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  1. Thanks!   I figured it would require to be planned and implemented in at a foundation level of the code, and wanted to try to figure out as quickly as possible how to do it.   Will check out the provided example.   Thanks again
  2. I searched for this on forum, but my internet connection is garbage and my lunch break is coming to an end quickly.   I have started playing around with DX12, but have run into a problem that I do my development on a laptop that has both an integrated GPU and an NVidia card.  By default the compiled code runs on the integrated chip, but I can force it to run on the NVidia.   There are a lot of articles out there stating that DX 12 should be able to use both simultaneously, has anyone encountered an example that details this specifically.  I believe the "Mini-Engine" at GitHub may hint to how to do it, but I keep getting lost in all the additional code.   Any insight would be appreciated, Thanks!  
  3. TheeCrowe


    About 10 years old. I attempted to create a Zombie based survival game, with limited multiplayer capabilities. Died when Torque totally revamped their engine... and didn't feel like it was worth the effort with the bajillion other zombie releases.
  4. TheeCrowe

    Building a 3D MMO using Websockets

      Looks like the blog had a disk failure since this article was written.  It's new location http://rampantgames.com/blog/?p=7745
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