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  1. a little problem

    no it's not called in a loop i just wrote it here because i thought maybe it was a problem with the initialization of it
  2. a little problem

    My application always get stuck while running on some glu commands, gluSphere and gluCylinder and an error of stack over flow appears anyone knows why? the commands: GL.gluSphere(m_pQuad,0.65f,32,32); GL.gluCylinder(m_pQuad,0.22f,0.22f,0.25f,32,32); m_pQuad is a GLU quadric obj : m_pQuad = GL.gluNewQuadric(); GL.gluQuadricNormals(m_pQuad, GL.GLU_SMOOTH); GL.gluQuadricTexture(m_pQuad, (byte)GL.GL_TRUE); the GL on the beginning of each gl commands is because i'm using the C# lib if it matters thanks for the helpers in advance :)