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    UE4 RTS StarCraft 2 Movement

    Awesome! Thanks a lot. I'll check it out. :)
  2. Hey Everyone!   I was hoping to get a little bit of advice. I am playing around with UE4 and I am trying to control a group of characters. UE4 uses Recast Navigation for it's NavMesh and you have the option for using DetourCrowds for avoidance. I am trying to get more familiar with recast navigation so it's a bit difficult for me still.    Anyway, the problem I am trying to solve is that I want to prevent units from fighting for a spot when they are being moved. The solution that I like a lot is how StarCraft 2 handles it. When a group of units moves through a stationary group, the stationary group moves out of the way of the moving units and allows them to pass through seamlessly. Does anyone know what I can do to get information on how to implement this style of movement in UE4?   Thanks!
  3. I can imagine it's just how they have the build process set up. As they are developing it the structure is set up in a way that makes it easy to develop and it goes through a shipping build process and they probably just didn't take the time to write the scripts organize everything when it's built.
  4. DeFessler

    undecided in what i learn to game programming

    Unity is a really nice and fairly easy to use engine, imo. The personal edition looks like it allows you to export to android, the pro versions just add more features I think. I found my use of unity to be very rewarding.
  5. DeFessler

    How to make Pong?

    Coincidentally, I've been researching pong lately. I don't know of many good resources hopefully these help.   - C++ SFML > https://github.com/SFML/SFML/tree/master/examples/pong - Flash Tutorial > http://rembound.com/articles/the-pong-tutorial
  6. DeFessler

    C++ Graphics Library

    It seemed more modern than the other graphics libraries I was looking at and some of the tutorials mention C++11. I guess I can't tell how modern it really is very easily but it does seem like a really nice library.     Whether or not you can finish your game rather than going in circles is more about how much the library and engine do for you rather than the language they're made in. A bigger library or engine means less for you to worry about    Watch out though because a big engine like UE4 or unity has many bells and whistles and it's easy to get side tracked playing with them rather than what matters to your game!   I've made some small games in UE4 and Unity and they are pretty nice and easy to use engines but UE4 has a lot of macros that kind of obscure the language for me and overall it does much more than I need for some simple games like Pong and Breakout. Unity is really easy to use but I am not a fan of the languages it uses for scripting. I do want to get more familiar with both in the future though because I feel like they will be beneficial to use.     You can use OpenGL code alongside SFML, so once the ball gets rolling, it should be a fairly easy next step.   I noticed that in the tutorials but didn't think of it this way. That's kind of exciting because I do want to get more familiar with OpenGL and DirectX directly so it's nice to know I can use this as a gateway to at least OpenGL.
  7. DeFessler

    C++ Graphics Library

    Thanks madgod_zhar! I started working with SFML because it seems to be the most modern and up to date. I also really like that they have everything up on Github.
  8. DeFessler

    C++ Graphics Library

    Oh thanks, I'll check out Clanlib to see what the differences are. I thought out trying to use OpenGL or DirectX but I imagine the APIs for that are a good deal more complicated. I want to get into them eventually though.
  9. DeFessler

    Game Development Laptop

    -- double post -- 
  10. DeFessler

    Game Development Laptop

    It might not be what your looking for and a bit overkill but my cousin and I built a mini-itx PC which is pretty nice and very easy to take with you.   http://amzn.com/w/2X1MIEDPDG7LO
  11. DeFessler

    C++ Graphics Library

    I haven't tried SDL at all but I have used Allegro 4 a long time ago. Since then Allegro 5 has come out but I figured I'd evaluate my options and see what would be cool to play with. At the moment it's more about learning C++ than it is about making games. I have a pretty strong grasp on C++ already and I've worked in web development using frameworks like Backbone and Marionette for a couple years now. I do want to learn C++ so that I can work at a company that makes games but I like the language a lot.   Thanks for all the suggestions; SFML looks interesting. I think I'll give that a try and if I don't like it I might give SDL a go but I think SFML might be what I am looking for.   Thanks again!
  12. DeFessler

    C++ Graphics Library

    Hey everyone! I wanted to start working on some more hobby projects. I was thinking about recreating some classics like Galaga, Breakout etc. I am trying to decide what would be a fun C++ library to use for this. I've used Allegro 4 in the past so I am considering Allegro 5. I've heard good things about SDL so I was also considering that. I could use an engine like UE4 but I feel like that's a bit much and I'd like to have less hand holding. I am trying to improve my knowledge of C++ mostly.   It's a tough choice to figure out what to play around with so I was hoping to get some advice. Even suggestions I haven't mentioned would be appreciated.   Thanks guys!
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