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    Good evening fine people! Having last week decided that, yes I will bloody well learn some computer programming. I took some advice from lurking on the forums. One particular gentleman said that at the beginning of the journey, people should not spend too much time trying to decide what language to pick, and just bloody well pick one (I cannot be sure, but I think he probably had a deep northern English accent, with his flat cap rolled up into his fist, with the burrowed expression of a man who has watched his neighbours cat cock its legs to his flower bed) Such decisiveness and a recent re-reading of The Dice Man was all the motivation I needed for my cunning plan. It came down to a vicious series of coin flips, and head to heads, old verses new, slowly eliminating language after language in a straight up fight (to the death!). The winner? Well it had to be bloody C++ didn't it eh? I have just received my copy of Accelerated C++ and Beginning C++ through game programming, as these were the recommendations from this site's book section. "Wayne", I hear you cry, "...all this talk of coin flips and cats is all well and good, but get to the point good Sir!" Point being, its pretty darn tough by the looks of things. I guess my first question is, regarding the C++ language features and game programming, how deep does the rabbit hole go? I have heard again and again of the need to have a good solid base of programming knowledge before jumping into game programming specifics, but if I turn towards the end of Accelerated C++ I get such glorious snippets as: template<class T> void Ptr<T>::make_unique() { if (*refptr != 1) { --*refptr; refptr = new size_t(1); p = p? p->clone(): 0; } } Blimey! Is this how crazy is gets, all this scribble, people can read and understand this stuff? So, advice time, should I read and complete the Beginning C++ through game programming, and then head off to find a library such as SDL or something, or will my knowledge, after reading that book still have far too many gaps before I can even think about delving into graphics etc. In other words, should I stop moaning and just knuckle down and read Accelerated C++? The funny thing is, when I see such cryptic text it motivates me a little, to know that given enough time and effort I can write and understand stuff like that. Cheers people! EDIT: I was just figuring out how to put my code into the fancy box for clarity
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