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  1. Awoken

    No market for 'good games'?

    Your observation, to me, is how things are but in reverse, that is if we're both on the same page regarding a more equal distribution of wealth ( for me it would be globally ). I have tried very hard over the years to figure out where I'm going wrong ( I've got my biases ) on this but I've finally rested on the conclusion people have a need to compete with one another regardless of what economic system is practised. I think in capitalist countries we are successfully conditioned so that our daily behaviours are conducive to maintaining and improving capitalism's resilience, a result being a disproportionate distribution of wealth. I think the revolutionary success of enriching the quality of life world wide, due in large part to capitalism, is exactly why we may not be able to meet the challenges of global warming. Addressing global warming, in my opinion, means we should be reducing our consumption and that flies in the face of capitalism. When I read the OP's blog I thought 'yup sounds about right'. And it is crappy, but I think it's an honest assessment. I often resort to high idealism to soothe the sooth, lol.
  2. Awoken


    Hello, Over the past six weeks I’ve been soul searching. This is a hard blog for me to publish, I’m going to be opening up about my past and writing about some of my deep insecurities and shortcomings, along with how being apart of GameDev has helped me find some personal progress. I’m going to be reaching far back into my past to provide some context. I have tried my best to reduce the personal drama. My mother wanted to give me the best education she could here in Canada and so she chose to enroll me in French immersion. I struggled and failed Kindergarten. My earliest friends moved on. By grade three I was struggling with both French and English. I was given two options, I could either repeat grade three or change to the English only program. Either way I had to part ways with more friends. I had learned to become unsure of myself. Measuring true personal growth had become dusted over like neglected instrument gauges in need of a cleanse. I found solace in my imagination and it became my trusted companion. In my early teens I started to recognised some of my abilities, discovering things I had not noticed before. I started to receive encouraging complements from others and like any teenager I let it get to my head and neglected the gauges. I decided to start programming a game to help answer some of the questions that have nagged at me for so long. When will I find some meaningful confidence and How can I start to clean these dusty gauges? On March 7th I finally answered the first question. I had found the personal confidence, It was good enough for me. By end of March I began to see the answer to the second question. Regretfully the answer is not found sitting in front of a computer. I’m not leaving, but for a while I need to focus on some personal growth. Opening up about my ideas in 2014 was a big step for me. I am truly thankful for all the kind words, support and encouragement over these past 5 years. It’s been a blessing. I wanted to share these words with you because my friends should be in the know
  3. Awoken


    Unirule is a game inspired by elements of the Civilisation series, Sim-City series, and an old game called Tyrants. Unirule is intended to be a real-time multiplayer game. The current version is being written in JavaScript utilising the THREE.js API for the client and Node.js for the server. The game's framework is projected to be completed by April 26th 2019, after which full attention will be devoted to game design and development. The game's engine will run a 24 / 7 live simulation of a living breathing world simulating thousands of individual people. Each person, or Simulin, will be AI driven. The people will collect resources, craft tools, explore their world and think up new ideas and inventions. They will band together, conduct trade, engage in conflict and expand their respective territories. You as a participant in this world will be given an opportunity to play as some of these people. The goal of Unirule is to achieve global hegemony. You'll accomplish this goal by gaining influence over the majority of the people through economic, military and cultural influences. When you're logged into the game you'll be able to dictate the actions and choices of the people you directly influence. When you are away the simulation will continue and the people you influence will carry on with what ever tasks you've assigned to them. You will start your game as one simulated person and you'll have the option to choose between one of three classes. Each class has unique abilities, actions, and structures that they can build; each of which will allow you to increase your overall power and influence. You can either start as a Farmer, Hunter or Story teller. As your game progresses many other classes will become available such as the Lender, Warlord and Emissary to name a few. In addition, you'll also be able to control up to three people with differing or similar classes at the same time. Perhaps initially you'll want two Farmers and one Hunter to boost food production and provide basic defences. Maybe you'll start out by pillaging local tribes with a wandering band of Hunters. Or maybe you'll want to start a primitive faith and be worshipped. All of these play styles will be possible. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you'll be able to ally with or challenge other human players within the same world. Sometime during 2019 I hope to have a server up and running so others can give the project, in it's alpha state, a whirl to see what they think. This project is in its proof of concept stage. The end goal for the proof of concept is to expand on the gameplay potential of the three base classes. I'd like to develop the three base classes to the point where they open additional classes, and to test player connection and simulation stability. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment.
  4. Awoken

