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  1. Server engine for any online projects with editors and admin panel http://www.crystalengine.com free server for startaps on one PC.   Also we can build server side for your project.   Detail by Skype Aldex55
  2. Mod note: commercial advertisements must be purchased as advertising on the site.<div>Please contact the site operators for more information (see links up top).</div><div><br></div>
  3. Server platform – CrystalEngine CrystalEngine is designed to build a powerful distributed server solution for various online MMO games projects, social applications, mobile applications and others. The client side can be developed on any platform. Included visual editors and administration panel greatly increase development speed and reduce time-to-market. Ready-to-use innovative solutions reduce overhaul project risks. Project website [url="http://www.crystalengine.com"]http://www.crystalengine.com[/url] Presentation Video [url="http://www.crystalengine.com/videop_en.html"]http://www.crystalen.../videop_en.html[/url]
  4. Crystal Engine is a tool-set for rapid deployment of massive internet projects using a powerful distributed environment solution. Harnessing provided visual editors your developers will be able to create the structure of the project and launch the service in a minimal period of time, thus insuring competitive time-to-market for your project. CrystalEngine takes care of routine tasks such as object initialization, transport and storage. Thus focusing the developer efforts on creative tasks of designing the project structure and business-logic. [url="http://www.crystalengine.com"]www.crystalengine.com[/url] · Modular structure, hot-swap module change without restarting serve-side components · Automatic distributed objet caching using high-speed NoSQL structure. · Any client platform support (Utility3D, Flash, Java, iOS, .NET, C++) · Graphic administration tools for the whole project ranged from subnet to a single module. · Dynamic server engine libraries compilation and automatic upload to the developer's PC for fine-tuning of the business logic modules ("One Click") · Support for solution subnets (development, pre-prod, and prod environments) · Visual monitoring for different parts of the project (Hardware, objects, cache) · Support for collaborate project development · Support for major transport protocols, proprietary protocols can also be used · The server works on Microsoft Windows platform · The server solution is distributed "by-design" thus allows support for large scale deployments and servicing large number of clients
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