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  1. Aerodactyl55

    Clock Puzzle Game

    Hello, Clock Puzzle is, basically, a clone of a puzzle mini-game featured in Final Fantasy XIII-2. The game works as follows: The game presents a set of numbers arranged in a circle (similar to a clock) and two hands; The player solves the puzzle by removing all numbers; At the start you can select any number and after that only the numbers the hands are pointing can be selected/removed; When you select a number, that number is removed and both hands will move to that position. Then the hands will move again based on the number removed. You lose if the timer runs out or if both hands stop at empty positions. I developed this as way to test my (beginner) skills and I would like to get some feedback on the game. Thanks in advance. Download the game files here.
  2. Aerodactyl55

    Is this clone legal?

    Thanks for your quick response, I will upload it.
  3. Aerodactyl55

    Is this clone legal?

    Since I am, pretty much, a beginner game programmer, I decided to test my skills by cloning the "Clock Puzzle" minigame featured in Final Fantasy XIII-2. If I upload the clone a created to gamedev to get some feedback, would that be considered illegal (a violation of copyright or some law)? How can I check if a clone i create will violate copyright/law? Note: I don't know if this matters but I did not use any assets from the original. Thanks in advance.
  4. Aerodactyl55

    Bit manipulation returning wrong data

    It's not clear how you get mouse input, but if you use the windows mouse messages (WM_MOUSEMOVE, etc) then the values received there are (signed) 16bit as Mk_ stated. If bit manipulation is giving you trouble, then you can use unions as an alternative.
  5. Aerodactyl55

    Bit manipulation returning wrong data

    I believe "long int" is still 32bits in Windows. Try using "long long" or (u)int64_t
  6. Aerodactyl55

    Writing char arrays (binary)

    I made a mistake, it should have been char* not myType*. I don't see a structure in your post but usually a vector struct is a POD. You can read the vector array in a single call as well. Krohm already posted the problems you may face.
  7. Aerodactyl55

    Writing char arrays (binary)

    I believe, for a POD struct, you can just call write( (myType*)myArray, sizeof (myType) * SizeOfArray(myArray)). You can read the data back in a similar way.
  8. Aerodactyl55

    Precision Problems with bouding sphere

    I think you need to compute the amount of intersection between the spheres and use that to push either one sphere or both of them away from each other so they stop intersecting.
  9. Aerodactyl55

    Resources to get good at math?

    A matrix is not the only way to solve it, you can solve for one variable and then solve for the other like this: h = 24/w ; h = 10 -w 24/w = 10 - w; -> 24 = 10w - w^2; w^2 -10w + 24 = 0; Then solving this quadratic equation we get: w = 6 or w = 4; then: h = 4 or h = 6; I skipped some steps for the sake of brevity. Now to solve it using a matrix would probably involve using Cramer's Rule.
  10. Aerodactyl55

    IDirect3DSurface9 flickers seriously

    Where are all these functions that you mention? If you show your code, there is a good chance someone will be able to help you.
  11. Aerodactyl55

    tic-tac-toe review request

    You say the AI is primitive but it is impossible to beat. Is that intentional? Maybe you can add a small chance for the AI to make a mistake, as an 'improvement'.
  12. Aerodactyl55

    Member function as callback

    As far as I know there is no way to assign a member function to lpfnWndProc. The author of the book assigned a proxy function to lpfnWndProc, and that function calls the member function MsgProc. Static member functions, as you said, can't be virtual but you can design it so that it calls virtual member functions for each message type (OnCreate, OnPaint, OnDestroy, etc).
  13. Aerodactyl55

    Help with Missile Command

    If it's not related to the current topic then it may be better to open a new topic.
  14. Aerodactyl55


    Hello everyone, I decided to share a game I just completed to get some feedback. The game is Polyominoes, and you can find the files attached. The objective is to pack the pieces (polyominoes) inside a rectangle. Controls: Left Mouse Button: Pick (and then drag with the mouse); Right Mouse Button: Remove polyominoes from the rectangle; <Q>, <E> Keys: Rotate the picked polyomino; <W> Key: Mirror the picked polyomino; Enjoy! Polyominoes.7z
  15. Aerodactyl55

    Help with Missile Command

    The sign of the z-component (for 2D games) of that perpendicular vector will tell you the direction (left/right) to rotate.
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