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  1. There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds. -Gilbert K. Chesterton Hello fellow GameDev-ers, Lately I've been thinking a lot about inspiration. I'd like to ramble a bit about my thoughts on inspiration and then I'd like to share the latest updates for the game. Throughout the past year, especially this last year, I've encountered my fair share of inspirational hurdles. For the past 4 years the ideas that have brought me to this development platform, aka programming, seemed rich with potential. I had experienced no troubles keeping the vision alive even though, initially, I'd managed to make a camera move around a ball and other small stuff. But a funny thing happens to vision over time, we age. With age comes changes in taste, direction and sustenance. Keeping this vision alive takes a lot of effort, especially since this whole time I've been working on the mechanical 'background' framework necessary to move forward. Lumped in are realisations of what is possible and what can be accomplished by one's self. Many times I've had to take a step back from and seek a newer vision, one that is more in line with what is feasible but also captures the soul of the project: this process has been most rewarding. As many people age the responsibilities of life render the pursuits of the imagination a futile effort for many, their return on investment decreases. However; I've come to think, and maybe foolishly, that those who continue to re-engage their own imaginations are sometimes blessed with tall tales that are able to inspire even those who can no longer spark their own. What do you think, better yet, what's your experience been like? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So where am I at now... I'm going to be going off the grid here soon, for at least 6 weeks, clear the mind. I was really hoping to have a big'ol update to show off, but the challenges of Unirule dwarf games like Shapes TD. So I think I'll just have get used to disappointment. For me, I've finally figured out which branch I'm going to swing to next, and that will be slowly moving away from framework and easing into simulation. Soon I'll have enough sturdy framework to build a stable simulation off of. Then I will have begun the next chapter. What I have done since last time. - better immersion with more intuitive camera movement. - finishing up clustered models. - incorporating dynamic asset creation. On the last one there, asset creation, I've actually never finished implementing it into any of my previous builds. Not that I can't but just always thought there were better things to do. So really I have no idea how long it's going to take. I'm hoping soon. Click to see! this one shows the beginnings of asset placement helpers Have a great summer.
  2. Oh fantastic explanation. I now understand the logic and it's remarkably simple, which is a good thing. Great blog post, very educational.
  3. I'm still confused. Which part of the code you posted actually determines which voxels are hit?
  4. Very impressive. Nicely done. If you don't mind saying, what language did you write this code in? I can't follow or understand it. I know English isn't your native language, but would you be willing to offer up a simplified explanation of the logic you used for this blog post?
  5. Awoken


    Unirule is a game inspired by elements of the Civilisation series, Sim-City series, and an old game called Tyrants. Unirule is intended to be a real-time multiplayer game. The current version is being written in JavaScript utilising the THREE.js API for the client and Node.js for the server. As of this writing, 2017-12-10, the game engine is being written and content is just beginning to be incorporated. The game's engine will run a 24 / 7 live simulation of a living breathing world simulating thousands of individual people. Each person, or Simulin, will be AI driven. The people will collect resources, craft tools, explore their world and think up new ideas and inventions. They will band together, conduct trade, engage in conflict and expand their respective territories. You as a participant in this world will be given an opportunity to play as some of these people. The goal of Unirule is to achieve global hegemony. You'll accomplish this goal by gaining influence over the majority of the people through economic, military and cultural influences. When you're logged into the game you'll be able to dictate the actions and choices of the people you directly influence. When you are away the simulation will continue and the people you influence will carry on with what ever tasks you've assigned to them. You will start your game as one simulated person and you'll have the option to choose between one of three classes. Each class has unique abilities, actions, and structures that they can build; each of which will allow you to increase your overall power and influence. You can either start as a Farmer, Hunter or Story teller. As your game progresses many other classes will become available such as the Lender, Warlord and Emissary to name a few. In addition, you'll also be able to control up to three people with differing or similar classes at the same time. Perhaps initially you'll want two Farmers and one Hunter to boost food production and provide basic defences. Maybe you'll start out by pillaging local tribes with a wandering band of Hunters. Or maybe you'll want to start a primitive faith and be worshipped. All of these play styles will be possible. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to ally with or challenge other human players within the same world. By the end of 2018 I hope to have a server up and running so others can give the project, in it's alpha state, a whirl to see what they think. This project is in its proof of concept stage. The end goal for the proof of concept is to expand on the gameplay potential of the three base classes. I'd like to develop the three base classes to the point where they open additional classes, and to test player connection and simulation stability. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.
  6. Awoken

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    I remember hearing something similar to what BuFFo is saying in some sort of philosophy-something-or-other. It definitely does create a different perspective from which to view things. I suppose there are many limits to what one single perspective can illuminate.
  7. Embassy's blog seems to be unaffected, fyi
  8. Veeery cool, very good! In your title picture it shows what looks like a shop, why isn't it in the video?
  9. Awoken

    SCIENCE (biatch!) for Big Games!

    The Crazy guy's back! /😮\ Also, who's Richard? He sounds mysterious.
  10. Awoken

    Marching cubes

    It this is possible then that would be very interesting indeed.
  11. Awoken

    Marching cubes

    Interesting... so what you've defined in the MarchingCubesTables is what is then used to generate the content of the video? If so is it possible for the program to select a position within the video and cross-reference back to the MarchingCubesTables?
  12. Looks much better, but... my opinion... less grey?
  13. Awoken


    I would love to make a FPS one day and have always fantasied about ideas for one. I was intrigued by one of your first blogs regarding vapourwave. I didn't even know it was its own thing, makes sense though. You know it'd be an honour for me. I'm quite backwards in the world of programming. Maybe a mod at some point down the road . 100%, Now I'm even more curious to see what you're cooking up. Looking forward to it! Love your music by the way.
  14. Awoken


    Today I was thinking about 3D vapourwave and came up with an idea for implementation. The idea I came up with, though abstract, is tangible and I think would deliver successfully; however, I know this is your creation. I know what it's like to have an idea tainted by influence when it hasn't matured enough to stand on it's own two feet. So no hard feelings, but... It's a cool idea!?!?
  15. Awoken

    Who's your intellectual idol?

    Agreed! He still has his tenureship and I also think that that is important too. The very fact the guy has a problem with Canadian policy means he deserves to be heard regardless of whether or not he's right.
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