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  1. Any one know what happend to the SAGameDev site ?

    @ryan20fun : The people running the community had a sort of arms-throw-in-the-air and leave sort of thing happen, But! A new community spawned and many of the local developers are hanging out here instead : http://www.makegamessa.com/discussions
  2. Angelcode script execution

    Cool thanks Andreas, thats what i suspected :) I did write a wrapper function that first parsed all the function calls out of the file, and then load the rest of the string into the global scope. My approach was to at first, farm the functions that get called in the scope, and then with whats left compile them into the context for use. This seems to work fine for what i wanted, and it wasnt too much extra work but i do think its a cool feature for the engine to have. Keep up the awesome work, and support here in the community. [Edited by - FuzzYspo0N on May 28, 2009 11:34:54 AM]
  3. Angelcode script execution

    Hi users, I love angelscript and its simplicity, but one thing that i cant figure out is the calling of a script that has no functions in it. I only recently started using it again and i got confused by this - For example : void main() { print("hello"); } and BuildScriptFromFile() ...->GetFunctionIdByDecl("void main()"); mContext->Prepare(funcId); mContext->Execute(); Works perfectly fine, all my functions work and everything is great. Now, what i wanted to do was a script like below : //script.as //does stuff print("hello"); <EOF> As in, there are no functions and i only call the script as is. This results in errors about the script saying <0 , 0> : ERR : Identifier expected. I tried many ways but i dont think its possible to have scripts with no main function and or, something being called without being called code side first? Does this mean every script i want to execute will require a function (unless its just a library of functions) to be called in order for it to be processed? I think what i mean is, can you call functions in the whitespace of a script :)