and The Witcher. Notice that both follow the exact same principles of design in their "alignment" feature/s Also, that "don't fail" reference is to the incentive thingy again (brilliant word). If the player cannot progress through their pre-defined path - that is the story - they will quickly find that they hold no interest in anything but ploughing through "good" actions in an endless struggle to reamin on the path that bode "progress" to them. Not... a... "good"... idea at all. NOTE: Not trying to be nasty to you in any way, shape or form; just putting the reply into a no-holds bared form.
  5. History Channel: May 25th, 2009

    Yeah, Year One, I believe. Jack Black plays BlackJack... Hmmm, that should be a movie!
  6. Abuse - Verbal: Why?

    Just a simple question, with (what I presume- although to be a wiseass, one must never assume anything) strangely vast scope of answers. Question: Why, as humans, do we use verbal abuse to exact disopinion (not a word in the dictionary, highly possible within the range of about 9-15 years though), engage, hurt and undermine each other? Hmmm... It baffles me as of right now. Wow, thinking about, it goes quite deep. NB: Serious post as always. Again, not posted to start this argument, that threat and the other etc...
  7. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Hi. Moderaters and/or staff: Do you think it's time to kill the thread? I do. No-one's really interested in it any more, especially after the... "flame incident". Cool then, I guess. Yeah... Kill the thread, it's got no purpose anymore. Thanks in advance Regards, Dex Jackson
  8. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya how exactly does the BNP identify itself This might be seen as an oversimplified example (and it probably is, but it's all the well the same), but to put the BNP "identity" as it were, you would class as- wait, let me give a list example: BNP = KKK, KKK = BNP British National Party = British n£$%er persecuters KKK = Hallowen costume wearing race extremists Think of them like this: The BNP are the British version of the KKK, except for the fact that they wear suits and talk politics and are part of the active governmental community. The KKK are backwards-country inbreads that - primarily - go around scaring Black people and dress up as Halloween ghosts, carrying out their predecessors "wishes and dreams", which from what I remember were actually men in power within the various state governements in the south- successors to the failed campaign of the Confederacy, in other words. ----------------------------------------- Just don't make BNP jokes in the future. In fact, the second a reference to them is used in terms of, what you longer-time forum posters call "flamebaiting", they should be suspended- particularly as I remember correctly: "incite flame wars, such as:" "race". Once again, I stress when it is delibreately used to "spread the hate" (apologies, but I gotta use the old "Black Expression" routine to stress this point).
  9. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    "I'm stuck moral quandary right now and I don't know what to do"- in relation to ukdeveloper post. Hmmm... "It doesn't matter". (There are two quotes in there, one's a well known comumentary and the other is an adventure game from an older time). I don't think I'll reply to such abuse with abuse. I may of ticked them off, although BNP jokes are never funny. Oh well... ----------------------------------------------- On a more pressing note, what ukdeveloper said about the infant with a gun Quote: At least I can walk home without an illegal immigrant four year old shooting me in the head with an AK47 then spending my cash on drugs and protection money. rings quite true, to an extent: 1. Four year olds don't use AK47s; four year olds use 9mm-calibre guns! If AK47s were that available, msot of the global populace would be dead. 2. If I take your four year old example and put as though the kid was an Indian or Eastern-European, that would mean that either the kid belongs to a Russian/Serbian/Polish equivalent of a Asian Tong, or that they belong to Punjabi Mafia assoicates in Britain. Hmmm... Yeah, I agree- in regards to that example of course. 3. Kids can't aim a gun to save their toys! Except those NWO types that train their kids to do so. (I know it's stereotypical, but seriously, those guys are scary!) 4. In East Africa, glue-kids are a common sight in the slums. 5. I had no idea protection rackets were still going on in London. I mean, I know that the Essex Firms, Asian Tongs, Russian/Indonesian/Japenese sex traffickers and that crowd (in space game terms, you can put them down as Pirates) still do, but not Mafiya or Sardar!. Right, that's my piece for now. Just wondering: Is this Thread dead now? It might be now that I've asked th question.
  10. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper I think I may have inadvertently guessed Dex's homepage, and the one at his work. Funny that... I was just thinking the same thing about a party who persecute through subtle and overt measures and methods, the mass emigration of immigrants coming into Britain (Black or other- except White, period) back to the countries that had come from to get away from civil wars, poverty and other human politcal and economical horrors. Also, coupled with the fact that there were NOT MANY jobs available for them at the time (that being a couple of generations above me). Oh well, you expect that kind of discriminating statment from someone from Dundee. Seriously man, don't ever do that in front of a person who's non-White. Doesn't matter if you think otherwise, you'll just get "lynched" (in the sense of mass beating). Right anyone else who's feel like and "affable" joke (guess the reference). Oh, my newspaper is this: Heh heh. ukdeveloper likes page3 girls. *Has a good chuckle like an ass and then resumes the task of responding to reply*.
  11. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Quote:Original post by Hodgman You still haven't told me why you think African Americans like fried chicken though. Simple. Think of staple foods that every country and soveriegnty have. For much of Britain it's bread for carbs, cheese for dairy and carrots/potatoes/peas- about that- as well as beef for meat. When you go west-coast style (that's Africa west-coast style- Aha!) and down the south of Africa, you get almost everyone, if not every Black African, there eating chicken at some point during the day, whether in tribal camps or in villages and towns. It's just a big part of our food staple in regards to protein and meat intake. Quote:you think It's not what I think, it's an actual fact. Not by scientific standards (which tends to make people think they know what's what- absolutely wrong!), but by the sheer mass of Africans who eat chicken. For instance, I went to a family party a few weeks ago and the amount of chicken that was there to be eaten - in so many different varieties - was unbeliveable! It was so tasty! *Rubs