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    Image Recognition

    One thing people keep forgetting about the human brain, is that we can't really process a full image of data 30 times a second. If you tried viewing a slideshow that way, it'd be a blur. Our brain with find components in an image, then assume it's either in the same area, or is moving to a predictable location, then look for that same object in one of the possible new locations. Your Pong AI could look at the screen, find the paddles and ball, then predict possible future locations for each component. The AI's paddle is very predictable, the ball only changes direction when it strikes a paddle, so the only truely unpredictable component is the oponent's (human's) paddle. If you want to be tricky, the human brain, at first, thinks that each component can move in any direction at any time. But after a while, it'll learn what the boundries for the movement are. Give your AI the ability to use "experience" and it'll be much more flexable in the future.
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