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  1. Optimizing Multiplayer 3D Game Synchronization Over the Web

    Incredible! It was really useful to be able to play with a working version while following along. Interesting how you were able to mitigate some of TCP's cons in order to make it preferable to UDP.
  2. I've done everything except #6 and #9... can't check those off because every time I try, I fail miserably :) But I agree completely - everything you've listed that I've done has been a tremendous boost to my knowledge and confidence. Highly recommend everyone to try out the things listed here!
  3. First alpha demo of our point & click Fran Bow!

    Wow, extremely dark! I love it! Keep up the good work - I'll definitely be following this.
  4. The Total Beginner’s Guide to Better 2D Game Art

    Absolutely incredible! As a long-time programmer, I always relied on my artist friends to make my game art for me. But now I want to break that trend, and this article really answered a lot of questions. On a side note: you have a great sense of humor! Thank you! :)
  5. DirectX Rendering to a dialog box

    You can download GUI libraries. I know that DirectX SDK examples have their own interface controls, so you could try looking at the source code for the examples and try working from there. Otherwise you can search "GUI Library DirectX" on your favorite search engine, Just did a quick search on google and found this: The code looks fairly straightforward, I'm actually thinking about trying it myself. Hope that helps! Berserkguard