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  1. Awoken

    Planet Generation Plans

    @Embassy of Time, You had brought the idea of creating procedural tessellated planetary generation to my attention years ago. I didn't really understand then, and perhaps now, the criteria of the obstacle. However, I've got an observation to make regarding attempts to create a procedural-tessellate-able sponge-world without the use of voxels and why it may not be possible. The reason being the conflict between what a GPU can process and what the CPU can process. I'm going to kinda make shit up here because I don't have my info 100% but from the bits I do know about CPU's and GPU's I gonna make the following claim. I'm going to claim that in order to compute a procedural-tessellate-able non-voxel sponge-planet you'd require GPU's that are designed to process information in higher dimensions, mayvbe 4 but maybe only 3. Problem is modern GPU's, as I see it, are designed to provide quick processing of individual screen pixels. So what ever higher dimension processing the CPU is doing the GPU is squishing it all into 2D and spitting out the results; therefore, you couldn't utilise the GPU for any higher dimensional computations for the intended goal. You'd need to rely entirely on the CPU and that would result in a quick noticeable bottleneck that would prevent the result from looking real.
  2. oh... do tell? @swiftcoder, thanks for the link. looks beautiful.
  3. I had no idea he had lurked around here at one time. Years ago I came across this project and had kept up on it for some time. But then I could no longer find it and had always wondered what had happened.
  4. Awoken

    A test build for (formerly) Monster Frogger

    [ EDIT ] I went back to see if there was something I was missing. It was the 'next' text I had to click. I wasn't paying attention the first time around and I think I clicked something else. Anyways, played all five levels and I think the imagination you put into this challenge is great. I happen to enjoy darker themes and atmospheres and there was a lot this game had to offer. I personally found those spikes to be the hardest obstacle to time properly. Well done sir, hats off.
  5. Awoken

    A test build for (formerly) Monster Frogger

    @supermikhail, I was looking forward to trying this one and had the headphones on and everything but I can only play one level, the first one. Do you need to get a perfect score in order to advance to the next level? I'd like to try the other four level but I can't.
  6. Awoken

    Entry for Frogger Challenge

    Yeah I too really enjoyed the chicken sounds and the music. Worked really well together. Looking forward to trying your tower defence game.
  7. Awoken

    Frogger Challenge Entry

    Great retro frogger. The one thing I especially liked was how simple but real your jump animation felt.
  8. I like the retro music, definitely has an old arcade game feel. For sure hard. I finally made it past the first few sets of roads and was on a log waiting for my chance to cross the river, then I got speared by a farmer lol. I liked it a lot actually. I also like the difficulty, you gotta move and mad-dash which is great.
  9. Awoken

    Random game mode and options

    Nice Job, I played it so far for about a half hour on normal preset difficulty. I got stuck on level 6, those two dastardly flies I had to try and catch.. where were they? Oh look over their playing in traffic, by random fluke I caught one and my moral was restored and level six was finally going down. I made a break for it, 7,8,9 collecting all the lives I could to try and extend this run for the almighty victory but alas level 13 took my last two lives. That was a lot of fun, I might even finish it one day.
  10. Awoken

    Frogger GameDev Challenge - Part 7 - Level Draft

    Why this frog decided to travel in this direction we'll never know.
  11. Awoken

    My Client-Physics-Only Approach, Diagrammed.

    Sorry Septopus but you kinda let the cat out of the bag and now everyone is trying to fit them all back in. I'm not going to speak on behalf of Septopus or what he envisions; however, while reading about this idea of Septopus' I can see an appeal, no central server overhead. I'm just imagining multiple client's all connecting and this client-server-authoritative system propagating across all those who connect up. For my own attempts to wrap my head around this stuff I like what @lawnjelly suggests. What if when two players, A and B, are in close proximity a third player's client-server, C, takes control of authoritative issues for A and B, but never A and C, or B and C? I can't speak too much on all this stuff because their is a lot to the world of server infrastructure and protocols and so forth that I am unaware of. But I do think that if you get this to work, at least the way I half envision, it would be pretty wild stuff! @Rutin, hehehe.
  12. Awoken


    Are you making something like block-chain client~servers?
  13. Awoken

    Dynamic Asset Progress

    Thanks guys @DexterZ101, Yes, the player won't have to create their own stuff they can also just select pre-made assets from a drop down list and drop them in. That's another reason why I want to finish this part before I begin working on the actual game-game because I will need a tool to build all the predefined assets that are available to the player.
  14. Awoken

