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  1. Awoken

    Cube Cannon

    lol @Rutin, you're awesome.
  2. You got me, I remember worrying about Armageddon when I was 12, seriously. It stressed me out thinking that the world could end. I admit I gravitate towards certain information and facts that are sensational and preposterous like Nuclear Weapons. I am about the only guy I know who usually peddles this information. And it's ME, my problem that I think about this stuff. I guess it's just so fantastic that I waste mental energy on it for something to do. But.. I do think there are some important truths that I've learned along the way about just what it is that we're doing here. But you're right, there's been guy's like me in all flavours throughout the ages. @Scouting Ninja, so I gather what you are saying is that markets should eventually help iron out the environmental wrinkles. I hope so, I hope that I'm out to lunch and that the ship ain't sinking. I agree, and you're recommendations illustrate just how difficult it is to come up with practical alternatives. If I had my way, I'd impose world government with universal access to all and allow it to force change. Perhaps an AI? That would be kinda cool actually. @frob Well said! I think this guy's on to something.
  3. Awoken

    MorMor - Heaven's only wishful

    testing editing..
  4. Awoken

    Cube Cannon

    Hello GameDev, Here is a screen shot of the Cube Cannon. You can only build one! It is fully opperational and it packs a punch, for squares that is. Anyways I've made so many changes to the code I can't even really recap all the things I've done. So here is the code TD.06.22.zip If you fancy, give the project a go. I've included some instructions to go over. I'm going to be plugging away come tomorrow to add the Hell-Fire Hex and the Tack Tower. Then I'll be incorporating points and upgrades and a start screen Yeish! hopefully figures crossed.
  5. This song is Fan-Tastic! Have you heard it?
  6. @Nypyren, sorry, I posted my question too soon and didn't even notice it. So I've edited the post you responded to better reflecting my thoughts. I like what you have to say though. [ I was actually in the process of typing up the post while you responded, didn't know what happened until I tried to post it and saw the submit button was greyed out ].
  7. To clarify the question, I'm asking about the consequences of our collective human consumption on the global scale. It's consequences are already apparent. Just wondering what you think? I've spent years studying this and learning about many different facets, keeping an eye out for some of the more underlying fundamentals. Lately what I've come to learn and appreciate is that the vast majority of the public who care to have an opinion on the matter almost certainly have superior incites to the next guy. As a consequence, this renders the public unable to enact meaningful change because the public lacks agreement on changes that need to be made on an personal level. The public is conflicted in setting priorities and often chooses propriety, often out of instinct ( raising children being the primary reason ). So as a consequence the public relies on governments and corporations to introduce change that could offset some of the consequences. However; the success of corporations relies on predictable human behaviour. Corporations are in business because they are very successful at influencing human behaviour. Corporations help to steer government policies and laws world wide making it easier to create and expand markets( more consumption ). Governments in turn rely on taxes that can be generated from citizen prosperity, due to expanding markets( more consumption ). What do you think? anyone want to jump in on this?
  8. Awoken

    WHO recognising 'gaming disorder'

    I'll also bring up that this is only one manifestation of the bigger problem. This is people battling their blatant or latent obsessive compulsions. However our sedentary ways also manifests it self physically for the over whelming majority as obesity, just looked up the statistics and I was floored. So maybe video game addiction is a rare occurrence, other effects are visually prevalent.
  9. Awoken

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Thanks guys, It means a lot to me. I hope I create a game worth playing. That is after all why I'm participating.
  10. Awoken

    WHO recognising 'gaming disorder'

    frob, I really enjoyed how well you laid it all out in your previous posts and I think you're spot on. The last part of this post is where I think the crux of the problem lie. We need people to be able to hammer away on computers for hours and hours a day doing monotonous choirs. It is fundamental to our economy. The problem is, as I see it, is this; if your contributing to the economy by working then those very behaviours are encouraged/needed. However; if it's outside of work that these behaviours are causing disruptions to your work life, then it's a disorder. I caution though, the dichotomy that I'm attempting to illustrate isn't as black and white as I make it seem. I hope not to have to go through all the cases in support and against. But I think in-between these two extremes there is truth.
  11. Awoken

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Here is a video showing the first wave of Shapes TD It features some of the sound effects I've sourced as well. I've implemented two major functions into the game. It's now a functioning game. There is a stage manager, which loads all the models before a given stage begins And there is a wave manager which determines whether a new shape needs to spawn for a given wave, and if the shape has already spawned what actions it should take. As well as a tower manager which handles tower targeting and tower animations. I'll post a code update by the weekend.
  12. Awoken

    Tower Defence - Post Mortem

    @lawnjelly "Overall I found the challenge very worthwhile. There are several of us working on it, and bouncing ideas around and spurring each other on works very well. Also a little hint of friendly competition is good too! " Great point, I think this is something that has been motivating me along this whole time but been unnoticed by myself until you said it. For sure, I don't think I'd find the same level of satisfaction in doing this challenge if, well really, if it was for the 5 of us all encouraging each-other along. Out there in this world there will probably be us 5 who care what the others accomplished. I've got to head to sleep right away, but I'll be giving your TD a thorough play-through.
  13. Awoken

    Tower Placement

    What doesn't show up well in the video are the fire spurts each time a barrel fires. There is a quick two frame 3D animation. But in this video it seems those frames are eliminated. Too bad.
  14. Awoken

    Tower Placement

    Thanks lawnjelly. before last night I was thinking 'ah-oh'. But now I'm a bit relieved.
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