tummy and thinks whether to get some chicken from local deli*. Every other race and minority is not as hot on chicken- and don't try and argue that, you will - as the youths of today say - epic fail! Those Afro-Carribeans though... Hmmm, they don't really like chicken, more goat and lamb and fish. Question answered; and don't go looking at the various wikis out there, that fried thing was just used to give some fundamment to an explanation. Chicken doesn't have to be fried, although for Indians out there it just won't do seeing as many of them on the streets of London copy Black stereotypes so frequently. As a matter of fact, there are now more Indians in London that frequent Fried Chicken joints than Blacks. Here's another fact for you: Blacks are more likely to choose really big meals for a single person - for KFC, a large three-piece chicken meal with a fillet burger as extra - and then some for larger groups, then Indians and White are for themselves. Don't argue with this, just accept it. Hey, anyone from London, I'm sure you can vouch for this if you- unless you're living under a rock.
  12. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Quote:Original post by LessBread It's a short cut... ... ... ... I just can't write like this guy can. Man... I agree with some of his points; where he makes the statement about familarity between peoples needs to be in order before discrimination of any scale can occur. The phrase from Aesop's Fables, The Fox and the Lion, springs to mind: "Familiarity breeds contempt". What's truer than that. He's also right about his first point. You see that kind of global behaviour in alot of peoples. His example about Native Americans sums it pretty nicely, but so to does the Jewish Holocaust (Remember there were two main ones: Jewish and Japanese), in the sense that Hittler and elite echlons of his Nazi party used propaganda and subvert tactics to undermine and persecute the Jewish people. Hopefully I wrote that right. Good on ya LessBread! P.S. I still stand by my Everybody is born an asshole statment. Just look at Dick Cheney, Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke (Damm "The Wrestler" ba$%^$%£). What were you like when you were a kid? Many, if not most, are just little buggers. It's what makes us all the more "interesting" when we grow up.
  13. Quote:Original post by Overburn Man, Ruby isn't designed for games. All the serious game devers out there use C++. And that's not because they heard somewhere that C++ is good for game programming. It's because C++ gives you a much higher degree of control over your application than most of the other programming languages out Hopefully no-one has forgotten the C-based rule: C for a decade, C++ for a decade, C# for decade... C++ has taken just over a decade and a half, whereas C# has been around for a few years proper and is already garnering attention as a serious programming langauge outside of XNA- which it was partially designed for to program games in for that development package. Who knows what next? C7+ C-betterthanallthoseloserlangaugesdevelopedbySunhaha. Moving on... Seriously, I'm not a hardcore 18:00-3:00 programmer, but I'll tell you what; you need to be discerning about which language - and then libraries - you use to create this so called Quote:Diablo/Diablo 2/Diablo 3/Titan Quest game. Since - at least from my point of view - you have some experience in the idTech4 Engine and maybe with less mainstream engines as well, you should make sure that what engine you use in the end - whether mainstream, independent or homemade (custom actually means to modify an exisitng engine, which is what many developers do it seems- not always a good idea) - that you are comfortable and that it is feasible to "efficiently" code the game in it. Don't waste time doing Half-Life in and "Stickman running to other side of screen" in C#- even though the latter could be done quite easily in c# if you know how. Hmmm...
  14. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    One word sums up how far this discussion has come: EPIC I'm just going to put out there what still hasn't been said yet, which really should have been- although I do remember... oh what's their account name, Promit! Yes, Promit, in the miffed-offed way he wrote his post was that most people are selfish assholes. Partially true, but not quite right. Everyone is born an asshole. The thing is, as we are humans we can grow past this to different stages based in our geneology- by which I mean out "bloodline" and I'm going to oversimplify it by an extreme amount by making this out to be RPG stats. There are essentially five different types of assholes, with only three being relavant here: Dumbass, Smartass, Wiseass. We all get to the stage of Dumbass as kids because we don't know anything and we're learning but we're asses about because we're still trying to learn how to learn. Half of us make it to Smartass (This is where the majority of members of this forum are, no offense), which is where we understand pieces of the world - few or many dependent on your own lifetime of events - but we're essentially know-it-alls who are asses because we can't contemplate and/or express different subject matter with feelings, opinons, views on them. The same goes for facts and truth. We just can't do it at that level properly. Last, we have the Wiseass (which is where I am currently and so are a few members on here but very few). These are the guys and gals who, from at least how long they've lived on Earth and how far they've understood the complexities in the Human Condition, know more about the world as though it was inate and can recognise so many things about the world both overt and subtle and articulate them. DIGRESSION: If you think I'm being a bit of prick by looking like I'm making myself seem to be better, just remember to look at how I write and my style, which is more "human" rather than real cold and hyper-critical. There's a lot of stuff that you can read behind text than just taking offense at what you don't agree with. I'm not a consummate Wiseass yet, as I've still got a long road ahead to go. Don't reply to this bit please, unless you know exactly what I'm getting at here. Anyway... That's my piece. Oh, a few more things. The culture topic in this subject is really well done people! I couldn't talk about. The Football comment - that's right, I'm British and I called American Football, Football - was positively funny. Also, what's the difference between slaves in bondage and slaves in master-slave situations.
  15. QQ: Why do so many people play the race card?

    Quote:Original post by phantom no. hush. Fine. Be that way. By the way, there's something about that picture of yours that reminds of something, but I can't put my finger on it. Oh well, it'll come to me in a sec. NB: Since everyone's interested in them and speaking about so far, might as well be a sardonist. (I'm not actually trying to miff you off, but you told me to hush, so there *makes loud huff noise*.)