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    fighting games

    nahholmes whats the reason why you dislike the block/defense mechanic being assigned to an actual button? I ask because in designing my version of a combat game I've done it this way.
  2. Robert-Glen

    Finding out market rates

    If you have a spare $1,495 around somewhere then the Game Developer Salary Report 2005-2010 should answer all your questions.
  3. Robert-Glen

    Polish vs Innovation, whats the balance?

    - I'd like to thank the MineCraft sales stats debate for bumping this thread =P - Scope, Innovation and Polish. These three terms cover what I originally had trouble defining. With my scope I've planned to start small and focus on core mechanics, my innovation will be more sided with how I integrate each mechanic together and polish will be the never ending loop to make the end users experience better. The Wolfire team (Overgrowth Blog ) inspired my frame of mind where I hope to design a fairly large end product and gradually work towards release. I have differences in the states I plan to release and my general marketing but I think its a viable form to consider for an indie aiming higher then your smaller game. Quote:Original post by Orymus A good game doesn't need to be any original. A great game is a little original. A terrible game tries to hard to do something original. I thought this was funny and a simple to understand gauge of the balance between scope and innovation. I think Acharis covered polish well, trying new games I tend to see the lack of polish as a barrier of entry and hold developers that can take feedback and improve even the minutest details for the better in high regard. How you plan to design, market and ultimately develop your game affects your stages of release which in turn will change the balance you put into Scope, Innovation and Polish.
  4. Robert-Glen

    Polish vs Innovation, whats the balance?

    - More great insight and opinions, a huge thankyou - Reading the replies I can see I should of been more specific to explain how I see Polish and Innovation, I feared leaving a wall of text no one would read. The following points are my generalizations, Gameplay: I believe what Silvermyst said, gameplay is the whole picture, made up of both Polish and Innovation and thats why I titled the thread to ask "whats the balance?" because I feel something thats 100% Innovation would act more like a tech demo while 100% Polish would seem like an exact clone of another game. Quote:Gamasutra article written by Andrew Calhoun regarding StarCraft II To take and slightly warp a quote from Thomas Edison, "Success is 90 percent perspiration and 10 percent innovation." Innovation: I guess it is as easy as NPSF3000 said by just doing something different but again the balance comes in by asking yourself just how different will you really go? I so far have only briefly played Pixel Legions and its a fun 'innovative' take on the tower defense genre. Maybe the RPG genre seems risky because its already had so many iterations and the few innovative ideas I have in mind are costly. Polish: Using the term 'polish' was very vague of me since nearly every aspect in a games development could be improved at some point. After reading all the responses I have a clearer idea of how to prioritize what order everything should be addressed and to take into consideration what aspects can more easily be swapped out or changed completely at a later date when more funding is available. The end result is always to have everything the best that it can be. I appreciate the time everyone has taken to link to other indie developers and their games, some I haven't heard of so its good to see their processes in action. I'll suggest one of my favorite indie developers, Derek Yu and his game Spelunky
  5. Robert-Glen

    Polish vs Innovation, whats the balance?

