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  1. Chao H Lin

    Art of MoAR

    Some development art for the up-coming multiplayer online fighting game, MoAR.
  2. MoAR is an online multiplayer fighting game. Find out MoAR! http://t.co/arhfy7KTyM
  3. “@UberFacts: A man's beard grows faster when he is anticipating sex.” @RayWJ
  4. Agreed “@500Startups: "The job of an entrepreneur is the most creative job you can possibly have."
  5. Vsauce on Future Highway and mind controlled robots. One of the best episodes! http://t.co/AeyH983T
  6. Competitive gaming leagues partner to elevate eSports globally http://t.co/zpCuSu4O
  7. Choose Arena within Unisphere to join our multiplayer mode. You guys are awesome!
  8. #esport #ios #game #unity Check out our newly developed game concept tonight at 7pm PST in multiplayer match at http://t.co/6UPP3lFT
  9. The game our team's been working on is now releasing a public alpha version at http://t.co/6UPP3lFT First playing session this Sat. 7pm PST!
  10. RT @NatGeo: Deep-sea, shrimp-like creatures survive by eating wood: http://t.co/0l26sAFp
  11. LA I'm Coming! @ Lin's Residence http://t.co/KCQeEqAq
  12. head so heavy today...i think a nap is in order
  13. Blind Mice Given Sight After Device Cracks Retinal Code http://t.co/U50C52WF finally something a bit scifi in our life.
  14. Afterall, respect cannot be demanded but earned.
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