    Challenge 2 - Online Side Scrolling Arcade Shooter

    Many of the challenges that have been completed so far have appeal. And it's true, I'd love to contribute, even if no award is given. It's nice to see @Rutin set an example for us. Thanks Rutin
  5. Awoken

    Welcome to my Chess blog

    “I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.” – Marcel Duchamp Let me start off by saying that in my life chess has probably been the greatest game I've ever had the fortune to play. I picked it up young and I am more excited to play a game of Chess with a friend than any other game. So let's get into it shall we Here are some of the ideas I've been playing around with over the past couple weeks, oh but first and I just want to do a quick shout out to @Rutin & @lawnjelly for getting the ball rolling on this one, thanks guys! O.k back to my little idea. When I lived in China I had a chance to learn how to play Xiangqi Xiangqi 'Chinese Chess' introduces some interesting pieces that I found quite enjoyable to strategies with, specifically the cannon. The cannon can only attack a piece if there is another piece between it and it's intended target. So imagine that it jumps over the piece in front of it to capture the piece in behind. I found it much more dynamic than even the knight. However, after playing Chinese chess enough I become aware that even the Chinese themselves recognised that the depth of strategy wasn't as great as Classic Chess, what we here in the West have wrongly dubbed 'Western Chess'. A quick history lesson reveals that it originated somewhere in either India or China. There is a preserved board with pieces dating back to the 12th century from Iran that is indistinguishable with what we play today. Cool stuff, would have loved to have met that indie-gamer . Anyways I digress... What I'd like to do is create all the pieces for both Classic & Chinese Chess. Then try my hand at AI, on a classic board at first. Then the idea is to see if I can get the AI to play with differing combinations of pieces and determine a point value for each piece. For instance, we traditionally consider the Queen to be worth 9 pts, rook 5 pts, bishop ~3.5 pts, knight 3 pts, and the pawn 1 pt. I'd like to determine a point value for the new pieces introduced in Xiangqi, the elephant and cannon. Then... If I get there... Give the player so many points and board to design their roster like Star-Control II's melee battles You might be thinking Sacrilege, but I think it's cool idea B) Cheers Everybody!
  6. Awoken

    Link It Up! | It's Released!

    I think it's a great idea and one that could be expanded on much further .
  7. Awoken

    Link It Up! | It's Released!

    I finished the rest of it. Great little game! p.s, next time just let me know to try a little harder
  8. Awoken

    Ethical problem with animals

    Are you posting this question in your blog? This is actually a very good question. Is there a forum space for developers to discuss their ethical concerns regarding their projects? I'm not sure which sub-form that would fall under. Personally I think you should figure out what you want to convey, is it that corporations are "sinister" or that killing animals is "sinister"? For instance if it's the corporations that are sinister than maybe don't show the gruesome death but rather just let it be known some other way that this choice is a negative one. If it's that killing animals is sinister than I'd focus more on the emotional connection folks will have with these animals ( which certainly doesn't need to be gruesome either. )
  9. Awoken

    Link It Up! | It's Released!

    That is such a slick solution, wish I would have solved it! Nice one.
  10. Awoken

    Challenge 1 - 3D Chess - Part 1

    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with. That's a good question. As I was thinking about it I thought I might want to try something different. I've never played around with AI, I'm kinda curious. I really like the idea of making my own chess pieces. Maybe I'll start there.
  11. Awoken

    When code just isn't enough...

    Sorry to chime in, but I like your quote. Where did you come across it?
  12. Awoken

    Challenge 1 - 3D Chess - Part 1

    I'm even more inspired now, sharp. Seeing as this is a challenge that has no time-limit I might just begin working on something... hmmm
  13. Awoken

    Link It Up! | It's Released!

    O.k, I'm stuck once again on the same level. Except instead of it being level 6, it's now level 8. What do I do? As far as I know the character can't jump, can't boost run. If I connect those two bottom dots I am unable to reach them if I take a running leap from the top edge. I always land on the spikes. The character does not interact with the line unless the line has both ends connected some how. As far as I can see there are only 5 combinations, I tried all five A question I am surprised to ask frequently around here is, have you played your own game all the way through? I'm flabbergasted by the number of developers who miss this crucial step. if you have and I'm missing something I apologise.
  14. I remember a friend of the family years ago said to me "If you want to get into the trade industry pick on thing and stick to it. Become the best you can possibly be at it and build the 'guy to go to for...' reputation".
  15. Awoken

    Side scrolling shooter - Day 1

    hmmm, this looks to be some sort of shenanigans to me. Keep up the good work 🤘
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