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  1. A bit of advice please

    yeah ive been reseaching courses for months, this university happens to be local also. To help me on the road to the game industry I have also been taking classes in subjects like, sociology, graphics, business studies etc. I am also a grade 6 guitar (Could be useful?). my whole school career has been focused on quite a broad education (I hear this is useful as designers are often "Jack-of-all-trades") Any more feedback would be great! I hope im going the right way about this?
  2. 2D graphics in photoshop

    the line tool in photoshop cs3 is the posh looking pen on the left hand side. thats the best way to describe it lol
  3. A bit of advice please

    Hello all, Just a quick question (i dont have much time) im thinking of applying to this course: BA (Hons) Multimedia i hope to break ito the creative side of gaming e.g. world building, level designer, character modelling etc. i have a strong intrest in all type of media but game development is my main interest. any feedback would be great thanks for your time
  4. UK Universities

    Nottinghamshire trent university is supposed to be pretty good
  5. how does one make a game?

    Conitec A7 could be useful