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  1. Leveling and Attributes in an RPG

    I have seen three main systems for leveling in rpg type systems, the class level system and the skill level system and a hybrid system. In the class level system a character gains a level after completing a series of quest or just after so much experience is earned. They then gain access to the next level in thier class which includes stat, power and or skill bumps. This type of system is "on rails" and does not allow the player to pick skills to level and it may also auto level skills and powers. In the skill based system experience is gained with the usage of skills. The more you mine ore, the better a miner you are. New skills are either unlocked once you gain a certain amount of skill expertise in a parent skill. so becoming a blacksmith may require some level of mining. A class level may or may not be present. The hybrid makes use of both systems with the use of skill points awarded on a class level. The points are then used to buy skill levels which sometimes have a varied cost as well as a prerequist skill, attribute or both. Skills can also be limited by class and/or simply cost more for the class to acquire. For example a fighter may have access to spells but the cost should be more expensive, or you may not allow a fighter to have access to spells at all. These rules are of course yours to decide on. If you want you can look at the leveling and skills rules I have in my system Red Ash. you may also want to look at my class design rules. Red Ash is still under development but is fairly fleshed out and itsalso in the creative commons.
  2. Speed formula in RPG game

    I have been working on a rules set for an RPG myself and you may want to take a look at how I handle the same issue.   For weapons attack frequency is handled by skill level with the weapons group and by a weapon speed modifier. For example a dagger is faster than an axe and an axe is faster than a flail.   when a player starts combat an initiative roll is done (1d20) to determine when they begin combat (in 1 of 20 slots). From here on out the number of times a player goes depends on the weapon, the skill with that weapon type and the attack being performed. it is possible for a low level character to go twice in the same round, but its not guaranteed.   My magic system is similar...any way maybe it will help.   www.redash.org  
  3. How far are you into this? I have been working on my own RPG ruleset which may be of interest to you. It is still ruff around the edges, but I have been working on it for some time.