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    Feed Back on Gaming Idea Please

    As for the Heroes can they fight other Heroes from other groups? Creating differences between all the different type may be challenging, but I think the gameplay itself would really depend on how the individual heroes are developed. I think it sounds like a decent start for a idea.
  2. Draiken

    What is the purpose of games?

    I think the real question is, Why do you play video games? Whether a person's ego is built up from a video game or not is solely based upon the player and their personality. Video games allow for the person to escape reality for personal enjoyment.
  3. Draiken


    Team work is what really makes any game worthwhile and re playable. Working with the same group of people and getting to know how each play makes those games memorable. I laugh every time when my brother and I both reload or simultaneously throw grenades around a corner without talking to each other. The first thing I look at in a game is its multiplayer operations, specifically for co-op. Id really like to see some strategy games with a better than average AI so you can play co-op against them without really stomping on them or going 2 players against 4 AI's. Chris
  4. Draiken

    RTS style/idea

    Thinking about the idea a little more... My initial reasoning of the one base idea is more along the lines of not being required to expand the base to find more resources to be able to build your army. Though I like the idea of expanding for strategic purpose. So keeping with the initial idea, you will want expand to occupy choke points and high points, but not to harvest more. As for the seige type on the base, im not thinking as large a scale that total war has. Just a base setup that would require the attacker to put some thought in an attack. Where a zerg type attack would get utterly destroyed with little success even if the defending army wasnt around, but a fight where if you took the time to use catapults to take out towers before sending in the troops. As far as expanding creating forts in prime places that have some defense bonus over just keeping a number of units in place to hold the location.
  5. Draiken

    RTS style/idea

    I'm more or less looking at a theory or ideas and hoping for some feedback. Most RTS games allow you to build your base, then you need to start thinking about expanding to increase the income, however now you have to defend two bases. What I'm thinking is more of a building up a single base. Fortifying a single position, upgrading basic income buildings such as farms to improve income. In a sense creating a siege type attack force to topple the other player. These matches would be aimed around an hour long match. Where the defending player would rely on the walls and towers to hold of the enemy. It seems there are a lot of mods out there for games that gear towards expansion to change the game so that the player doesn't have to spend the time in expanding. Does this type of RTS appeal to you guys or may find it interesting? -Chris
  6. I feel that fuzzy waypoints are ideal for most scenarios. But it could also depend on the game. If it was Star Trek or Star Wars or something high tech, everyone owns a GPS. Then knowing the coordinates may be something they would know. My friend was attacked by some bandits and is at these coordinates. If its a low tech game, then saying they are on the trail heading north before the fork in the road. Most people when giving directions is more of a round about area and a area with few land marks would need to be a more broad area for the player to explore. edit- Also, if your dealing with different cultures. Perhaps they refer to a area as a different name. This would require the player to investigate how the areas are linked. One town may call the forest the Haunted Forest and another town more familiar with the area would call it Tres'mirable. -Chris
  7. Draiken

    Can A Game World Be Too Big?

    I think there is a possibility of too much space. Take Total War for example a game I love, but you get to a point where you have a good foot hold on your territory. Then you make the same units over and over to conquer further lands to double/triple your territory. The first stage of fortifying your position is fun, then the sending out the armies to conquer the rest seems like more work than intended. Sure its fun to conquer, but the last castle you invade is the same process as your first castle you invaded during the start of your conquest (after you have fortified your position, mid game). So if things are continuing to change, new units new technologies will help to overcome the repetitiveness similar to Empire Earth. Keep the technology rolling to keep the player with new stuff till end game. Also be wary of all the space dwarfing your units. Sins of the Solar Empire was pretty fun, huge amount of space to work with. However trying to find the big battle ship that is about as big as a letter from typing, amongst the other ships of similar or just smaller size was a little dumb. I think if the game allowed for more zooming in, it would of had a higher rating in my book. -Chris
  8. Draiken

    Space RTS: Customizable Ships?

