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    UDK for beginner

    Hi there I was wondering, is Unreal Development Kit is good for someone who has tiny programming( a bit of Python) experience? I'm a motion graphics designer and want to change my career, its just not for me anymore.. I've a good knowledge of Maya so i thought UDK would be familier. And, one stupid question, is it able to make a whole game in UDK? Do we need to know C++(i'm scared) ? thanx a million
  2. hi there, I'm sooo newbie about game development & programming..i don't know any languages...maybe some basic back in my high school days :P Anyways, i'm a graphics designer and 3d animator...And i do love games as you all do.. Right now, i'm definitely in to making games..just as a personal hobby when i come back to home from work... I've little car racing game in my mind..very very simple one...i want to use my 3d models(little, shiny cars, with reflections)..and the environment also.. Since i am just a beginner, some people told me i might try using Flash..but i don't like Flash..As i fount out, Csharp and XNA seems good for beginners..am i right? So i installed visual C# express edition(free one). And downloaded both XNA Game Studio 3 and XNA Game Studio express..i don't know which one to install..i'm going to develop for PC by the way..what's the difference betwen studio 3 and express anyways? Well this is it right now.. :P I might ask tons of questions in future... Any recommendations, advices, tips will be so much appreciated.. Thank you
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