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    Quote:Original post by Chris81 Quote:Original post by Ravyne but the idea is that they want you actually DO IT (on paper) rather than recite code-listings from the API of choice Why would a company want to see me do linear algebra / matrix translations on paper? Once you have fast math functions, it's way more important how you use them, not that you can do them manually (on paper or not). A more reasonable question employers would ask would be something like, how would you implement object x with functionality y. Something that would require use of vector math, matrix translations, cross products, etc. And if graphics position, something like "How would you implement effect x?" that required per-vertex math... That would be true if all you used matrices and vectors for was graphics, but thats not the case. Matrices and Vectors show up in every facet of game programming. They are used in Audio, Physics, GUIs, and even the representation of the objects internally. If there's one thing you SHOULD be able to do is understand Linear Algebra. I do Physics and Graphics every day and I am buried up to my elbows in matrices :). If you don't know how to do Linear Algebra on paper, you're not going to be able to make heads or tails of the debugger representing a matrix or a vector.