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  1. Atrix256

    What to do when your idea was already taken

    There is a famous company that is known for taking the best parts of existing game genres and making them even better. That company is Blizzard (:
  2. Atrix256

    Uses of curves in graphics?

    Thanks for the info (:
  3. Atrix256

    Uses of curves in graphics?

    Hey @MJP, can you tell me why you guys opted to use textures for your curves, versus say, passing the control points and/or tangent data through as uniform constants?
  4. Atrix256

    Uses of curves in graphics?

    oh man... i am so stoked to hear you say that MJP.  Thank you as well Promit.  You two guys have given me a bunch to work with (:
  5. Atrix256

    Uses of curves in graphics?

    I answered in a general way, but I'm looking for specifics.  Something like "here's how i use curves in my shaders and here's how i get the curve data to the shader" type answers.   (and aiming more towards graphical effect type stuff, and less towards vector graphics applications) I'm writing a research paper on something relating to curves and GPUs specifically (the presentation is for the paper), and am trying to find example uses of curves in graphics, as well as ways people get the curve data to their shader currently.  Things that people ACTUALLY do, instead of theoretical ways to achieve things. Color correction is a nice answer, thanks for the response!  I'll bet color correction type curves would help too in doing tone mapping for HDR.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm working on a presentation for my fellow engineers and am trying to gather some info about the usage of curves in graphics and graphical effects. Less about vector graphics type stuff and more about visual effects - but if you have interesting vector graphics info, I'd love to hear that too! My questions are... 1) What are some interesting techniques involving curves in graphics? (e.g. particle color over their lifetime, uses of curve based color gradients) 2) Do you currently use curves in your graphics work? If so, how are the curves used? Do you use them while making a texture? Do you use them in a fragment shader? How are they passed into the shader - hard coded into the shader? uniform constants? baked out into a texture (if so what dimensions / format)? Anything else you think I should have asked about? smile emoticon Thank you!!!  
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