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  1. I hope to see my game alive

    I've never worked in a gaming studio before bringing a title to release, but I've always estimated that about 80% of the man-hours put into a game are graphic related, whether it be textures, models or level design.
  2. Simple Moon Position Calculation

    haha, I used a moon rotation function similar to the one you used. It moved elliptically which was neat, but I ended up opting for a simple circle rotation to save those few extra processing steps.
  3. when do we get to try it?
  4. Working smarter when building games

    Very good articles, thanks for sharing.
  5. For future reference, am I able to program something for these challenges in html and java-script? [ edit ] after reading up more on these challenges I think I can answer my own question. Perhaps if any game-engine is allowed for a particular challenge then someone could? I'm not sure, slippery slop.
  6. View counts off

    I'll just throw this out there, but today I was thinking about your post and I kinda had an idea, you know what would be kinda neat, is if was able to take indie developers and provide them with all of the steps necessary to go from conceptualising a game to a kickstarter~ish campaign. Now of course not all games would qualify for each subsequent step without certain standards and quality controls being met. I would bet it may be marketable to the developers. I'm just talking is all, I don't even know if that is something anyone would be interested in, or if you it's even doable or whatever. But I just thought I'd share the idea.
  7. Which is better? (2d, android)

    That's is almost a right of passage each of us has to go through.
  8. Accuracy mechanic in an MMO game

    You might not find this idea helpful, but I remember when I designed a couple counter strike maps back in the day I literally dissected the elements of what made a good counter-strike map, my conclusion was collision points where the two teams meet if running full tilt. If that area of the map is conducive to good gun play then you've got a winner. So I just focused on those two or three areas and slowly expanded out from there incorporating them all into one map. The map was tons of fun to play. If I was in your shoes what I would do is to take a similar strategy, rather than pick one option on arbitrary assumptions about what people may or may not like I would design gun play scenarios with your game and have players test out the various code and see which they like. You might find that the answer to a good experience for the players is a modified version of #1 using hit boxes or something.
  9. I'm not sure if this has already be addressed before, but I notice the view counts are off for the blogs. There is a view total for each blog entry, and then a combined total for the blog series. Thing is these numbers don't match up. I took a look at some of the blogs with lower total views and noticed that they in fact had been viewed more. If I'm correct I think each time anyone visits a blog entry the view total for that entry goes up by 1 regardless of how many times you've already viewed it. So the blog might say it's been viewed 300 times but maybe infact it's only been viewed by 200 different people. So what does the total views for a blog series keep track of? Number of registered logged in users looking at the blog or something?
  10. I hope to see my game alive

    I literally just got back from a walk where I was thinking that I'm entering a time in the development of my game where I need to market the idea and myself "been reading lot's of posts lately". Up till now I've been so focused on the technical issues. The art of marketing and getting an idea out there is all so new to me, and it's a completely different ballgame, you kinda have to just put yourself out there and see what happens.
  11. Accuracy mechanic in an MMO game

    I like the sounds of #1. May require more computing but it would make for a varied scenarios especially if the health of enemies and other players is low. #2 sounds a lot like the kind of math you'd see in old browser games, but I'm not familiar with how other games go about calculating accuracy.
  12. Algorithm Can This Game of Solitaire Be won

    would you be adverse to trying to write your own? maybe once you start tackling the problem you'll become aware of the type to algorithm you need and can narrow down your search.
  13. Conquer the territory...

    invest in the arts to raise moral? invest in education to increase research? encourage propaganda to make invasion easier?
  14. I hope to see my game alive

    Ugh, I agree with this and this is what haunts my dreams of making a unique game. I'm thinking that a way indie developers overcome this though is to create a strong community presence and slowly build their player base and involve them in the development processes. Then it comes down to how well the indie studio can market their game potential to attract interest. yiesh, who would've thought indie games have so many hurdles to overcome. How much do you think dumb luck plays into things, like something going viral?
  15. Thanks, the only thing I can think of bright greens on the vegetation in the desert areas?