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  1. using namespace std; means that the programm will include the namespace when compiling (not entirely sure on what exactly happens, but that is what I belive happens). It basically means that instead of having to write: include <iostream> int main() { std::cout << "Saying something"; std::cout << "...and some more" << std::endl; return 0; } You can write: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Saying something"; cout << "...and some more" << endl; return 0; } See the difference? :-) Hope it makes sense.
  2. Most online games, and all games on Kongregate, miniclip, etc are created in Flash. Linky (click) :-)
  3. pseudobot

    Your favourite game?

    Total Anihiliation My opinion, the best game of all time. This is what every other RTS should have been. 'Nough said. :-)
  4. Hey fellow game developers, do you want to join the fun of working with a small team? Be sure to check out this thread: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=557208 :-)
  5. pseudobot

    Most amazing game idee

    Hey Codeline, I am sincerly sorry on what kind of reaction you are getting from these people. It is nothing personal, and I will do my best to summarise why they are acting like this: -There are already (and have always been) lots of threads about a random person, who has not yet earned credability, having 'the worlds best game idea' that is going to make 'millions of $$$'. Although your idea may really be the best there is, no one on this forum will simply be joining because of that. This comes from past experience - there have been projects just like yours, the people got together, began working on it, and after 2 weeks, the thread starter and 'leader' dropped the project. In turn, everyone learnt a lesson: Only join projects that someone created that a) seem doable b) Has a good leader that will always support the team, no matter what c) Is profitable to the programmer -MMORPGS. Trust me, every single user on this forum is sick and tired of them: They are extremly difficult to make, you need a large team, and in the end, they are just worthless. I think there is a single MMORPG that started out of this forum that made it past the 'alpha' stage (Ie a very very early Build) and that is the MMO 'Infinity'. All the other hundred MMO's have allready been dropped. -Idea Men. This may not mean anything to you yet, but trust me, an 'Idea Man' alone is basically worthless in this place. Every single programmer/graphics artist/moddeler/texture artist/game musician has ideas of their own. Why would they choose your idea over theirs? They have allready worked in the field of GameDevelopment, and know how everything works. Thus they (usually) make better project managers since they will most liekly have realistic goals. -Your english. I am sincerly sorry if this offends you, as in no way I want to cause any. However, the spelling errors in your post make you look unproffesional, which in turn turns of most programmers. The reason is that it looks like your are doing a 'half-assed job' - ie, it makes you look like you would drop the project in the first few weeks simply because you don't care much about it. I am not saying that you would, but it is simply the impression the post gives off. Being from a non-english speaking country is no excuse for that, I am sorry to say. I for one come from a german speaking country, so I know how hard it can be to learn english. Good luck with learning/spellchecking! :-) -Lastly, I personally belive that you are underestimating the amount of work that is needed to make a game, especially an MMO. Just as an example, on a AAA title such as Halo 3/World of Warcraft, there are over 200 people working on it for Over 4 years. Not to mention that they are very well payed. On the other hand, you are asking people on this forum to make an equivelant of WoW (not gameplay wise, but work wise) for no pay. I hope this gives you a general idea of why no one is going to take you seriously/no one is going to join your project (yet). Once again, I am deeply sorry if this offends you, but I am just doing my best to be honest here. Especially, since you can then improve on those parts. So lastly, here are some things that you should do if you want people to take you serisouly: -Fix the spelling mistakes in your above post. -Give a detailed idea of your project. I do understand your concern about having your idea stolen, but it is best to give a rough outling of what your game is about. Otherwise, I gurantee you will not get a single person to join your game. As an example, I wrote this: ~~~~~~ Hey fellow game developers, my game idea is similar to the game
  6. pseudobot

    Game like Worms

    The best 2d game engine (with some 3d capabilities) I came across (and used) was GameMaker. Sure, now half the gamedev.net community will flame me for this comment (:P), but I personally belive GM is the optimal tool for a beginner to get into Game development. Linky It has it's own scripting language when you want to move onto more 'hard-core' stuff. The rest of the coding interface is drag&drop. It's really easy to work with, has a fast workflow, and ultimatly is enough for most 2d games (including worms).
  7. pseudobot

    Help that noob pls?

    In my opinion, I'd go with SDL and use lazyfoo.net. Thats how I satrted out. I used to be in your position a few month ago, so I am a bit biased here. :)
  8. pseudobot

    [Resolved] Can anyone test my game game please?

    Thank you very much for testing it, Beun! :D Glad you like it! A lot of work has allready been put into it (started learning SDL when working on this project). However, a lot more work is going to be put into it in the near future. :D Thank you all who helped testing it! Special thanks to the ones who posted up how to fix this error in this thread & the other one! :D
  9. pseudobot

    [Resolved] Can anyone test my game game please?

    Hey, anyone able to redownload & test? I am 95% sure it will work now. Turned out that although I was building the project in release, it was in fact compiling with the debug dll's (msvcp80D.dll, etc). I fixed that up now, and it should now run on computers without Visual Studio. Thank you in advance, for anyone who takes the time to test it! :D
  10. pseudobot

    [Resolved] Can anyone test my game game please?

    Hmm Beun, thats pretty weird. I am pretty sure it was allredy compiled in release. However, I recompiled it. Would you be so nice and redownload & test it? (Same download link) Benryves: The runtime dll's have already been added to the projects directory. they are: -microsoft.vc80.crt.manifest -msvcp80.dll -msvcm80.dll -msvcr80.dll Could it be that I am missing any other VS 2005 runtime libraries? The reason I do not want to use installers at this point is because the game will simply be early releases (alpha), and by no means the final product. :-/ Thanks guys! :)
  11. pseudobot

    [Resolved] Can anyone test my game game please?

    Thanks for the comment Wan! :)
  12. pseudobot

    Visual C++ 2005 runtime librarys

    I see. :) Thank you lancer!
  13. pseudobot

    Visual C++ 2005 runtime librarys

    Thanks for the advice guys! I did some research myself and it appears that microsoft.vc80.crt.manifest is needed in addition to the dll files. I'll let you know if it works when a buddy of mine gets around to testing the program. Otherwise I guess that the redistributal package is the only options. :) :)
  14. Hey all, I just came to the relisation that end users are unable to play my game since they don't have the runtime dll's coming with visual studio. :( Problem is - I do not know which dll's to include in my project! At the moment, I have the following runtime librarys with my project: -msvcm80.dll -msvcp80.dll -msvcr80.dll However, the end user still gets an error due to missing dll files. I have added all the others needed for my project (SDL.dll, SDL_mixer.dll, etc) so the only missing ones are visual studio dlls. :( Thank you so much advance...
  15. pseudobot

    [Resolved] Can anyone test my game game please?

    Screenshot: Owl, it is in fact my take on arena-shooters a la robotron/geometry wars. NOthing much to it yet, but I want to make sure that the end user can run any of the alpha versions. :)
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