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  1. Vsevolod - 2D adventure game

    It's not a demo. It's Prologue (one chapter containing 14 "rooms" and 3 puzzles). We've already started working on Chapter 1 but none of us knows when it'll be released.[img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]
  2. Vsevolod - 2D adventure game

    Thanks - I hope you enjoy the game[img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]
  3. Hi, I'd like to inform you about a new 2D adventure game we've just released. The game is based on Wintermute engine. [size=6][b]VSEVOLOD: Prologue[/b][/size] Game by SVARUN Studios [img]http://www.simonketteniss.de/svarunstudios/screens/screenshot_05_puzzle-01.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.simonketteniss.de/svarunstudios/screens/screenshot_03_laboratory-02.jpg[/img] [b]Story background[/b] The story follows the pursuit of young nobleman and archeologist Vsevolod Nikolaevich Peremishlov who finds himself deliberately left behind on the far flung Obzorye island on the brink of the Arctic circle as his fellow historians rush back to their motherlands as the long expected war erupts when Britannia attacks Empire of Germania. Vsevolod stays behind in order to end his decade long quest for the fabled artifacts of Lord Svarog the Creator himself, which rumored to be hidden deep within the vaults of an ancient Slavic svarostan situated on the Obzorye island. However, finding the mystic objects will only serve as on overture to a greater scheme which will take Vsevolod on a journey through space, time and even to the brink of existence. More information is on our website [url="http://vsevolod.svarunstudios.com/"]http://vsevolod.svarunstudios.com/[/url].
  4. Unusual usages of linear algebra

    [quote name='frob' timestamp='1317845094' post='4869513'] "I use linear algebra to whiten my teeth and pour my drinks". [/quote] That's exactly what I mean by "unusual usages".
  5. Hello, I'm preparing a presentation of linear algebra. Among other things, I'd like to present possible usages of linear algebra. Besides the usual usages, I'd like to mention some very unusual ones. I've tried googling but I didn't find anything interesting. Please, do you know some unusual usages of linear algebra? The more unusual or surprising, the better. Thanks!
  6. Derivation of rotation matrices

    I'll study your posts. Thank you guys
  7. Derivation of rotation matrices

    I mean 3D rotation:-)
  8. Hi, I'm working on my school-leaving project (Real-time 3D visualization). My teacher's asked me what rotation matrices are derived from. I mean he asked me why rotation matrices look like they do. I can't find the derivation anywhere. I'm supposed to be able to explain him why the matrices look like they do. I'd be very grateful if you could tell me where I could find such derivation. Thanks:)
  9. I don't have an AMD cpu. Thanks for the link
  10. Hi, I've been thinking about switching from the MSVC compiler to the Intel C++ compiler. On Intel CPUs there is no need for discussion (well, there always is ) but what about performance of the Intel C++ compiler on AMD CPUs? I've found and read something on the internet but I'd like to hear your opinion. Thanks!
  11. Thank you for the very worthwhile post. Have you been considering writing a book? It really seems the book isn't worth buying.
  12. [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1295026630' post='4758915'] [quote name='CodeDemon' timestamp='1295022480' post='4758888'] I've looked through the table of contents. It looks like it covers a variety of practical implementations for different subsets of what goes into building a game engine. But it focuses more on where the industry has been instead of where things are going and it looks like it tries to keep things pretty simple using off-the-shelf open source libraries like SDL, Ogre, Bullet, etc. Not to say that this is bad, especially for not someone who is relatively new to the subject. I just don't think it's indicative of where the industry may be heading currently on the PC and in the next console generation, where you need to really think about thread scalability and parallelism. If you're looking at building a next generation engine that will be able to maximize current and future hardware, this book probably won't be much help. [/quote] do you know of any books that deal with this specifically? I have been wary of buying books in the past for the reasons in your post, but if there is one that deals with parallelism better I'd love to read it. [/quote] I'd be very interested to know about such a book if you knew such one, too.
  13. I've already read Gregory's book. It's an almost perfect book. It's clear that Jason knows what he's talking about! The reason why I asked about the book is that I'm considering buying the book. However, I'm afraid that the book is too similar to Gregory's book (and possibly worse) so buying the book would be a waste of money.
  14. Hi, have you read (or at least browsed through) [url="http://www.amazon.com/Game-Engine-Design-Implementation-Thorn/dp/0763784516/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1294829438&sr=8-14"]the book[/url]? Is the book similar to [url="http://www.amazon.com/Game-Engine-Architecture-Jason-Gregory/dp/1568814135/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1294830027&sr=8-1"]Game Engine Architecture[/url] by Jason Gregory? I guess so. Thanks for your replies