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  1. mrchrismnh

    Theory - ultimate AI, at atomic level

    Maybe someone already made that car racing simulation and it's us. Newton so call "science" do not predicts this either/
  2. I would suggest some gui coding in java; you'll have better luck rolling your own gui components oce you've seen how they implement theirs.
  3. mrchrismnh

    Valve's Portal - Limited Free Release

    I was discussing Portal once with a coworker. He said "I didn't finish it but I got almost all the way to the end; you know, when she tries to drop you in the fire pit".
  4. mrchrismnh

    How long until c++ disapear from game development

    Voted 20, which is a massive underestimate but to say "never" is absurd, because it means after the heat death of the universe Lovecraftian horrors will be programming in C++.
  5. After I play angry birds for awhile (a few hours) on my mobile phone, I often find when using a desktop PC that I get a seasick feeling when looking at the various windows, as though they are rocking back and forth like the boxes and structures in the game. I also get this with vertical text or long stretches of horizontal text, which I begin to feel is buckling. I think that when I am playing the game my sense of balance is adapting to the fact that everything in the foreground is dynamic, and then I get thrown off by the fact that text and images on the pc are static. The mobile phone may also have something to do with it; I know that I had terrible eyestrain when I first got it and started messaging, which I adapted to.
  6. mrchrismnh

    A few tier-1 account numbers left

    Welcome back.
  7. mrchrismnh

    Programming: Linux vs. Windows?

    "Pro linux: * My beard will grow thicker." Naw bro I've been using it since 2000 and can't grow anything that doesn't look like armpit hair.
  8. mrchrismnh

    Ubuntu One, Anyone used it?

    I may have to give it another shot; I tried it over a year ago and found that it was running some service constantly in the background bringing me up to 100 percent cpu usage.
  9. mrchrismnh

    What games would you most like a clone of?

    Everquest before instancing, before Wowification. I want the training, camping, griefing and blocking back.
  10. mrchrismnh

    My game desing

    Protagonists backround: Jasticer Sundeath is an army time agent. He was named Zeus beacuse only he was given the tehnology to travel space and time. Shouldn't his codename be Mercury then?
  11. mrchrismnh

    How to find some same-minded people

    Best bet: fill out a gdnet help wanted template cause the best help anywhere is to be found on this very site.
  12. mrchrismnh

    calculating normal

    For a plane normal you need a third dimension. Then you take two edges of the plane that share the same corners, make vectors of them, take the cross product of those vectors and then normalize the cross product. So let's give your plane a z axis... and put them in a vertex (pseudo) class so the data can be manipulated by us... vertice plane_a[color="#666600"]([color="#006666"]700.0f[color="#666600"], [color="#006666"]500.0f,0.0f[color="#666600"]); vertice plane_b[color="#666600"]([color="#006666"]720.0f[color="#666600"], [color="#006666"]500.0f,0.0f[color="#666600"]); vertice plane_c[color="#666600"]([color="#006666"]720.0f[color="#666600"], [color="#006666"]300.0f,0.0f[color="#666600"]); vertice plane_d[color="#666600"]([color="#006666"]700.0f[color="#666600"], [color="#006666"]300.0f,0.0f[color="#666600"]); vector a(a,c); vector b(b,c);//these constructors are defined as head - tail so the vector here is going to be c.x - b.x, c.y - b.y, c.z - b.z vector crossvec = crossprod(a,b); //crossprod is: // C[size="-2"]x = A[size="-2"]yB[size="-2"]z - A[size="-2"]zB[size="-2"]y //C[size="-2"]y = A[size="-2"]zB[size="-2"]x - A[size="-2"]xB[size="-2"]z //C[size="-2"]z = A[size="-2"]xB[size="-2"]y - A[size="-2"]yB[size="-2"]x //now you want to normalize the crossproduct you do that via sqrt(x^2 + y^2 + z^2) and then divide each of its coordinates by the value obtained. Last but not least you add the resultant vector (which is going to be 0,0,1 or ideally close to it) to one of the planes four vertices. Yeah, the normal here is one along the z but the method I described works for any plane orientation.
  13. You progress by writing programs. In the process, you will refine your technique.
  14. mrchrismnh

    Point in Triangular Prism (defined by plane)

    Make sure your plane normals for the prism are all facing in the same direction and then use the dot product. If all dots return > 0 or < 0 they are all on one side of all the planes, and hence within the bounds of the prism. If they all return 0 you are in a dimension other than R3. There is another way that uses pluckers but pluckers you use a ray, not a point.
  15. mrchrismnh

    At the end of my rope - rant

    Blahblahblah() not defined sounds like a linker error. I always set aside some time and take a few deep breaths before I bring a new library into a project I am developing on Linux, especially when using c++. The seventy errors rlating to an abstract method sound like you zigged where you should have zagged OOPwise; I think if MYSQL wouldn't compile properly under any flavor of Linux that error would have been caught before the software was Sudo-able.
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