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  1. Thx, now i understand it, and i'm installing MySQL seperately :D
  2. yes, it seems that webmatrix installed MySQL automatically, and didn't tell me the password, that was funny, for a moment . And i found the MySQL installer, so i'm trying to fix my problem right now, but if anyone else has some ideas on this, then i'm open for suggestions
  3. After days and days of searching, i finally decided to ask someone. I want to make a SQL database, which has a password and a "root" administrator, unfortunately WebMatrix does not support this function. I don't want anything "fancy", just a database i can connect to using simple php: $db_connection = mysql_connect('localhost','user','password'); but searching the web has come up with nothing, because everyone has their own solution, but none of them even explain for what program the tutorial is for. So i thought maybe you guys with lots of Exp. points XDXD can help me.
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