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    Project: Confidential

    Definitely a recommended game imo. I just tested it out and completed the demo and it made me smile. This game has it all, great voice, graphics, AI, and story. Check out my company's toolbar! *****/***** imo.
  2. Hey, Reapinglegend29 here telling you that you should download my companys toolbar! Cyber Terrorists Game Studios has a web toolbar for Firefox and internet explorer that will keep you updated on our latest developements! Also each download is money in our pockets. Also our toolbar is FREE!!! Heres the link! Please try it out! Thanks for your donations!!!
  3. Reapinglegend29

    Extermination Day Coming Soon!

    Our staff at Cyber Terrorists Studios would like to announce our game Extermination Day! Story: Extermination Day is a Medevil/Scifi Adventure 2D game that will take place in the 1300's AD. In Extermination Day you will follow the Main Charactor (Name Yet To Be Decided For Sure) through a town called Azya'Sheer. Azya'Sheer is a Medevil town ran by a greedy powerful leader Azzthuras. Azzthuras whos sons name is Zaddix a famous scientist spends most of his time in a suspicious volcano called MT.Killih. When one person (The Main Charactor) gets suspicious, he starts a grand adventure to uncover the truths about MT.Killih! Features: A wide world with over 50 breath taking 2D levels! Over 50 weapons! 35 Boss Levels! Grand Story! A variety of action sequences! Graphics: 2D physics and graphics. Made by Game Creator 7.0! Next in series: Extermination Day 2 "The Awakening" Extermination Day 3D Expect Extermination Day 2D in late summer, late winter of 2010. Download our exclusive toolbar for updates and sick features such as Radio and Youtube mini. This toolbar works for both Firefox AND Internet Explorer 8!!! html:// Have a great day! Zach aka Reapinglegend29 (Game Artist/Programmer)Cyber Terrorists Studios Add Reapinglegend29 on Xboxlive!
  4. Hey all, im starting my game making useing a easy to use 2D game maker called Platform Studio. Im currently trying to make a new 2D charactor so I can replace the stupid girl char, BUT im having a little problem, its not showing the animations that they are suspose to. All the files are existing GIFs that were converted to a PNG. file but they still dont work. If someone could tell me how to make a tileset file or find some I would be greatful. "Prepare for Extermination Day! Coming sometime this summer to a flash site neer you!"
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