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    Anyone seen Inception yet?

    Did anyone else recognise the old EA Chertsey building in the scene in which Arthur first explained The Penrose Steps to Ariadne? To my shame I got foolishly excited and loudly pointed this out to people during the film.
  2. _31 * m._11 + _32 * m._21 + _33 * m._31 + _34 * m._41, _31 * m._12 + _32 * m._22 + _33 * m._32 + _34 * m._42, _31 * m._13 + _32 * m._23 + _33 * m._33 + _34 * m._42, _31 * m._14 + _32 * m._24 + _33 * m._34 + _34 * m._44, Look at the extreme right hand side of the above. It looks like you've made a typo (this is in your multiplication operator).
  3. Astrophel and Stella? A bit longer than what you suggested, but features a dying/dead knight and various praises for his heroism. You can get it online here: http://www.uoregon.edu/~rbear/astrophel.html
  4. Hamster

    My life..

    Proviso 1: This is possibly a really bad idea, feel free to tell me so. Proviso 2: Re-reading this it possibly constitutes a thread hijack. I'm not sure what policy is regarding this, but I'm happy to take the discussion elsewhere if that's preferred. I've been at various companies where people have floated the notion of a union, but while I admire the idea I can't see a way that it would operate in practice. I just don't know of that many/any people within the industry who would have the necessary profile & charisma but also the good sense needed to get a movement like that off the ground. While I understand your position and I'm not suggesting you do, it's horrible that you can't name your company to stop others from suffering the same fate... which leads me to this suggestion: Would it be possible to have a website at which developers anonymously contributed opinions on companies they've worked at, to create some kind of quality of life index, or star rating, for individual studios & companies? I could see it including things like ratings for the city, meritocracy vs nepotism, management style, overtime, diversity of work, atmosphere... etc. I realise some of these things are qualitative rather than quantitative, but actual comments could be included as well. I'm vaguely aware of having signed a non-defamatory clause in my NDA/contract stuff and assume most other people have as well, but do any legally-minded folk know if action could be taken as a result of people submitting stuff to such a site? More specifically, if it's done anonymously could the server records be subpoenaed or anything? Anyway, I was just wondering if such a thing either already exists or could possibly exist without entering a legal minefield. As for all the obvious challenges with potential abuse of the system... they seem to be pretty much the same thing that the likes of Wikipedia have to put up with, but while it's by no means perfect, it still manages to convey a lot of useful information in the face of them. Getting back to the original poster, I think the general impression that you ought to act if you're feeling this bad is quite correct and if a certain future is worse than an uncertain one, it's definitely time to stand up for yourself and leave if you need to.
  5. It sounds from the question like you're currently testing visibility by seeing if any of the corner points of a node are inside the frustum. That's not the best way to go about it, as you'll have the sorts of problems you mentioned. Googling for "frustum aabb" produces lots of nice stuff, try this from Toymaker's Direct3D FAQ: http://www.toymaker.info/Games/html/direct3d_faq.html - about half way down the page there's a function. [eep, beaten to it]
  6. Hamster

    the media make me angry again

    I think it's better just to laugh at it rather than cry. There are a few clues here before reading the article - it's in association with The Sun, and it's being carried by ITN. The Sun needs no introduction, but while I understand ITN has something to do with Channel 4 news, which I find reasonably respectable, I think this must be down to the journalists themselves and the relative freedom given to them by Channel 4's niche mandate. The other ITN bulletin is shown on ITV and is responsible for alternately scaring and patronising its audience into a fine paste every evening. This is the bulleting offering such weighty one liners as, "20% of people... now that's nearly 1/5th" and every few weeks a bad computer graphic featuring a map of Britain and symbols suggesting we're all about to be ravaged by binge-drinking islamist bird-flu carrying pedophile assylum seekers. You may not agree with his politics, but a George Galloway clip can sometimes be relaxing in this sort of circumstance - it's cathartic to see them getting shouted at.
  7. Hamster