    Dynamic Asset Progress

    Hello, I'm in the middle of creating what I call dynamic assets. The hope is that when fully incorporated into the project a player will be able to create their own buildings, monuments, bridges, and city walls with this tool. I want it to be user friendly. Importantly, once the user has 'designed' their unique structure I want the functions to be able to pop out the needed collision geometry so that the world's Simulin can interact with it as a player would expect it to. Examples of this would be Simulin travelling through door-ways and up stairs and walking around walls and over bridges. The past three weeks has been a seesaw of conflicting interests. If I make the dynamic asset tool too user friendly where sky is pretty much the limit it would be a nightmare trying to come up with the necessary algorithms to try and generate the necessary collision geometry. If I make the tool too rigid then the appeal I'm going for ( enticing players with this tool ) will become lost after a few sessions working with the tool because it'll be outed as a fraud tool. The Ooooos and Ahhhhs turn into pfffts. I'm giving it a shot because this last tool, dynamic assets, will be the icing on my framework cake and will bring together all the functionality I've been working on. I'll be updating my progress regarding dynamic assets in this blog post. As of today I've been working on allowing the user to place foundation blocks, what Simulin will walk on, into the game world and have the server generate the necessary collision geometry using the same technique I'm using for navigating Simulin around the world. Nodes and collision faces between nodes. I'm posting a video of the progress so far, it shows two clients, one client is making the foundations, the other is strictly viewing the resulting collision geometry generation. For the most part a user can become very creative in placing blocks where and how they please and function creates Node loops. As of right now It seems things are working nicely. I've been busy testing all sorts of scenarios and modifying the code accordingly. The code is incredibly finicky and if a line is out of place or ordered wrong the whole thing crashes down. It's like Fine China, haha. Right now the block's are set to an arbitrary height of 5. But users will be able to modify this at a later time. Probably increments of 4. The set increment thing is what I've been seesawing about, we'll see if I can just get it to work before I lower the increment value. Anyways here is my incredibly exciting video of testing if this stuff all works ( p.s what I want to see is a continuous wall that surrounds the blocks to form a loop. Also they are only 1 sided faces so that the collision geometry can only be triggered from one direction. )
  15. Awoken


    Unirule is a game inspired by elements of the Civilisation series, Sim-City series, and an old game called Tyrants. Unirule is intended to be a real-time multiplayer game. The current version is being written in JavaScript utilising the THREE.js API for the client and Node.js for the server. As of this writing, 2017-12-10, the game engine is being written and content is just beginning to be incorporated. The game's engine will run a 24 / 7 live simulation of a living breathing world simulating thousands of individual people. Each person, or Simulin, will be AI driven. The people will collect resources, craft tools, explore their world and think up new ideas and inventions. They will band together, conduct trade, engage in conflict and expand their respective territories. You as a participant in this world will be given an opportunity to play as some of these people. The goal of Unirule is to achieve global hegemony. You'll accomplish this goal by gaining influence over the majority of the people through economic, military and cultural influences. When you're logged into the game you'll be able to dictate the actions and choices of the people you directly influence. When you are away the simulation will continue and the people you influence will carry on with what ever tasks you've assigned to them. You will start your game as one simulated person and you'll have the option to choose between one of three classes. Each class has unique abilities, actions, and structures that they can build; each of which will allow you to increase your overall power and influence. You can either start as a Farmer, Hunter or Story teller. As your game progresses many other classes will become available such as the Lender, Warlord and Emissary to name a few. In addition, you'll also be able to control up to three people with differing or similar classes at the same time. Perhaps initially you'll want two Farmers and one Hunter to boost food production and provide basic defences. Maybe you'll start out by pillaging local tribes with a wandering band of Hunters. Or maybe you'll want to start a primitive faith and be worshipped. All of these play styles will be possible. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to ally with or challenge other human players within the same world. By the end of 2018 I hope to have a server up and running so others can give the project, in it's alpha state, a whirl to see what they think. This project is in its proof of concept stage. The end goal for the proof of concept is to expand on the gameplay potential of the three base classes. I'd like to develop the three base classes to the point where they open additional classes, and to test player connection and simulation stability. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.
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