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  1. Cold Wave

    New demo of the project released:   http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.fi/2013/03/demo-14.html Any feedback is appreciated.
  2. Overload

    So I joined Game Jolt, and now it's possible to play this straight from the browser. Just click the following link, and from there click "Quick Play". Even though it's just a Windows executable, the site uses Java to run that exe quite nicely. [url="http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/puzzle/overload/8808/"]http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/puzzle/overload/8808/[/url] Highscores work like they did before, now I'm just thinking if I should implement the Game Jolt highscores and perhaps even trophies... If possible, please leave a rating for the game (requires registration to the site or signing in using Twitter/Facebook account) and comments - good or bad - are always welcome, even in this thread.
  3. Overload

    [center][img]http://www.leet.cc/32logo.png[/img][/center] [b]Idea[/b] Your objective in the game is to collect points by making the green balls drop to the hole in the middle. Red balls on the other hand will increase the gauge on the left, and when this gets full, the game's over. With blue balls you can decrease this gauge. With yellow balls you can destroy other balls, and with purple balls you can swap the "charge" of a ball from negative to positive and the other way around. [center][url="http://www.1337upload.net/files/geemu.png"][img]http://www.1337upload.net/thumbnails/geemu.png[/img][/url][/center] When a ball collides with another, these may combine depending on "charge" and the type of the ball. This however depends completely on the type of the ball. The features of each ball are explained in detail in README.txt file, included in zip-file. [b]Controls[/b] Use left and right arrowkeys to change the angle of the highlighted (yellow) ring. With up and down arrowkeys you can change the highlighted ring. With ESC-key you can go to the main menu at any point of the game. You can close the game by pressing ESC-key once more in the main menu. [b]Scores[/b] The game has online highscores, which you can see from [url="http://servut.us/erakko/overload_highscores.php"]HERE[/url]. In main menu you can also see the top 5. However, the MySQL-server I use is really slow, so sending and showing the scores may be really slow. Even the startup of the game may be slow for this reason, and it may take some time to even close the game. [b]Download/Play[/b] [url="http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/puzzle/overload/8808/"]http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/puzzle/overload/8808/[/url] Works on Windows 7, but I think it should run on XP and Vista as well. From the above link you can both download the game, and play it straight from the browser.
  4. Cold Wave

    [quote name='Ashaman73' timestamp='1334225413' post='4930531'] You should post some screenshots or moving pictures (youtube) in your first post to attract more attention. Btw. you game looks interesting. Good luck. [/quote] Will do! And thanks! Sorry I noticed this so late, I didn't really think anyone would pay attention.
  5. Cold Wave

    New demo of the project released: [url="http://www.1337upload.net/files/cold_wave_demo_1_3.zip"]http://www.1337upload.net/files/cold_wave_demo_1_3.zip[/url] [url="http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.com/2012/04/demo-13.html"]Details[/url] Any feedback is appreciated.
  6. Cold Wave

    Updated the first post. I also changed from my handmade site to Blogger, it at least looks better for promoting this project. [url="http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.com/"]http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.com/[/url]
  7. Cold Wave

