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  1. amish1234

    Who else is spending valentine's day alone?

    God damn it, I wish I hadn't started hating her for that, because she's so damn hot!!!!!
  2. amish1234

    Who else is spending valentine's day alone?

    F*ck you, Salsa; I hate you now. ;) Your woman's friend is hot too. Two of my friends were pushing me to go through my "potientials list" and get a date, but I was like, "It's a made up holiday." I was talking to some girl online whom I'd never met IRL before. My friend convinced me to ask, "got any steamy valentine's day plans?" Pretty soon she asked me if I wanted to go to the grocery store. (We live right by each other). I went with her, but it turns out she has a speech impediment that makes her sound almost like a deaf person, and she's probably the least intelligent person I've ever met. This holiday is RETARDED.
  3. amish1234

    Who else is spending valentine's day alone?

    I was kinda with this chick for a couple weeks but she dumped me. I think I'll be coding.
  4. amish1234

    which martial art is for me?

    Quote:Original post by Maega You could always create your own system. I'm not saying it would be easy, but you can do it. That's what we want to do. Of course it will suck because we'll barely know what we are doing, but we'll have fun doing it. (Hmmmm, sounds a lot like my coding). I did Judo in 1st and 2nd grade and I think I'd prefer something more aggressive like Karate or Kung-Fu.
  5. amish1234

    which martial art is for me?

    My friends and I have been watching a lot of kung fu movies recently and fighting each other a lot. Two of us decided we are going to work out and practice our moves every day. (He used to be in a karate class, so he knows actual moves). I'm thinking of maybe buying a book on some martial art and later if I feel I want to be serious about it I can go for lessons. How does one decide on a fighting style?
  6. amish1234

    surrounded by beotiful women and unable to act

    Quote:Original post by AnonymousPosterChild Quote:Original post by MindWipe Quote:Original post by AnonymousPosterChild Dude, you are the LAST person to be giving dating advice, all you ever do is bitch about women and get drunk. Haha :D's true, isn't it?! Actualy you need to come to 'it' more often, you havn't seen me around that much lately. Anyway, it's not advice I've learnt from experience, it's advice from David DeAngelo which have been proven to work. /MindWipe If he was getting as many women as he wanted with his own advice, why would he write a book about it, as opposed to going out and getting boned all the time? Because, once rich from the book, he can bone EVEN MORE women.
  7. amish1234

    I might get some!

    Basically every post here has been telling coldacid why he won't be able to get ass or a relationship from his friend. Now that this is well established, let's be a bit more productive here and tell him how he can get a girlfriend in the future. Lose the rat tail Don't look for love. Love is a strong word. What you should be looking for at this stage is a girl you think is fun to hang out with in addition to screwing. If you think you are all of a sudden "in love" with some chick, you are probably in deception. Visit this site and read the Don Juan Bible and Boot Camp. My summary of item 3: Mentally slap yourself in the face and stop wining about how you'll never get laid. Learn to see yourself as no less than everyone else, perhaps as something greater than everyone else.
  8. amish1234

    I'm so sexy in my shorts..

    I lasted about a minute before closing it. BTW, any idea when this video was made? Early 90's? 80's?
  9. amish1234

    Funniest Solution To A Bug You Have Ever Had

    I remember the first time I forgot to put a semicolon after a class definition. It generated like 300 compile errors and it took me at least an hour or two to figure out where they were coming from. Another stupid mistake I used to always make is writing a function and then never calling it. One of my friends spent a few minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with one of his functions. He asked me to look at it, and it turns out that he had a return statement halfway through the function.
  10. I'm pissed that some a-holes, though smart a-holes, invented a holiday on Feb. 14. I'm kinda/sorta with this girl. On Valentine's day, I'll have known her for barely a month and I've only hung out with her 3 times so far. I think this is more about boinking than anything else, and I believe she feels the same way. I'm thinking I can get off easy since I haven't known her for too long, but most people who know me would say I'm a combination of a cheap bastard and an asshole, so I just want to be sure. I'm thinking I should get her a half dozen non-rose flowers, (FHM says that roses are hella expensive near Valentine's day and that they imply love), and some chocolates that come in the cheesy-as-hell heart-shaped box. However, that would be boring and lame, so to add a personal element I could print out a picture my friend took of me and her at the party where we met, and stick the picture inside a card or something. Does this get gamedev approval? (Too bad APC isn't here anymore to give his APC stamp of approval).
  11. amish1234

    MSN = borked?

    I am able to sign in today. While we're on the topic of MSN messenger, let me share a story that majorly pissed me off. My friend was trying to send me a program he made, but MSN wouldn't let us because MSN saw the .exe file extension and was like "OMG teh haxx0r!" He tried changing the file extension to txt and sending it, but when I changed it back to exe and opened it, some weird error message happened. (The error message came from windows, not from the program he was sending). Eventually we just sent the file over AIM. I don't know when this feature was put into MSN messenger, but ever since SP2, WinXP has begun feeling like some twisted combination of AOL and Mac OS.
  12. In win32 initialization code, you call a function RegisterClass. I was looking through the HL2 source code, and saw a function called DECLARE_CLASS. The parameters passed to this function are just the names of the class and its base class. What do functions of this kind do and why are they necessary?
  13. amish1234

    Most retarded yet cool thing you've ever done

    Quote:Original post by ProperFuked walking into a private party, not knowing anyone there, getting free booze, and fooling around /w 2 girls. Hell yes! I followed some people into a party and made out with some dude's little sister. (Not THAT little, she was the same age as me - 19). The older brother saw this, at which point he was like, "Who the hell are you?" He got into an argument with his sister and it was revealed that the only reason he invited her is because otherwise their parents would have been pissed off. See my New Year's Eve blog entry for further details.
  14. For me, I'd have to say it was [posting stupid references on GDnet, although it wasn't cool, just really stupid]. [Edited by - mlambert on February 1, 2005 1:57:22 PM]
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