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    Walking Backwards II

    Ok, so that plan failed... So it's been several months since I was last properly programming and so I am extremely rusty. So I have decided to go back a step and start a new project that I should be able to complete over this Easter holiday. This is the prefect time to start a new project since I only have a handful of exams to revise for and have recently quit my job - plenty of free time [grin]. My new project is going to be a Snake clone that I am currently calling Glo-worm. My goal in this project is to get animations working and my idea was to show this off by having the worm glowing - hence the name Glo-worm [smile]. So far I have my blank project with SDL, FMOD set up and so I have a blank window. But before I go any further I need to get a plan written down... Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  2. AEdmonds

    Killing In The Name

    Thanks very much Aardvajk [smile]. That is a very useful piece of information that I will try to keep in mind.
  3. AEdmonds

    Killing In The Name

    So, the xmas holidays have finally started for me [grin]. Unfortunately, I've got some assignments to do over these holidays. So in between doing those and relaxing after a busy term there won't be much time left for game development. However, the next step I want to take is to rewrite Cops & Robbers from scratch as I was having a problem with playing animations, which I think is from not having a well structured system in place. I've seen a couple of things in various articles that I want to implement. (Some rather simple like having everything derive from an Entity class which will save me writing a lot of GetX(), GetY() GetImage() type functions [rolleyes]). So, in the free time I do have I'm going to plan Cops & Robbers properly so that come the Easter holidays I can program it. I may post my plan as I go along to get any advice from your kind selves about obvious problems that I may not see. Anyway, thanks for reading. -AEdmonds
  4. AEdmonds

    One Month Off

    Make that more like three months [grin]. Not much progress on Cops & Robbers this past week. I managed to make a small improvement on the framerate when the player has the cannon but that's about it [rolleyes]. My plan over the next few months is for this to take a back seat for a while. I would like to try and get the more complex enemy AI, that I had planned, to work. This is so that I can see the pitfalls that I may encounter when I do a complete rewrite of Cops & Robbers over Xmas (if I have time). I have also seen some things in tutorials that might be quite useful (e.g having everything inherit from an Entity class). Other things I plan to do over this term is to brush up on some general computer science knowledge. Anyway, thanks for everyone's support over the past few months. And I hope to be back at Xmas [smile]. Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  5. AEdmonds


    I found the problem I was having [grin]. I hadn't defined a copy constructor for the Animation class [rolleyes] so when I was copying the temporary Animation to my AnimationManager class it was performing a shallow copy (I think these are the correct terms). I also had to iron out a couple of other kinks with the AnimationManager class. Also, I can only handle animations with a 32 x 32 frame and 11 frames because I have to put an empty frame and animation of the same size so that the real ones can be copied over in the copy constructor. So that is definitly something I will need to improve for the next game. (As an aside that seems to be the way these games have gone - kind of bumble through adding something new and then improving it in the next game when I know more about what needs to done and the caveats etc. [smile]) There is, however, quite a bit of tinkering to do with the animations because it causes horrific slowdown. But hopefully I should be able to get that done before uni starts and then this will have to take a back seat for a few months. Thanks for reading -AEdmonds PS Thanks for the couple of messages of support I received. They were much appreciated.
  6. AEdmonds

    Where Did It All Go Wrong?

    Thanks for those words of wisdom Aardvajk [smile]. I will have to put the project on hold in a couple of weeks when uni starts again anyway. I'm going to try and get the cannon working so that I can stop at a convenient place.
  7. AEdmonds

    Where Did It All Go Wrong?

    Not much done recently, I'm starting to lose motivation. Anyway, I've been trying to get animations working (for explosions) but I keep on running into problem after problem. I'll keep trying... Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  8. AEdmonds

    Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon II

    Not much done recently, unfortunately. I'm just slowly implementing the cannon one step at a time. At the moment, I can pick up the cannon icon, subsequently change the player's image and then drop the cannon after 10 seconds. I am also thinking about adding tanks as an extra type of enemy but this might be a bit extraneous. I'll see though... Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  9. AEdmonds

    It's The Little Things We Do

    Here is the first demo for Cops & Robbers! (Source code included) [grin] So, what do you think? Quite a few small things done today. First, I managed to get money implemented so that when you go to the pick up point you 'carry' some money (determined by the game timer) and then when you reach the drop off point that money gets added to your total money. Second, I added arrows to point you in the direction of the target if it is offscreen. (I may make this a bit batter and have it align itself with the target. At the moment, it's just halfway across that side of the screen) Third, I made movement a little better. Previously you could overlap the tiles because I was checking the midpoint of the leading side. (This was because sometimes the tile being checked was wrong so that some 'passable' blocks seemed 'impassable'). To solve the overlapping problem, I just reset the player's y value. Fourth, I was having problems with the game slowing down a lot after ~5 minutes. I realised that I wasn't releasing the 'string image' (for writing on the banner) before reloading it again. This cut the slowdown to occuring after ~10 minutes. Then, I changed the collision detection function to accept pointers-to-SDL_Rect instead of the SDL_Rect themselves. This cut me down to about 12/13 minutes. Then, I finally realised that what was causing the slowdown was the fact I was reloading the 'string image' file every time. So I now have two. One which is always clear and is applied to the 'string image' every time. It was immediately noticeable that this worked beacuse the WHOLE GAME ran faster [lol]. I had thought the player's car was slow because I had set the velocity too low but that wasn't the case [smile]. Finally, I updated the menu for quiting and changed the colours around on the other menus (still placeholder though). So next, I'm onto step 7 (formally known as step 6) - the cannon! [grin] Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  10. AEdmonds