    I really like the idea of customizing units. Perhaps make it into a turned base style RTS similar to total war? Or keep it RTS, with a minimizing capability. So if they need to draw their attention to a battle they wont lose the progress of the ship build. I think having the ability to create schematics of ships would help as well. Perhaps a world builder type program outside of the game to develop ship schematics, then once in the game they have these schematics to choose from as well as build a new one. While giving each weapon a unique look could be cool, another option could be to give it ratings based on its movement speed/firepower/armor whether its 1 rating or 1 rating for each category. That way just moving the cursor over a unit you have a quick glimpse of its capabilities.
  9. I think the first idea would probably be the easier of the 2 to program and a great stepping stone. Then you could use the information you learned while programming that one to make idea 2. Idea 2 could get complex depending on how much you got into it, but the basics of both ideas are pretty equal though in idea 2 you are also adding in FOV. Idea 1 is basically dealing with the collision of the object that either kills you or gets your collection. Idea 2 you could enhance it from rather just attacking from the enemies back to doing a certain move to bring them down.
  10. Draiken

    Combat Systems - Which one?

    As for stats I like both lol. I really hate setting up my character attributes if there are more than a handful before I start playing, though in the end I like the diversity of many different attributes to make my character unique. I would suggest starting off with your basic stats, strength, stamina, agility, intellect, wisdom. Then after whatever level you can increase the pools of where people can put a focus in. After level 10 they can also increase their armor, dodge, charisma. At level 20 they can add points to additional ones and so forth.
  11. Draiken

    War Game

    If you are wanting each continent to have peace amongst itself, I think having the players be the farmers/researchers. The players can gather materials or research new technology to build up the continents overall power. Once its time to strike the continent can arm its people to wage war. How will the choice of who to attack be made? I am thinking maybe a government would help out, perhaps the people can work through an achievement type system to make their way into the government, then the government will be the leader of the continent.
  12. One of the things that I would really like to see with Death would be game altering. For example if your playing Splinter Cell (I think the guys name is Sam) but if you die 3 times or fail 3 times trying to break into the office building through the vents on the roof. Each time you die the security strengthens that area you were in. Making it harder to get through. However the security is diminishing in another place which you have to find to resume your mission. Or maybe your trying to save the princess playing mario... you die too many times then just let her die so he can go get another prisoner. This way your not really getting punished, though you do have to back track and rethink your strategy, but it can also fit into the story. Chris Tucker
  13. Draiken

    Game concept: worlds at war

    Interesting idea, but.. The worlds would have to be random each game for RTS. Otherwise id ptu all my defense at the lower worlds resource spot, making it impossible for them to develop from my worlds resource. I would think that having any world be able to attack any other world would be better for gameplay and story. It just doesnt seem right that I can not attack the people attacking me. Or is the idea that forming an alliance with people above me to attack the one below me. If im world 3 and world 4 is below me. I should make my way up through to world 1, form an alliance with him and put some uber pounding on world 4. I wouldnt have to worry about anyone else attacking me cept for my ally. While the attack on world 4 is going on. The gameplay is a bit skewed and very linear when it comes to strategy. Where making them 4 planets and each world can attack each other might take you a bit further. Also when im thinking of worlds on top of each other... just drawing out the landscape gets a bit ugly... how far below one is the other? Are they all on the same planet and jsut live beneath each other?
  14. Draiken

    Looking for newb advice

    Hey everyone, Im new to the site and looking for some advice. I am very interested in the story/rules behind the games. I dont mind a bit of programming, and dont have much interest in the graphic designs behind making the games. I think creating the game layout and rule sets is where my desire is. Is there a position for this? Most everything that I come across is about graphic design/art/programming or sound. I am currently going to Devry University in their Game and Simulation Programming Degree. What are some steps I should be doing in getting to the position I am looking for in Game Design?
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