    - Thankyou for all your opinions and feedback, honestly appreciated - Quote:So OP, what is the platform? What is the audience? What is the genre (or nearest genre)? Trying to decide and finalize these specifics is what prompted me to start this thread. My plan is as follows, use Unity to target both PC and Mac computers and aim to release for browsers online. My reasoning is that I know I'll be unable to make my perfect game first so having it online I can allow people to play it for free, to get feedback and test, plus allow me to add content and fix bugs as time continues. The genre I feel most inclined to follow would be a Role-playing game, personally because I feel its what allows the greatest player-character connection. I hoped to develop Social heavy mechanics that allow strategy in both competitive and co-op communities that I would tie into the online component. My target audience is the more advanced/hardcore gamers but I plan to make it accessible for casual players through the chosen genre, every player is important and will have necessary skills to aid any community they belong to. Quote:Have you tried Mine Craft? I have ^^ I found it entertaining but I'm of the same opinion as Konidias in that I think it appeals to the more creatively driven players this early in development and I'm more of a fighter/"griefer" which at this point in time are totally despised in game. I have the game bookmarked and follow the development blog but I'm personally holding out for advanced combat. The success of Minecraft and other indie titles have me of the opinion that a game needs not be fully developed before profits can be made. Consumers seem perfectly happy with pre-funding a games development so long as they see regular progress and roughly know how the finished product will play. I'm interested, how do you see this financial process?
  6. Get ready for my idea spew lol... The idea for a sheriff badge to act as his health indicator came to me, the idea of him being the sheriff seemed lame. I thought maybe his best companion could be the sheriff who then is either killed/kidnapped or what have you, this starts the games main objective. Levels could include deputy sheriff's from other towns being held captive/killed and collecting their badges could act as a health replenisher. The badge would not have to display as a repeated image but could sustain damage (bullet holes) on the HUD, not sure how well it would translate to everyone. If you plan to use an overhead map please attempt to mix it up with a non-linear path, the idea for collecting pieces of wanted sheets within levels could open up secret map locations for special boss fights/treasure/weapons.
  7. - Whats your design direction? Polished or Innovation, whats the balance? - I'll soon be obtaining some minimal funding ($10,000) for game development which has me rethinking a lot of ideas I have had or wish to follow, only now because its a reality I'm seeing everything in new light. I'm trying to follow advice I've picked up through the years by aiming for something possible, something I'd enjoy playing myself, targeting aesthetics first and so forth. My problem is this, true innovation is difficult if not impossible and mechanics are already out there in other games and genres, whats the best chance for success that will allow me to continue to develop or expand my game/s? I have an idea of how I would use this chance, what would you do?
  8. Quote:The idea is that one of the many bad guys on the most wanted list will have his stuff. I think that is just gold in of itself lol. So insane yet also semi logical ^^ The character pictured in the post looks great but I'm also totally confused about the cheese, I'm guessing its his health (hit points) maybe its explained in the game. Ammo count will of course need to be displayed. Do you plan on making it have depth like Castle Crashers? or strictly on a 2D plane?
  9. Robert-Glen

    The worst flaws in game design!

    I'd say not being able to assign all your keys/buttons how you want is annoying. I know playing a game that doesn't have 'space bar' as jump takes me so long to adjust too. More then just assign a single action to a single key though, the input managers for games really need more work. I should be able to assign combo's of keys e.g. Ctrl-G could open my gun selections while Alt-Q opens possible character emotes/sayings.
  10. Robert-Glen

    Test my first game (the game is AWESOME btw)

    I didn't play it, no time currently (4:57am) I watched the trailer and for a first game it looks great. I liked the way to paddle used gravity to control the ball at one point ^^
  11. Robert-Glen

    Design the Xbox controls for a squad

    Xbox 360 controller for PC Thats direct from Microsoft so maybe even try Amazon or eBay.
  12. Robert-Glen

    Giving Players Option To Rename PCG

    From all I've gathered by reading your posts regarding your game in design I don't think I would bother with it too much. Are people really going to take notice of every planet name they come across? Maybe its just me but I'd be forgiving for a few names here and there that might sound a little weird, laugh then move on. I dislike the idea of players having the option to change planet names, if they have just discovered it then they might be able to lay claim to it and name it but if it has an established race/intelligence on it then I'd also put it down as an immersion breaker.
  13. Robert-Glen

    How would one create an MMORPG?

    Using WoW's statistics is daunting to say the least but one of the best things about MMO's or any game now that is designed with online components is that they are never released then forgotten. Even single player games on consoles have adopted fairly heavy use of downloadable content (DLC). If your game is online and designed right from the start you can start small then scale accordingly, plus you don't have to offer a WoW killer just a specific mechanic that you and others can enjoy that works around the whole social platform that MMO's offer. Don't give up too soon.
  14. Sounds like EPW (Epic Pet Wars) for the iPhone & whatever else its on. With EPW you are in charge of one Pet and you do Jobs and fight Bosses to level up and get rewards. You equip a range of items like weapons, armour and spells that help during battle. The combat is done like Pok'e'mon basically but I understand that you won't watch the combat at all. I think if done right and present well your game would be a big hit. I'd be dissappointed if you didn't add some sort of story and depending how you manage your quests I'm sure you could think of some ways to make it more socially important.
  15. Robert-Glen

    How do you keep up with your various ideas/etc?

    For everyone who suggested Microsoft OneNote, Thankyou. This program is pretty much perfect is getting all types of information sorted and after watching so youtube vids I had to get it. I haven't managed to get others to look at it or edit it via the net but I'd say thats just me having issues with my router or something. All I need now is to get a tablet to sketch straight onto file because my concept pictures with a mouse look like sh!t ^^
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