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  1. Hello everyone, I had a few simple, short ideas, and I felt like sharing. I hope they're beneficial to anyone who reads them. Please though, keep things civilized if you decide to comment. Playing in traffic would have been just as easy. Assuming I'm not already. * * * -A game where the adventure's character is genuinely human- weak, frail, and absolutely vulnerable- Ideally, the character is a young child- Skimming across the age of puberty- -This is a common theme among my creations- The Legend of Zelda had a tremendous impact on my childhood- -Continuing to the main point- Now, as you hopefully understand, our player is quite vulnerable- He/She must carefully choose his/her actions- Death is a strong possibility- Every encounter must be examined with caution- -The player does have one mighty advantage, however- He/She can manipulate enemy intelligence- He/She can insert ridiculous commands, and like the many layers of an onion, pry their minds apart- -This is just one, basic idea, though- Obviously, a game would need countless more to respectfully call itself such- -I should also mention that my ideas are many pages from being fully expressed- There would be no point in sharing them all- * * * If you have any questions, comments or constructive feedback, feel free to post it below. Otherwise I hope you enjoyed and perhaps benefited from my writings. Thanks again, The Absurd Druid.
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