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  1. Now what Language

    Thanks for the input ill have to check it out. From what ive taken from this.. Use VB/C# for Windows GUi apps and use VC++ for most of my gaming?
  2. Now what Language

    Thanks for the help.
  3. Now what Language

    Ok so once i am comfortable with console applications i should go straight to graphics? Personally i think ill go DX because i am very comfortable with it from VB's DX SDKs and ive never used OpenGL. The SDL you talked about reminds me of.. BitBlt from the windows API. Comparable? Any good websites on DX for c++? Thanks for the Help
  4. Now what Language

    I've spent the last few months learning the syntax for c++. Whats the next step? All ive done with c++ is console applications. Should i learn how to make guis in c++ or should i go straight to dx/opengl. From what ive seen c++ appears to be used moreso with console apps and than games. Ive found little gui applications from c++(is this correct?) Thanks
  5. Hey, I am currently 16 years old. I bought Delphi 5 when i was 11-12 and played around with the IDE for awhile. Than i got into VB and have been coding with it since then. So ive used VB for roughly 4 years. My question is now what? Ive used several other languages but havent got into any of them like i have VB. I'm currently reading my 2nd c++ book(im using vc++ 6). Should I port to Vb.net? Should I get really good with c++? Or should I just learn c#? Any help would be appreciated. Jordan Weber www.pheonixsoftware.com
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