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  1. I mean steering behavior is http://www.red3d.com/cwr/steer/
  2. xiongyouyi

    Lockstep and pathfinding

    Any suggestions about unit tracing? Thanks a lot!
  3. xiongyouyi

    Lockstep and pathfinding

    Thanks! There are two main thread in our project, lockstep thread and mainthread, now pathfinding running in lockstep thread. If i move the pathfinding from lockstep thread to mainthread, sending path as lockstep input, i worry about the pathfinding in unit tracing, because the unit tracing need send path frequently, there will be large data.
  4. xiongyouyi

    Understanding the D* lite whitepaper

    Is D* better than HPA*?
  5. xiongyouyi

    Steering behavior and grid AStar pathfinding

    It's so complicated! I will think about NavMesh, NavMesh return the result triangle channel, the edge of the channel will be wall, so it will be easier to integrate with steering behavior. And we use lockstep simulation in our rts, there will be thirty units request pathfinding in a single logic frame, 512X512 grid Astar maybe inefficient.
  6. xiongyouyi

    Steering behavior and grid AStar pathfinding

    Thank you! Please take a look at this picture http://postimage.org/image/borep2zz3/ When a crowd agents move from red point to yellow point, the agent need avoid collision from the wall(the black block), should i raycast all the black blocks?
  7. xiongyouyi

    Steering behavior and grid AStar pathfinding

    In steering behavior, it need avoid collision from other agents and walls, the question is i don't know how to define the [color=#ff0000]wall in grid map.
  8. xiongyouyi

    Steering behavior and grid AStar pathfinding

    Maybe my question is not clear. I want to implement Crowd path following behavior, like this http://www.red3d.com/cwr/steer/CrowdPath.html So, first i need use Astar to find a path with width, then use steering behavior to avoid other agents and the wall. The question is, how could I find a path with width?
  9. xiongyouyi

    Steering behavior and grid AStar pathfinding

    The first idea is, that the path is not blocked. But this is often not the case (i.e. some other unit standing on the path), but at least it should not be blocked by static objects. I have the following approach to solve navigation: 1. Calculate a path using A* . 2. Steer your entiy along the path using a combination of different steering behaviourslike path following, obstacle avoidance, flocking etc.. 3. Use some problem tracker to check if your entity runs into problems (i.e. velocity dropped to a creep for several seconds). If an issue occurs then start an emergency behaviour (recalculate path and try again, spawn to closest valid waypoint, kill unit etc.) [/quote] How to avoid the wall? Because the wall is grid cell, there are so many cells, check them all?
  10. I want to make a RTS geme use steering behavior and grid astar pathfinding, but I don't know how to handle the wall avoidance. For example, path following behavior, how to avoid the wall? There are many blocked grids, they may be the wall. Thanks!
  11. We are making a RTS game that use lockstep, can we use a middleware for pathfinding(NavMesh)? How to integrate? Thanks!
  12. I mean running multiple path queries on separate threads concurrently, it will not affect the fps.
  13. I want to test multithreaded path finding for large units.
  14. Thanks Alex! I'm planning to make a RTS game, use NavMesh and RVO for AI navigation, so if there are hundreds of units request pathfinding at same time, I don't know which solution is the best.
  15. Time-slicing and multithreading for A-star pathfinding, witch one is the best?
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