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  1. [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1354180703' post='5005238'] If we take a high estimate then of 16 weeks + ~$1000 for third party modules and an hourly rate of $100 (reasonably cheap for outsourced work here in sweden atleast) + $3000 for the Unity licenses you'll end up at $67500. If you also want android things get a lot more expensive, (Mainly because of the differences between android devices (with iOS you got 3 main targets to tweak for, iPhone, iPad and the new longer iPhone, on Android you got a few hundred devices with varying resolutions, aspect ratios and hardware capabilities) [/quote] Thank you for your estimation SimonForsmon.
  2. idea is this . Good programmers take less time and others need more time this is common . I am just asking how much time framer for you as a programmer and how much you ask for a month . So if i get few inputs from different programmers i will find average time frame and average budget or atleast i find minimum budget + time frame and maximum budget + time frame . So guys please help me .
  3. [quote name='rdragon1' timestamp='1354172179' post='5005212'] A good programmer might take < 1 month. A bad one will take many months / years. So, somewhere in that range. Every programmer is different. Good ones are hundreds of times better than others. [/quote] Yeah i know man . David whatley is a good programmer he is the founder and creator of Hero engine . http://video.unity3d.com/video/6957737/unite-2012-the-temple-run I am wondering why there is so much confusion in telling budget ? No one said budget till now
  4. [quote name='SimonForsman' timestamp='1354135495' post='5005063'] [quote name='rajesh msen' timestamp='1354134652' post='5005057'] no i am talking about everything i that game not just running . coin effects , special powers and there effects , implementing transaction for buying coins , gui , polishing and testing . Complete game . How much approzi budget it will take and how many months . thank you [/quote] as i said, its not that much, the running is a few hours work with Unity3D, a few weeks is more than enough to implement transactions(there are finished libraries for this), gui, special coins, etc. Artwise you got several manmonths of work though. [/quote] I had seen the video of the guy called david whatley . He did the porting work of the temple run to other platforms through unity3d . He took the obj -c codes and ported it into unity3d scripts it took months to finish it . So please don't through something . I want to know the approx budget and time frame but close to reality . Thanks
  5. no i am talking about everything i that game not just running . coin effects , special powers and there effects , implementing transaction for buying coins , gui , polishing and testing . Complete game . How much approzi budget it will take and how many months . thank you
  6. target platform is iOS and i want to take only one developer . Unity3d game engine . 4 years experienced programmer can you guess approximately how much it will cost for development and time frame . Only programming not game assets . thank you
  7. Hi guys, How much budge and time needed to produce a game like Temple run with the exact same features. I am asking about only programming not the arts . Thanks in advance . msen
  8. just unlimited simple background like green walls in top and bottom of the game that i posted in firts post
  9. if you know about scrolling backgound like the game in that link . Please guide me
  10. hi all, I want to learn about scrolling 2d background like this game http://www.helicoptergame.net/ . can you guys please suggest me some articles or your ideas to make me learn this technical art. Thanks in advance rajesh
  11. Hi to all guys i am not good in physics and trigonometric I tried to do a projectile system.My launch point is higher than target point.I know the velocity v, target_distance d, gravity g,Launch_height_y y0.I added a link that shows the equation.I tried my own but not solved the equation.Please some one help me.Thanks in advance. d = 30,v = 22 , g = 9.8 ,y0 = 2 I wants to find the theta(angle)
  12. I am sure the mechanism is already already used in lot of games.Example: Cricket games where the user choose where the ball should pitch.Any Help
  13. Hi thank you for your reply guys, I need the angle of elevation.I know the launch point its greater than the target,I know the destination point where it should land,i know the speed it travels(its option for users to select the speed between (60 - 100),I need the angle of elevation to reach the destination point. Ex : Angle of elevation differs based on the value of the variable speed. Help me guys.Thanks in advance. ---Rajesh---
  14. hi swiftcoder thank you for your reply I tried it but i don't know how to solve the equation with unknown variable theta.Any help guys