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    RPG Stat System - Wanting Some Feedback.

    There are two main ways of balancing this: Give the players 4 points per type of stat (body stats, mind stats, or soul stats) which they can only spend in that type Give more base stats, but it costs more to level something up beyond level 1 (level 2 costs 2, level 3 costs 3, etc.) You could try a mix of the two (you have penalties when you put more than 4 points in a single type of attribute)
  2. doomhascome

    The bridge between FP(S) and RPG

    You might want to investigate Savage 2 http://www.savage2.com/en/main.php or Global Agenda http://www.globalagendagame.com/ Both of these are first person games with strong RPG elements.
  3. doomhascome

    Boy,this is a challenging design issue.

    Don't have small areas become dangerous (by shooting bullets, or whatever.) Make entire platforms dangerous. Have a boss who superheats the metal platforms, requiring you to jump around a lot. Have a boss who can make a poison gas that floats to the top of the area from the bottom, requiring you to find holes to hide in. Have bosses that shoot you if you stay still for too long. Have bosses who just try to run at you, requiring agility to evade. There are a lot more options. You just have to think of cool ways to use your game mechanics in special ways. Most boss fights have slightly different mechanics than the normal game (bosses have HP, special vulnerable spots, etc.) Try to see what you can do.
  4. doomhascome

    Controlling Power of Attack by Different Gauges.

    Yeah. Something more along the lines of a system which gives you attack bonuses when you successfully block and attack, or penalties if you let an enemy block and attack, might be more interesting for gameplay. Having a system which lets one player mercilessly beat the other one unconscious isn't that fun.
  5. doomhascome

    What about competitive games?

    I also agree with a lot of what you said. The thing is, for breakout companies, they need to have the gameplay be eye-grabbing and intense, because they don't have a brand. Companies like Blizzard (the makers of Starcraft) are established as game developers; they have weight in the industry. When a third party developer makes a game, they'll have a lot less time, money, and people to create the game. They have to go for the "revolutionary" new element, rather than just making a solid game of a genre. On the other hand, some of the genre mixes can be extremely competitive. DotA, for instance, is a weird matchup of RTS and RPG, but works very well and has regular tournaments with professional players.
  6. doomhascome

    [Card Game] User Created Content

    How does combat work? If one of the ways to win is by killing everyone else, you need a good combat mechanic. Examples of Flaws and Innovations? How do you draw cards? How can you keep a player with a ton of robots from just crushing everyone else?
  7. doomhascome

    Forget previous posts, New ideas, New leaf

    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper What Mr. Hascome has said. It's just Mr. Doom. I think the real key to making any game based on an already existing medium is feel. There is a fine line between an homage and a rip-off. Having the game be stand alone is very important, but you need, more than anything else, to make the player feel like they are a character from the manga, living out a life. If you want more in depth comments on design, I would recommend either naming a specific manga, or at least a more specific genre of manga (manga is just a medium. Shonen and Shoju are totally different.)
  8. doomhascome

    Forget previous posts, New ideas, New leaf

    I'd say the best thing you could do would be to create a game that has the same feel as reading the manga. One of the "classic" shonen mangas (Bleach, Naruto, One Piece) have characters that interact with their environment a lot. Each of the protagonists destroy everything around them (sword slices go through buildings, blocked punches shatter the earth beneath their enemy.) Having an environment that feels "manga-y" is essential. Beyond that, art style is important, as is genre. Don't make a sports manga into a fighting game.
  9. The game design section of this forum is for discussing game designs. Your post would be more helpful in the "help wanted" section. Check the rules and requirements of posts in that section, and reformat your post, please.
  10. doomhascome

    Naval Warfare Game: Survey-esque Discussion

    Disclaimer: the following game would not work in the 15th-18th century. Kseh had a really interesting point. While many games feature 3rd person naval combat, few have first person game-play, and even fewer execute it well. Perhaps having some manner of control panel on board the ship (lets you view the world from a 3rd person perspective (satellite imaging) and give orders from it, but you still control a person: regardless of whether or not your ship is sunk, if you die, you lose. Losing members of the chain of command would give more lag for your orders to take effect. You can also manually give commands while on board the ship (shout for someone to repair a hole in the deck, put out a fire, get a weapon functional again) which you can't do while in the 3rd person viewpoint. The 3rd person tactical could only really be used early game, because once the combat starts you'll want to be in the thick of things, or at least ensuring your ship stays afloat, as well as you could give your allies a good morale buff if your near them. Every aspect of the game-play described would work with this system, and might be more fun. Having you feel like a character who's life depends on victory would be more interesting than swapping between a god and a random captain. That's just my 5 cents. Do whatever you want.
  11. doomhascome

    Bad Guys

    The villain is inherently connected to the hero. A paragon of truth and justice would have a villain who was the opposite: uncaring and self-serving. A hero who lives a world of grays would have villains who similarly exist is worlds of grays. Heroes like Superman are great because they don't have to make moral choices: they exist in a world where they can only do right. Characters like the Punisher, on the other hand, have villains with clearly human motives; they need money for an operation on their sister daughter, etc. The best villains are foils for the hero. I would decide on a hero before the villain.
  12. doomhascome

    Is there a 'correct' way to make a Super Hero?

    Superhuman abilities come in a lot of different types. Maybe you can channel electricity into strength, so as long as you are near an outlet, you are a god of death and carnage, but you become a mere mortal again when you're on the street. Maybe you can drain the abilities of those around you (fighting bosses makes you stronger, but you're just as strong as mooks when you fight them.) Granted, neither of these would be fun for most action games, but they could be good as puzzlers. On the other hand, look at Arkham Asylum. Batman is exceedingly powerful in some contexts (simply by getting behind someone, you can 1-shot them.) However, mooks with guns are still dangerous. An action hero who can punch through bricks, but isn't immune to bullets would be a good example. You can take out most non-bosses with a few moves, but have to kill/stun them quickly, or at least use a cover system, because they can kill you with sustained fire. If you're a hero like Superman, you can have the main mooks be Brianiac robots, who have strength far greater than most humans. You could start off fighting gangsters, to get a sense of how strong you are, and you could still smash through buildings (you could even have a physics engine that allows you to literally punch an enemy through a building, if it is strong enough,) but so could your enemies. There are a lot of types of superhumans. You need to narrow it down. (prototype is another good example of a 1-shotter who is still vulnerable to continuous streams of bullets)
  13. doomhascome

    "dota allstars" and "War craft 3"

    Yeah. The game design post is meant for game design questions (such as discussing the mechanics of DotA, and what works and doesn't). Questions about how to get a game working should be directed to a different forum (possibly help wanted). Additionally, proofreading your posts is always good.
  14. Yes. What you have described is possible. Imagine you have a team of five ships: each has a set move described on a relevant card (movement is in inches), and can fire from cannons at various points on the token. Adding terrain would add more tactics, but this would work.
  15. doomhascome

    Mass units abstraction ideas

    Look at Supreme Commander. It's an RTS in which you can zoom out so the entire map is on one screen. As size decreases, units become first outlines, and then squares on the map. While it doesn't convey power very well, it definitely gives a feel for the sheer mass of guys you control, and allows you to easily send waves of units at the enemy. Representing units could be done a bunch of ways. Shading unit colors based on type (if you're the red color, your cavalry are near pink, your archers are a bright red, and you infantry are a darker hue) could be effective, especially in a goo type model (you could see what parts of the goo were what color, and send units based on that.
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