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  1. TheBuzzSaw

    Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

    I don't think it's fair the way people are bagging on Khronos and assuming Vulkan will just end up garbage. We obviously cannot ignore history, but we also cannot assume the same thing will happen over and over. OpenGL was mangled by terrible market forces and people from previous eras. Vulkan is built from scratch and has no legacy to uphold (outside of being compatible with GL ES 3 hardware). I have great faith that Vulkan will be a significant game-changer for the better. I'm beyond excited to play with it.
  2. @Alberth Agreed. Avoiding the pointers entirely is the best. :D
  3. TheBuzzSaw

    Criticism of C++

    C++ is indeed flawed. I think it would actually be quite easy to replace. I'm serious. You know why C++ hasn't been replaced yet? It's because every language that begins life as a competitor to C++ is seduced by some outside agenda that suddenly pulls it out of the running. The truth is no one wants to make a hardcore systems language. Halfway through making their "C++ killer language", they switch to an applications language, add garbage collection, remove pointers, mandate "safety", mandate exceptions, etc. For example, I can easily admit that C# is a better language than C++: it's more readable, easier to organize, more fun to use, etc. But at the end of the day, it's a garbage collected language that ties my hands with regard to low level constructs (or forces me to use tons of attributes and/or unsafe code to accomplish simple things in C++).   The way I see it, there's little point in criticizing C++ at this level until someone wants to step up and actually strive to build a replacement. I hope to do that one day. I'm actually working on a lexer/parser of my own. I'm sure I'll do a terrible job as my background is not in programming languages, but I want to set the ball in motion. So, what beef do I have with C++? Lots of things. I just wanna go down the list and fix them.   Replace text-oriented #include/#define with proper module/macro system and a proper namespace/package system Bring naming conventions out of 1970 Have nicely standardized int16/int32/int64 (instead of typedefs tucked away in the library) Hopefully introduce a handy build system (new kind of make file) Actually allow zero-cost abstractions (force inlining, etc.) Add nice portable libraries for things like SIMD and networking Expand enums to full fledged data tables etc etc etc With all that said, are there actual C++ competitors out there? I don't really count Rust. The syntax is ugly as sin, and the obsession with safety is unappealing.
  4. I'm late to responding to this. Busy with the holidays and whatnot...     This. Is. Terrifying.   Code should not be littered with shared_ptr everywhere (as function parameters, etc.). These classes are about ownership. If a function is going to run a few operations on a given pointer, it should be accepting a T*, not a shared_ptr. Your goto container should be unique_ptr. Only when you discover you have 2+ actual resource managers that need to monitor a particular instance should you reach shared_ptr/weak_ptr. In short, if you have "not found a use for unique_ptr", you're doing something wrong.
  5. TheBuzzSaw

    insights and tips on hi performance game programming

    He places a particular emphasis on "the joy of programming", which I think is so important. Yeah, C and C++ can do all these things, but they do them in silly, unstable, outdated ways. I absolutely would jump to a new language if for no other reason than to eliminate #include and the rest of the prepocessor. It is an absolute win/win -- no more forward declarations, and compile times go way down.   I think we'll be forever trapped by compatibility with C (too much existing useful software), but we can make progress in a new direction with a language designed for the 21st century.
  6. TheBuzzSaw

    The Start of Something Great

    Well shoot. Dedicate one team member to full time media production: YouTube documentaries.
  7. TheBuzzSaw

    The Start of Something Great

    SIXTEEN friends? I can barely scrape up an interested crew of two!
  8. TheBuzzSaw

    Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

    I'm not sure why you think Cocoa is a "joke" for your game engine. Cocoa is what you want to use if you want to build a coherent OS X app today.
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