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  1. Hi I have the following problem when initializing directX 11. Im running Windows 7 Premium, visual studio 2010. Im sorry i cant post the description of error and code here since its big. Please follow the link here: [url="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9360674/unhandled-exception-error-while-initializing-directx-11"]http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9360674/unhandled-exception-error-while-initializing-directx-11[/url]
  2. Directx 9 Basic Problem

    hi, thanks for the info. well i noticed that i dint install the directx sdk. so i downloaded the DXSDK feb2010 release from microsoft. but the installation is giving me a error code like S1023. So pls help. Thanks Cheers
  3. Hi there i recently started kicking with directx basics and i learnt something good. I compiled my first directx9 program. There are no errors in my program. Im supposed to a see blue color filled windowed application.However when i compile the program my window opens and then closes immediately. Im using windows 7 Professional and compiling with the visual C++ 2008 express edition. i have set the additional dependencies column in the input of the linker tab in project properties to "d3d9.lib". Please help. Cheers Jay
  4. hey mattd, thanks a lot dude! I got the game running. Thanks a million! Cheers Jay
  5. hi, i recently got hold of the classic lunar lander game from the 1980s. I am doing a project for which i am trying to understand the game. I got the game source from this link:http://www.serve.com/wizjd/java/JDLunarLander/JDLunarLander.html. Can someone please tell me how to compile this code and get the game running? I compiled few codes into classes but the rest I am not able to do it. Also I dunno which is the main class from which the game starts. I feel some java sources are missing or its just my imagination :( :(. Please help! Thanks in advance :) cheers Jay
  6. hi people I wanna convert a string to hexadecimal value and then retrieve the string back from the hex value. pls help!
  7. [java] operation on strings

    Thanks a lot!It works :) cheers jay
  8. Hi i want to store two separate strings separated by a space in an array and then retrieve the strings using some indexing method and store them in a 2 dimensional array. in this code the dummy is a character array already populated with the 2 strings using the if condition I'm separating the strings from the dummy array. inside the if condition I'm trying to store the first string in the first row of the 2dim array and the second string in the second row. however when i try to print out the string in temp[row], its printing junk values. please help for(j=0;j<ln;j++) { dummy[j]=total.charAt(j); if(dummy[j]==' ') { temp[row][col]='\0'; System.out.println("word: " + temp[row]); row++; col=0; } else { temp[row][col]=total.charAt(j); col++; } }
  9. C# or C++

    thanks a lot fellas.. i appreciate it... i ll do my best!! cheers jay
  10. C# or C++

    im new to directX game programming.. i wud like kn which language is best suited for game development.. is it C++ or C#? to put it in other terms which of these is better when it comes to directx? cheers jay
  11. where can i find the cd contents (source codes presented in the book) for Tricks of The Windows Game Programming Gurus by Andre Lamothe please gimme a link :( cheers
  12. hi.. my friend and i are makin a text editor in java for the visually impaired.. it requires that the text shud be magnified when they type.. or when they move their cursor over the word... we managed to magnify as they type(word by word and letter by letter).. now we are stuck with the mouse magnification.. please help... its for a good cause.. cheers :)
  13. Help!

    Hey dude.. im a beginner like urself... i found this book called tricks of the windows programming gurus by Andre Lamothe! its gr8 for rookies.. it focuses on creating win32 apps then slowly moving on to Directx... Good luck mate! :)
  14. Trouble adding resource to my Win32 app

    Hey thanks a lot Mr. Moderator! I got it at last :) :) .. it was nice chattin with u in this thread.. :) :) Cheers
  15. Trouble adding resource to my Win32 app

    Im using ResEdit.. so im jus supposed to export it into a .res file and then place the .h and .res in the same folder as my cpp? then im supposed to #include the resource.h?