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  1. I know that for a while the Tao framework had a problem on windows where it would be using the wrong calling convention when calling OpenGL functions. Since they were trying to be cross platform and there is a difference in calling conventions between linux, and windows. There was a step in the build process that made it so that the generated assembly would use the linux style calling convention, and not the windows one (this was even with the 1.1 framework). I helped track this down, but I don't know if they ever came up with a resolution for this issue. IIRC, this was around December, so I would recommend checking to see if there have been updates to the tao source code since then. J.W.
  2. jwace81

    NeHe contest theme?

    Quote:Original post by tgraupmann Plus, I'll write my code to be compatible with Mono. I'll supply the batch files and the bash files, so you can run on both Windows or Linux. If that is your plan, then I'd suggest either not using the System.Windows.Forms code, or having a GTK# alternative for linux, since Mono doesn't have SWF support yet. DotGNU does, but you'd still need specialized code for the different linux/windows OpenGL setup. SDL is currently the only alternative that will just work on all platforms right now without specialized code for each platform. As for creating project files, there is a usefull utility called .Net Pre-Build. The version on that site supports sharpdevelop, vs2002, and vs2003 targets. The SF project is pretty much dead, but I believe that the version that is currently used by Axiom and CEGUI# has been imroved some by Randy Ridge (Tao creator), and Leedgitar (Axiom creator). J.W.
  3. jwace81

    NeHe contest theme?

    Quote:Original post by tgraupmann You see there isn't an OpenGL library for C#. So you have to dllimport or pinvoke all the methods you want to use. Basically, it requires the additional work of writing a library with all the interfaces to access opengl32.dll. Or it requires you to look for one that already exists, and the Tao framework is the defacto standard when it comes to OpenGL and C#. For a good example of this, you can check out the Axiom graphics engine project on sourceforge. I am also a very active member there. If you have any questions on getting OpenGL and C# working together nicely, I would be more than happy to help. If I enter this contest, then I will also be using C#. Edit: I forgot to mention that the Tao framework site still says "Coming Soon". You can either use the old version of the libraries that are supplied there, or you can get the new libraries from the Axiom dependencies download, or you can ask me and I can send them to you. Quote:Original post by vincoof There isn't some real "standard" behind it ; there is very little support (especially for other platforms) and it teaches "bad" ways of programming. <rant>Those are inflamatory word there. C# is an EMCA standard, and I believe that it is also an ISO standard as well. This means that once the .Net 2.0 spec is out, Microsoft won't have complete control over the C# language specification. Support for C# is just fine on other platforms, you have your choice of Mono, or DotGNU. I can't speak for DotGNU, but the Mono project is really far along, and supports the vast majority of the .Net framework. As for 'teaching "bad" ways of programming', a programming language does not inherently teach you how to program. You can just as easily find tutorials on how to write "bad" code in C++.</rant> J.W. [Edited by - jwace81 on October 11, 2004 4:25:50 PM]
  4. jwace81

    rigid body simulation

    Quote:Original post by MrRowl errr wouldn't it just be easier to write generic c++ with some standard, cross platform libraries?!? Questions like that usually just lead to religious holy wars over which language is better. I say that it all depends on your personal preference, and in this case, _vlad has chosen to use C# and Axiom. Which once the SDL platform manager is complete should be fully cross platform (without requiring comipilation for a specific platform). J.W.
  5. jwace81

    rigid body simulation

    Quote:Original post by _Vlad Quote:Original post by MrRowl I tried running it but got "An exception 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' has occurred in Axiom.exe I'd unzipped everything and was running from the bin\Debug directory. There's nothing helpful in the log file. This is under M$ Windows XP with all updates etc. I'm sorry I don't know what causes this. When I download the zip file, the exe in bin/Debug works for me. I also have XP. I think it's an axiom engine related problem. I updated the zip by modyfing minor config things, hope it works now. I really would like you to see it :) Can someone launch my test program ? I'm almost certain that this is the error you will get when you either don't have the managed extensions for DirectX installed, or you have a different version of the extensions installed from what the program was compiled with. I believe that the version of Axiom that _vlad has compiled is referencing the DirectX 9.0b (summer 2003 update) libraries, so you will need to have those managed extensions installed. If this is the case, then you will need to get the DirectX redistributable package and run the installation with the /InstallManagedDX command line argument. If that does not work (and in some cases it doesn't work), then you can extract the contents of the ManagedDX.cab file, in there there will be a file named mdxredist.msi, which you can use to force the managed extensions to install. Even though _vlad did not include the DirectX renderer plugin, the Windows platform manager references Direct Input unless _vlad has made some changes to strip it out. J.W.
  6. jwace81

    NeHe contest theme?

    Quote:Original post by lc_overlord UI. I think i can safely say that i officialy have no life from now on to until im done. For in game GUI's I highly recommend CrazyEddies Gui System. It is a very usefull project. I agree with vincoof. Having to stick to a common theme does help with a contest like this. It gives a common reference for the entries, and allows for more objective comparrisons. With an entirely open ended contest it can be difficult to compare some entries, and many comparrisons would end up being purely subjective. I also think that Ysaneya's idea of doing a city theme is a good one. There are several special effects that would be great for this context, both realistic and non-realistic. J.W.
  7. jwace81

    blender 3D files (need exporter)

    The Ogre export script for Blender exports everything, and it works well. It exports the mesh to a mesh.xml format, and the skeleton (including animations) to a skeleton.xml format. If nothing else, it is a place to start. J.W.
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