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  1. Thanks for your answer. Are you sure that shared Host will take effect on Game play ? Becoz it is only transfering the connected servers ips to the users, thats what I know. Basically a php file gets pinged from a dedicated server that users open , then it holds this data with a regular ping back and transmit this users ip to the players. Users onlygets the ip info and clicks to connect to the other users dedicated server. So no playing in the server.
  2. Hi all , Gamespy did drop the online DH2005 servers. There are still lots of players they gone very sad becoz of this. No one can see others online servers now. I have found openspy.org webpage , they host this game server but not working. They have in general webpage and servers problem. I was thinking to host this game on my own server for the users. The thing is I have never done such a thing. What do I need and how do I need to setup this master server on my own host. I have a shared Linux hosting. Thank you
  3. Is it legal to modd a game and sell the modds ?
  4. Quote:Original post by ravengangrel Quote:Original post by AntheusAndroid didn't exist in 2005. Aw, you're right. No more ideas, I fear. thank you but just guessing something whould not help anyways, if you are familair with compressing and programming language you just have to look at the file I posted and you will nknow how this will be compressed .. I dont no any programming languages thats why I am asking here for help... it shouldnt be that compilicate.
  5. Quote:Original post by XTAL256 Quote:Original post by deve cant you see on my first post there is a header.bin of the file included. Sorry, i didn't see that. But you still didn't say what header.bin is or what is in it. I did cut with file cutter the original data.001 file for you to check the file structur or donno whould be helpfull I thought. Ok I uploaded also now the original data.001 file http://www.2shared.com/file/5896612/4e60839f/Data.html thats exact how my folder should compressed like then us data.002 [Edited by - deve on May 22, 2009 7:20:37 AM]
  6. Quote:Original post by MikeTacular Quote:Original post by deveYaya I understand nobody in here will help me also np ty.That's more or less correct. We don't know the file structure; I highly doubt anyone cares enough to spend their time figuring it out and making a packer for you; we don't want to be the ones breaking the EULA; very few of us, if any, have a copy of Deer Hunter 2005 to try things out with; etc, etc. From Google, here's the extractor. If you're really motivated, take a moment to just "reverse" whatever that extractor is doing. ya I am trying to reverse this now ty.
  7. Quote:Original post by XTAL256 Quote:Original post by deve is there anybody who knows how to pack the folders to those data.00x format ? that was the question. Ok, if you want a simple answer, no. Nobody here knows how to pack the folders to data.00x format, i doubt anyone knows what "data.00x format" is. If you uploaded your files (i.e. to a file sharing site) and posted the like here people might go to the trouble of figuring out the format and how to re-pack it but it sounds like doing so is a breach of EULA so probably no one will. cant you see on my first post there is a header.bin of the file included. Yaya I understand nobody in here will help me also np ty.
  8. Quote:Original post by Antheus If you've managed to find a program to unpack the files, and you've found how to edit them, then surely someone has created a program to re-pack them - what'd be the point in going to the trouble of explaining how to modify the files if you can't use them in game (That's assuming you've found some resource on the Internet or some program explaining how to edit the files rather than working that step out from scratch). Editing the resource was very easy all in text format so no problem if you know the game , yes someone made a extractor but not a compressor for it thats why I am looking if some one has one or how can I do it ?
  9. ok I whould say please come back to topic .... is there anybody who knows how to pack the folders to those data.00x format ? that was the question.
  10. Quote:Original post by Antheus Here's the real problem. The EULA forbids reverse engineering. Which makes it somewhat problematic to provide any real working solution... Who care about EULA what you talking lol
  11. anybody here have an idee how to ???
  12. Quote:Original post by XTAL256 This unpacker you speak of, is it an actual product (commercial or freeware) or is it just a program that some guy made to specifically read and unpack the data files for this particular game? If the files indeed use zlib compression then there are lots of programs out there that can unpack and pack your files. I used to mod GTA and a lot of tools used to do so are made my hobby programmers/modders in their spare time, because the data structure of the files is specific to the game. Fortunately however, GTA has a very large modding community so it's easy to get help with it. From the sound of it, DH2005 does not have a very large modding community, so you might have to figure things out yourself. EDIT: Quote: Original post by deve (a) no information in internett. Well this is the first result that came up in Google when i typed in "modding DH2005": http://www.moddb.com/forum/thread/dh2005-mods I didn't read it all but some guy there (it's not you is it [grin]) asked about modding DH2005. He got a few responses. the unpacker is just a script on dos format someone elese made nothing commercial.Gta comminty to search there ? I asked someone from there before who was a friend of some guy called vanish he did the mod for dh2004 and he knows how to pack the files . But this guy on gta forum didnt know about him and also about the packing those files.Maybee I post some help there 2 . Thank you.. dh2005 was never moded before it has none moding stuff, I will be the first who did. Ya I did mode allready add some good stuff and so but on the final step I cant pack it. this webpage on moddb they talking about a possibility to unpack the files and at the final they say its not possible.Of course its possible allready done also packing back , the only way I dont no is packing back.Does weird data.00x files. I am sure those files uses classic zlib library to pack coz thats what the unpacker says.
  13. will it be possible to make a packer when I found the filestructer of tables ???
  14. Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by deve yes think so but I really dont understand about packing and what I shell do to pack my files, what you say doesnt bring me forward, what shell I do? You shall either (a) find the information yourself on the internet (including learning enough to understand that information), or (b) find a packer on the internet, or (c) figure it out yourself from the game and data files directly, or (d) give up. (a) no information in internett. (B) did search and try many packers no result (c) trying to figure it out but no luck :( (d) cant :)
  15. Quote:Original post by MikeTacular Quote:Original post by deve Quote:Original post by Sneftel Zlib doesn't compress entire directories, only single datastreams, so just saying "use zlib to compress" isn't the whole story. You also need to know how the file table is built, how files are arranged, whether compression is per-file or overall, etc. yes think so but I really dont understand about packing and what I shell do to pack my files, what you say doesnt bring me forward, what shell I do?Just so you know, I think you mean "shall", not "shell" [smile] Anyway, I'd be surprised if anyone here knew. We don't know the file structure or encryption algorithm. Without knowing these things, it's impossible to help you re-pack your files. ya ya I meen shell :) sorry my english is not good.. I did email now to Luigi he is the guy who made the unpacker and asked him for filestructer of this game will it be possible then to pack the files if you know this?