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  1. Sly londoner

    use of advertising

    Hi all Could some one tell me if an of the console liences have rules or conditions re the use of advertising with in a game.
  2. Sly londoner

    file converter

    sorry XSI file
  3. Sly londoner

    file converter

    Hi can some one help please/ I want to convert my 3ds file to isx. Thanks
  4. Sly londoner


    The game is Console based, FPS. The swing bridge is a road traffic bridge over water. Check out this link http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tynesidehistory/pictures/swingbridge.jpg I would like it to be operated from the control room in the center, this will force each team to firstly get to the middle, plus swoop any map objectives around if placed at either end of the brigde. If you want more of an idea re the game you can visit my site http://www.fortunefavoursthebrave.handzonsitemaker.com/#/login/4533977717 Any one visiting the site will need to request a login name and password. Thanks
  5. Sly londoner


    Thanks all i have tried 3d modeling, and xna programing but my real skill is management. I was a construction project/operations manager with a team of 10-250 but that was before the big crunch. I liked the 3d modeling and found it quite easy as I already know CAD. So I would like to a project manager. I have ready all your responces and will keep reading. Q. On one of the mutliplayer online maps I am considering. There is to be a swing brigde with a switch in the control room that operates the bridge is this feasible. And thanks again
  6. Sly londoner


    Mike Thanks. I was aware of this, I was considering producing a few maps, demo and such to impress a buyer, games company or backer. Yes I known that most games companys (as I have spoken to most) have there own projects and would rather use there own designers. What I would like to known is this the right place to get help to complete the above. I also known very lttle re what can be done with in a game. So would like help there. Thanks again
  7. Sly londoner


    Well thats one of my Question. If you consider development time of 12-18 months will it still be xbox 360 or 720 and what about natal. I would like to be able to release on both PS and XB
  8. Sly londoner


    Hi All I am developing a FPS for consoles but dont known really what forum to ask the questions in ie. what software, map designers wanted, engine managers wanted. Any help would be nice.
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