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  1. brunooo

    Lights, Anti-aliasing

    I forgot to call gl.glEnable(GL.GL_COLOR_MATERIAL); :p, not the colors are ok. About the anti-aliasing, I tried the multi-sampling, but it didnt do much progress: Used: caps = new GLCapabilities(); caps.setSampleBuffers(true); // Enable multisampling caps.setNumSamples(2); canvas = new GLCanvas(caps);
  2. brunooo

    Lights, Anti-aliasing

    RabidDog, I changed it to 0.1f (it was 0.1f, I posted a modification Ive made :p) and it is still white :/ Schinizer, how do I do that? Do you have a good reference teaching how? Thank you!
  3. Hello! I have two questions. The first one is about lights, I do the following to enable lighting: // Setting light float[] lightPos = {(float)cameraFromX, (float)cameraFromY, (float)cameraFromZ, 1}; float[] lightAmbient = {0.1f, 0.1f, 0.1f, 1.0f}; float[] lightDiffuse = {1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f}; // Set light parameters. gl.glLightfv(GL.GL_LIGHT1, GL.GL_AMBIENT, lightAmbient, 0); gl.glLightfv(GL.GL_LIGHT1, GL.GL_DIFFUSE, lightDiffuse, 0); gl.glLightfv(GL.GL_LIGHT1, GL.GL_POSITION, lightPos, 0); gl.glEnable(GL.GL_LIGHT1); gl.glEnable(GL.GL_LIGHTING); Now when I draw something, I cant change the color using glColor3f, everything turns into white color! I am using GL_LINES and GL_QUADS. About the anti-aliasing, I draw a 2D rectangle: gl.glBegin(GL.GL_QUADS); gl.glNormal3f( 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f); gl.glVertex3d(-data.width / 2, -data.height / 2, 0); gl.glVertex3d(data.width / 2, -data.height / 2, 0); gl.glVertex3d(data.width / 2, data.height / 2, 0); gl.glVertex3d(-data.width / 2, data.height / 2, 0); gl.glEnd(); And I use for anti-aliasing, on the init method: gl.glEnable(GL.GL_LINE_SMOOTH); gl.glHint(GL.GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT, GL.GL_NICEST); I change the camera angle, using gluLookAt and this is the result, I dont think it is much anti-aliased :/ I have another question, with glu functions I can draw a sphere easily, isnt there a half-sphere method? Thank you! [Edited by - brunooo on September 8, 2010 5:37:46 PM]
  4. Thank you all! Happy new year :)
  5. Hello! Is there any way to get cpu/gpu/someother temperature from my pc trough any programming language? (C++ on Windows preferable :)) My main target is to get the GPU temperature, I have a nvidia card and its overheating when playing some heavy games, so I would like to make a little software to make some sound if a certain temperature is reached. Any suggestions? Thank you and happy new year!
  6. Hello! I am having this message in the end of valgrind log: (suppressed: 23 from 8) I didnt tell it to use any suppression file, is there any default suppression? How could I disable it? Thank you!
  7. brunooo

    C Socket question!

    Thank you for reply! So I guess I will need to do more functional test than unit tests. I am using CppTest, I guess it was made to do unit tests, but I will use it for both :) Here is what I will try: Create a socket in the server representing the client and do tests like you said, send "Bla" and see if you receive "Bla", all looking like unit tests :p Is this a good idea?
  8. brunooo

    C Socket question!

    What kind of tools do you use to test your server? Which ones? :o
  9. brunooo

    C Socket question!

    Humm, I see.. I will change from select to epoll :p Now changing a little the focus, I am trying to find a way to test my server (with cpptest), but its hard to test only a part. I need to test the server as a big block (I dont have much experience on testing). I was thinking in creating a client with other thread on server, and there I will do the tests, what do you think?
  10. brunooo

    C Socket question!

    Thank you! Whats the difference of select and pool(e)? Which should I use? But, if somehow I reach this limit I could separate on another set of fds?
  11. brunooo

    C Socket question!

    4 is just fine, I am just wondering about how mmo games works :) I implemented it with select, and it was not difficult, if I use threads I would need to learn them first :p So basically, on linux I cant have more than 1024 fds? But I can change that? The very limit of fds vary from pc to pc? How can I find the limit and change the '1024' limit? (Again, I wont do any mmo, I am just curious ^-^) Thank you all for the answers!
  12. brunooo

    C Socket question!

    Thank you! I will go with select :) I am using Berkley sockets, under Linux! Will select be good with lots of connections?
  13. Hello! I am trying to do a simple server for a snake game. My question was, if I have blocking sockets, what I should use to handle multiple connections? Ive searched a little and found that I have two good options: using file descriptors (select) or using threads. Now I would like to know, what should I use? What I should use for few connections (< 10)? What I should use for a lot of connections (> 100)? Thank you for attention :)
  14. Hello! Does anybody ever developed any as3 project on Eclipse? I was thinking on using AMES, but I dont know if it has any debug tool so I would need to use FAMES (with flashout that is free but not open-source). Both use MTASC (compiler), but it is only for as2!!! Someone suggest any other combo (with Eclipse)? I would like to work on Linux, any open-source solution is very welcome! :D I tried Flash Develop but I didnt liked it very much, so I found that Eclipse could do the job :) Thank you!
  15. I found the solution, I need to use the second way, because the first will mean that the foodList will be threated as an Item, I need to cast inside the loop! Ty
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