    [center][img]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8HARyK0BvSA/TpsbCQK99pI/AAAAAAAAAIs/auoDjaYnyI8/s1600/logo2.png[/img] [url="http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.com/"]http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.com/[/url][/center] This is a project I've been working ever since 2009, and it won't be finished in a long time. Reason for this is the size of the story, and not to mention, I'm working on this all alone. Everything except for the music and sounds will be made by me. [b][color=brown]> Technical information[/color][/b] I'm making the game with C++ and SDL-libraries. The game is 2D action/adventure game viewed from top-down view. Talking characters are seen as separate "talking heads", though they aren't animated. Game's world is half open and half closed: you move forward from city to another, and in each of these cities you're able to move freely. Because of the story however, you may not be able to go back to the previous cities. You play the game by running around, activating events and sometimes fighting against some characters and beasts. There's a separate Final Fantasy styled turn-based battlesystem for that too. [b][color=brown]> World[/color][/b] The people in the game are living in a fictional planet called Alpisha, where it's always winter. In Alpisha there are no countries with their own cultures, but it's divided in 100 sectors. Not all sectors are dominated by winter, because there are sectors with volcanic activity (Volcano Sectors). Bad thing is, these sectors are surrounded by "Storm Rings", which make it difficult to travel from and in to these sectors. Some sectors - exactly 21 - are also completely taken by water (Sea Sector). [url="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YumTkgHFFTA/TwjJFDL1aEI/AAAAAAAAALE/ltt0x5Hh6h4/s1600/map03.png"][img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YumTkgHFFTA/TwjJFDL1aEI/AAAAAAAAALE/ltt0x5Hh6h4/s320/map03.png[/img][/url][url="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-E2DMbRhtv28/TVgiLN73MOI/AAAAAAAAAEc/mbzDhlgnvT8/s1600/screen14.png"][img]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-E2DMbRhtv28/TVgiLN73MOI/AAAAAAAAAEc/mbzDhlgnvT8/s320/screen14.png[/img][/url] Despite the variety of sectors the winter's still the dominating season, and it's cold enough for people to have decided to live underground. There's also no personal vehicles like cars - except for some random snowledges and trucks - everyone uses the subway, airplanes and ships. Of course there is the option of just walking from city to another, but outside of the cities live bloodthirsty beasts, that even Alpisha's police "Global Guarding and Protection Unit" can't do much about. [b][color=brown]> Story[/color][/b] The game tells the story of Mark Dwayne, a man that finds himself in middle of some little city - with no recollection of his past. He starts his journey to find his home-town, and 5 years later he arrives into the city of Coveridge. Here he finds out he has supposedly murdered a friend of his, and that he's supposed to be dead from the punishment. He refuses to believe this and starts to investigate the case to prove his innocence, which starts an epic adventure of incredible proportions. [b][color=brown]> Screenshots[/color][/b] [url="http://projectcoldwave.blogspot.com/2011/11/screenshots.html"]http://projectcoldwa...creenshots.html[/url] [url="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2TQVLEzYMNU/T3Lp2hKTUYI/AAAAAAAAAPE/eO2LWopKbmM/s1600/screen40.png"][img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2TQVLEzYMNU/T3Lp2hKTUYI/AAAAAAAAAPE/eO2LWopKbmM/s320/screen40.png[/img][/url] [url="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-O05sfKex0i8/TjP-5DbjQoI/AAAAAAAAAHw/MEpgfej1r9g/s1600/screen25.png"][img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-O05sfKex0i8/TjP-5DbjQoI/AAAAAAAAAHw/MEpgfej1r9g/s320/screen25.png[/img][/url] [b][color=brown]> Download the demo[/color][/b] [url="http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/adventure/project-cold-wave/8807/"]http://gamejolt.com/...cold-wave/8807/[/url] Works on Windows 7, but I think it should run on XP and Vista as well. From the above link you can both download the demo, and play it straight from the browser. While playing it from browser though, saving won't work.
  8. Today I decided to clean-install Ubuntu 9.10 on my computer, I won't explain why I had to do that, but right now I'm extremely happy I did it. Everything works, even better than before, but with one exception - SDL. It seemed that just installing SDL-libraries from source-code isn't enough, and so I started to investigate what I still needed to do. I found out that I need xorg-dev package, and installed it. Now all my newly complied SDL-programs work, but still there was left one little thing. I'll show a picture, and explain. Picture: http://servut.us/erakko/graphic_glitch.png You may not recognize them right away, so I made those red numbers to show where's the problem. 1. you can see small black dots, which shouldn't definently be there. My guess is that they are from those smoke-circles, but the way those black dots move doesn't make them look like it. It's like they were some extra particle-effect, which I just never did in the first place. 2. no idea why that white line appears just next to the player's image, but this shouldn't be here either. 3. doesn't show up right now, but it's the same as in number 2. White lines should appear around that "spotlight", but for some reason there isn't any at the moment when I took the picture. You may also see the same black dots in those "flames", which are the same as in number 1. The pictures I'm using in this program are png-files, and already made transparent. In program all rotations are generated with SDL_rotozoom library. My guess is that the problem is somewhere in hardware and libraries, since before reinstall the program worked 100% right and without any of this glitching. It could be very well a bug in SDL_gfx, since the version I used of that library before the reinstall was something like 1.9.x. The version I'm using right now is the newest, 2.0.20. I've tried reinstalling all of the SDL-libraries I have (net, image, ttf, gfx, mixer, "the base SDL"), but no effect. Sure this doesn't affect anything else, like compiling and running the program, testing the program etc, but it just looks ugly and I hope there was way to remove it.
  9. I guess releasing SDL_Surface multiple times and loading different SDL_Surfaces again and again is bad for effectiviness and speed, so I decided to create animation instead. I create one big image, and take regions from it. I took some advice for this from Lazy Foo' Productions site. But then I faced one, "little", problem. My image is rotated, since it's top-down shooter. Now this is hard nut for my head. Result is now, that it picks region from this big image, but it rotates the big image too. So, it picks the right image, but when rotating, it uses the whole image. How can I make it to rotate this small region instead?
  10. Angle from mouse's position

    Thanks. Now it's working fine.
  11. Angle from mouse's position

    Quote:Original post by Kamikaze15 Vector2D difPos = mousePos - spritePos; So are mousePos and spritePos Vector2D's too? I took the Vector2D class from here since I didn't find anything from pre-installed libraries. I made the code look like this: //values took with SDL Vector2D mousePos(mouse_x, mouse_y); //we're in player-class's method so... Vector2D spritePos(x, y); //- method didn't work so I did it myself Vector2D difPos(mousePos.x()-spritePos.x(), mousePos.y()-spritePos.y()); //angle is player's private value angle = atanf(difPos.y()/difPos.x()); if(difPos.x() < 0.0f) { angle = -PI+RadToDeg(angle); } If I did it right, it didn't change anything at all. Edit: small update in code. I'm pretty close now... [Edited by - erakko on April 9, 2009 6:41:24 AM]
  12. I'm absolutely sure this is pure math problem. I've been reading http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=529198 and http://www.euclideanspace.com/maths/algebra/vectors/angleBetween/index.htm, and I've gotten some results, but they are really small and I can't figure out the rest. My goal is to create top-down shooter where you can rotate player with mouse. So, the angle of image is the same as "direction" where you are going, and the direction is determited by mouse. Since the movement without mouse requires functions from trigonometry, I'm sure this needs them too. But the thing is, that I can't variate it by myself. I need angle, that points to the direction where mouse's pointer is located. I'm doing this with C++, so that you just know...
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