    heightmap from normalmap

    If you do a little googling I seem to remember there being a GIMP plugin that could do this. Again, I don't think it gave perfect results, but it was free & easy.
  8. EA started one last year and I think they're planning to expand it this year. Get in touch with the UK studios and ask a few questions - there'll be someone in the HR department who'll know what the plans are.
  9. Hi, I had a quick look at this, but I think there may have been a mistake in the question. The numbers of bits on each line follow a fibonacci sequence, but line 11 has only 88 bits where I get the impression it should have 89. After that the whole thing goes awol. Could just be coincidence, but I think your friend may have made some mistake in the setup, it seems weird that it would follow such a famous sequence for a while and then start to diverge. In any event I should do some work instead... Hmm.. All the best.
  10. Hi Defrag, With any luck, this should get it - insert it at some point after CreateWindow: RECT rcClient = {0, 0, dpp.BackBufferWidth, dpp.BackBufferHeight}; AdjustWindowRect( &rcClient, GetWindowLong( hWnd, GWL_STYLE ), FALSE ); MoveWindow( hWnd, 0, 0, rcClient.right - rcClient.left, rcClient.bottom - rcClient.top, TRUE ); AdjustWindowRect reads rcClient and then fills it with the required window size in order to have the requested client area. MoveWindow applies it. Change FALSE to TRUE if you've got a menu to deal with. All the best.
  11. Hamster

    Physical particle system?

    I wouldn't go too mad about this kind of thing. The fact is that the eyes can be tricked quite successfully. I've seen professional games in which the vast majority of particles exhibit no collision at all. A small percentage will have longer lifetimes and will bounce on a ground plane - you can work out when from constant acceleration formulae. An even smaller percentage, if any, will bounce against a few other level collision planes. The combined effect of all of these, if tweaked correctly, should be that the user sees some particles behaving correctly and the eyes are tricked into believing that the others are too. It doesn't have to be real, it just needs to look convincing. A little faked motion blur for things like grit and sparks goes a long way as well. As for where you manage the fully colliding particles, that's up to you really, though in my opinion there's no real reason why you shouldn't query the level for a few local planes and have the particle system manage it - full scale physics simulation on them seems like overkill. As a final point, don't fall into the trap of trying to make one entirely generic particle system and simulate all sorts of effects by tweaking parameters. These things are all different in nature, there's no reason why you shouldn't specialise here and there if you need to. All the best + Good Luck.
  12. Hi, This looks great. You may not be able to say, but are you using SGPLVMs for your animation style interpolations? An interesting question, given the remote hosting of the application, is whether it would be possible to upload new animations/styles/models/textures/sound and have them added to the remote library, or if you know yet what exactly happens about the rights to produced works. Also, are you planning to raytrace/photon scatter the animations, as in the demo, or will the results be rasterised? Very nice project, good luck.
  13. Hamster

    image filtering using OpenGL (GLSL)

    In GLSL texture coordinates go from 0 to 1 over the whole texture, so in order to get the pixel beside another pixel, you need to offset by 1 / texture_size. Something like this: const float image_size_recip = 1.0 / 256.0; //texture size goes here const vec2 offsets[9] = { vec2(-image_size_recip, image_size_recip), vec2( 0.0 , image_size_recip), vec2( image_size_recip, image_size_recip), vec2(-image_size_recip, 0.0 ), vec2( 0.0, 0.0), vec2( image_size_recip, image_size_recip ), vec2(-image_size_recip,-image_size_recip), vec2( 0.0 , -image_size_recip), vec2( image_size_recip,-image_size_recip), }; vec3 col[9]; int i; for (i=0; i < 9; i++) { col = (texture2D( texSampler, texcoords + offsets).rgb; } Should get you all 3x3 pixels into the col array.
  14. Hamster

    Lighting problem

    Looks like you're changing the direction of GL_LIGHT1, but have only enabled GL_LIGHT0.
  15. Hi Kobingo, Just wanted to say that the error in the last shot looks very much like it was caused by an incorrect clip plane. I don't know quite how you're clipping the world when you render to your reflection texture, but make sure that your clip plane is set to the same level as your water surface. Good luck.
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