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  1. I'm trying to emulate a gameboy, but it plays a little too fast. This how I'm doing my timing inside the main loop. if (cpu.T >= CLOCKSPEED / 40) // if more than 1/40th of cycles passed {     // Get milliseconds passed QueryPerformanceCounter(&EndCounter); unsigned long long counter = EndCounter.QuadPart - LastCounter.QuadPart; MSperFrame = 1000.0 * ((double)counter / (double)PerfCountFrequency); LastCounter = EndCounter;         // if 1/40th of a second hasn't passed, wait until it passes if (MSperFrame < 25) Sleep(25 - MSperFrame); cpu.T -= CLOCKSPEED / 40; } CLOCKSPEED is the cycles per second of the emulated cpu (4194304) cpu.T is cycles passed.   I'm using Visual Studio 2013. I even tried switching to C++ and using steady_clock but nothing changed. What could be the problem?
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