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  1. Thank you for your reply. but using this code, how would you do it in C ++ to set various lights? I would not want to use an array of lights in GLSL: PointLightData pointLights []; it's possible ?
  2. Hello, i would to have a simple deferred shader with many light source code. I have read many tutorials but I could not understand. I would like a tutorial that I could use as many lights as I want without declaring a constant with the amount of lights. without I would like this effect (but without physical): Thank
  3. renanrosa

    Many shaders GLSL in scenes

    Did not work Remained only the first You have to set your depth-compare so that drawing the same model more than once passes the depth test each time (and similarly for any stenciling tests). The first pass typically uses GL_LESS (or GL_LEQUAL), and following passes use GL_EQUAL. L. Spiro Can you show to me? with source-code example.
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