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  1. C++ Workshop - Arrays & Strings (Ch. 13)

    Quote:Original post by rip-off You have "int main()" floating by itself at the top. If you were to follow that with a semicolon, that would be a declaration of main (which is unnecessary, because it is illegal to explicitly call main() in C++). You should probably provide a definition of main() towards the end of your program. You could even provide some tests to make sure your functions work. Umm... okay. Actually, if you are just starting to learn C++ and cannot "tango" with it yet, then always place your main() below all your other code. However, if you get better in coding, you might want to declare function prototypes instead, which is a "somewhat" advanced stuff for beginners. But if you do that, your main can be anywhere you want as long as it's under those prototypes and the code will still work.
  2. Nehe Framework Issue

    Hi guys. I'm new to this forums so nice to meet you all. Edit: Nvm, I'm plain blind. I will try to figure out the quadrics part myself. >_> [Edited by - alphastickmania on June 6, 2009 7:44:52 AM]