    Take Me Out

    I now have targets [grin]. At the moment the game just switches between 2 predetermined (one will be predetermined anyway - the bank) when you collide with the target. (Jesus, I can never get collision detection to work first time! It makes my head hurt [sad].) I also, re-made the level and the camera follows the player plus I got rid of a couple of bugs (e.g. game timer not pausing when you press Esc and the menu pops up). But there is one bug that I thought I had gotten rid of when making Breakout! The alt-tab problem. At the moment I know it detects alt-tab because the music pauses but the player keeps on moving. The strange thing is I have the exact same code for minimising or clicking away from the window which works! Does anyone have any ideas? Anyway, I will hopefully have the first demo up in a couple of days. Just need to add random drop-off points and money. Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  11. AEdmonds

    Walking Backwards

    Sooo, steps 2 (menu), 3 (loading & displaying level) and 4 (font & timer) went without a hitch but when I was working my way through step 5 (movement and collision detection) it all went wrong! The first problem I encountered was that some of the tiles that should be passable weren't. So I went back to check my level editor and when loading the tile types I hadn't set them correctly. However, changing this wouldn't affect the level itself because the tiles were already saved with their old passable values. So, after messing around trying to change the carefully change the values in the text file (that went horribly wrong [rolleyes]) and various other things (including trying to get it to save and load as a binary file) I just went back to my original text implementation. Would it work again? Would it hell! But now I finally have it working. Instead of one file stream, I have two separate streams (one input, one output) for saving and loading which is probably a safer idea [smile]. (But I still have to completely remake the level [sad]) The other problem I had was trying to get frame-independent movement (i.e instead of just capping the frame-rate using SDL_Delay I tried to use a delta-time approach in various guises) but that just resulted in stuttery animation so I have left it for this game. (I'm also not entirely sure on the advantages - more research required). So, the next things I have to do are: re-make the level, then complete step 5 by having the camera follow the player when he reaches the edge of the screen and I will also try to add Azh321's idea of going from the bank to a safehouse (this will probably just be a random tile next to a house tile) to get money. Then that will be the first demo [grin]. Thanks for reading -AEdmonds
  12. AEdmonds

    Black And White Town

    Yes, it was simply going to be survive as long as possible but I really like the go from the bank to your hideout idea [grin]. You could see how much money you can get away with. And the hideout could change after each journey so that you spread the money about. I'm liking this idea very much. Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at art or graphics unless it's simple 'boxy' things (if you see what I mean). But if you have something like that you want to offload I'd be happy to help [smile]. Especially, if it helps get you motivated for your game [wink].
  13. AEdmonds

    Black And White Town

    Just a quick update today. So now I have, for each step of the plan, got rough class outlines for each class I will need. Some are much rougher than others, for example, I'm considering having an Animation class that will be a member of Player (for a firing animation) and Enemy (for an explosion animation). It will contain several SDL_Surfaces for each frame and when called it will just return the current frame. But at the moment I have no idea if this will work. So I decided to get started with the game with what I've got and iron out any kinks as I go. (I am still learning after all [lol]). I have got step 1 completed [smile]. I have also used my level editor to draw the whole level (it's been stitched together as the level is a bit larger than one screen): Thanks for reading Any comments? -AEdmonds
  14. AEdmonds

    Plans III

    Yes, I had thought of this. What I was thinking that, like in Pac Man (where you still use the powerups because there are times when they get you out of troule (but then again they are also needed to complete the level. Hmmm...)), if I designed the level so that the player can get into situations where the only way out is to use the cannon then this wouldn't be a problem. I'll give it a bit more of a think because I've just seen that powerups in Pac Man give a couple of benefits whereas the cannon only gives one. Some ideas off the top of my head: time reduction, making the blowing up of cars fun, another stat saying how many cops were blown up for the high score table.
  15. AEdmonds

    Plans III

    Now that I know how my next game is going to play I think I'll write it down here for all to see [smile]. It's based on Pac Man but instead of a chomping yellow circle I'm going to swap it for a robber and instead of ghosts I'm going to have cops. So I have (rather imaginatively) called the game Cops & Robbers [wink]. There will be a few differences from Pac Man other than just artwork. First, the idea of the game is to see how long the player can survive for (so I will need to brush up on my timer knowledge). Second, the level is going to be bigger than one screen (to get experience dealing with conditional scrolling). And third, the powerup is a cannon that will constantly fire once collected and when one cop is destroyed, two will be respawned (possibly with speed increases) to increase the difficulty. I already have a very basic level editor working that can scroll through tiles, place tiles, save and load. However, I will need to iron out a couple of problems if I release it (it's not very easy to use so it may not be worth releasing [rolleyes]). As for the game itself, I have first gone through and made a rough plan of the parts that I'm unsure how to make (e.g. Enemy AI) and the classes I will need. I also have a step-by-step plan of how I'm going to build the game: 1) Basic set-up (SDL, FMOD etc) with all five gamestates. Just pressing enter goes through each one. (i.e. Intro-->Title-->Level-->High Score-->Game Over-->Quit) 2) Implement a menu so that Title can go to Level or High Score and also Level will ask the player if they want to quit before going back to Title. 3) Load and display the level (should be trivial as already done this for the level editor) 4) Timers (i.e. displaying the player's survival time). This will also need a font. 5) Player Movement with collision detection 6) Cannon (ie. firing and placing on the level) 7) Enemy AI (inc. going to Game Over and collision with bullets) 8) High Scores (implemented in Escape From Space-Prison Lambda so should be easy to add) 9) Polish Now I'm going through making more detailed plans for each step. So far I've planned steps 1-3 but future steps will need substeps. So I've got a lot to do before I touch any more code... Thanks for reading Any comments? -AEdmonds
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