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  1. Help with C# and XNA Classes

    Ah - okay, I think I understand what you are saying. I will try to make some changes and I'll let you know! Thanks so much!
  2. Help with C# and XNA Classes

    Hi there! I'm still a beginner at programming - I usually fumble my way through coding and debugging. I need some help passing my "Mouse Position" to a class (so the class can determine if the mouse is hovering over the button). I need help understanding how classes work as well as passing information to them when you use methods. Basically - what I have now is a class called MouseManager (tracks position and buttons clicked), a class called Buttons (I am trying to get the update method to determine if the mouse is over one of the buttons) and the main program. Here are some code snippets - From Buttons.cs: internal void Update(GameTime gameTime, MouseState currentMousePosition) { // Determine if mouse is over the button. // I need help with MouseState currentMousePosition - I think this is where the problem is... } From MosquitoAttack.cs: buttonStart.Update(gameTime, currentMouseState); I can provide all of the code if it would help (well, I added it as .txt files). I am currently getting the following error: The best overloaded method match for 'MosquitoAttack.Buttons.Update' has some invalid arguments. and Cannot convert from 'MosquitoAttack.MouseManager.State' to 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.MouseState' Thanks!
  3. Hey GameDev, I am currently working on a game (my first aside from TicTacToe), and I am trying to detect when the Mouse button has been held. My friend supplied me with MouseManager.cs which detects clicks as far as I can tell - I am trying to make it detect when the button has been held for a period of time. I have attached the MouseManager. I [i]believe[/i] I have to change it to make it detect holding the mouse. I have included changes I have made - but so far it hasn't worked with my code. EDIT: I seem to have solved the problem Now if only the rest of my code worked..
  4. Mentor Me! :).

    Can you tell me the server/channel that we use for IRC? Typically I hang out in #python or #cplusplus on the freenode server.
  5. New Member & Some questions

    Thank you for all of the replies - I looked ahead in the book I am reading and he does get around to using OOP in the game blackjack. So, I'll stick with reading the book to the end so that I will gain some experience with OOP. Captain P - That is exactly why we chose panda3d to work with! I know its possible to use only Python to make a game using that engine, but I would really like to work in C++ (to gain experience before I take my course, and because it is faster). This doesn't mean I won't use python - I find it to be a wonderful language to use! Thanks again!
  6. New Member & Some questions

    Hey guys, I'm in the electrical engineering program at my university - but recently I've been wishing that I had choosen CMPE or CompSci. So - I figured I would act on that and start working on some independant games. Over the past month I've gone around this website and others and gotten some friends together with a general plan - and have scaled it back greatly ;p My background/experience: -Basics of C++ ; will be taking more C++ courses next semester - I am probably just a 'modular' programmer at this point (can pass some values in between modules); I don't really know OO. -Some Python experience. -Can make simple logic-based text-games. -For game design (w/ my friends) we have decided on C++/Python using the Panda3d engine - OpenGL (if neccesary), Blender and the IDE I use is Code::Blocks with MinGW compiler. I have some game concepts I would like to work on and have written a pretty good design document (based on website requirements etc...). I am currently working through some game design books (I have bought a lot including AI, graphics, basics, audio, etc...) The one I am currently 'doing' is progressively making more advanced games with it (haven't reached anything graphical yet). I have also gone through Greven's tetris tutorial - but it is too advanced for me at this stage - so I've put that on hold. So - should I keep on at my current pace? It sucks. I kind of want to just find a team on here and struggle through - but I know that would be tough for the team and I don't always want to be playing catch-up. What is recommended? Thanks! WD Industries
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