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  1. 3D Issue with hidden faces

    Well, I can tell you what I'd do in this situation. I'd open the .fbx in notepad and manually adjust it (finding and removing said face) from it. Sorry, not a great answer, but it may be a misread issue between the two different programs.
  2. Prototyping In Javascript

    Today while eating lunch I read your post, I gotta say I'm pretty excited to see that someone else has decided to make their prototype with these two things. I'm very interested in seeing your progress. What have you cooked up so far?
  3. Demo is out !!! leave some criticism.

    Any chance you could make a Unity web-player plug in or something?
  4. Rail Route - Demo R0.1 Released!

    I gave the Unity version a whirl. Pretty neat concept. I'm interested in the career mode you've mentioned. Sounds fun!
  5. Do indie game designers play their own game?

    You'd have to in my opinion. Many of the games I've half made, never fully completed, it was a necessary step in development. Otherwise how you would know if it played well?
  6. Oh man, I hear you. It was Christmas of 87 and I received a Sega Master System. It came with Hang-on / Safari hunt. needless to say I was a pretty popular 9 year old until everyone started getting an NES. Before Video games it would have been Lego. I'd be in school and all I could think about was getting home to play Chop-lifter. I'm glad I had a much older brother because he bought cool games. The first game's I suppose I made where mazes I'd draw on pieces of paper during class. I'd pass them around to friends. They were inspired by plat former games. Then in 91 I took my first programming class in Junior High. My buddies and I would program text adventure games. Thing was we never had any tape drives or spare floppy disks so all our work was just for that one session of programming. We'd each try each-others adventures, kill our selves laughing at all the juvenile and completely inappropriate content and then move on with our day. I suppose looking back on that it was about the love of coding and making something all our own, even if it was about to get wiped as soon as the computer was turned off. I remember when I discovered the randomiser function in BASIC, the possibilities just blew my mind. I started to program all sorts of gambling games. Nothing to complicated though, kinda like 'flip the coin' like @khawk mentioned. Then I discovered Sim-City and that was a game changer for me, no pun intended. I spent hours playing that game and it too was all I'd think about in school. Did I mention I performed horribly in school, because I did, just terrible. But alas I get bored of things too fast, even uni. So I usually tend to stick to physical jobs as they exhaust me in a good way. I could not imagine sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day to earn my paychecks. I'd go Bananas. And now I program as an artistic hobby. I've always made little games, always will I think. Just my ambitions have gotten bigger.
  7. Gameplay trailer

    8) Thanks!
  8. Gameplay trailer

    Have you gotten others to play test it?
  9. Rail Route - a rail network simulation indie game

    Sounds interesting. I personally enjoy these type of simulation games. Curious to see how it's executed.
  10. Gameplay trailer

    The music for the video, is it the same for in game? When does this title release again? Are you going to release it cold, as in without outside playtest feedback? If not I'd be willing to offer some constructive criticisms, I'm good for that hahah. Nice!
  11. Crazy Seas DevBlog #3

    Looking good. How many people do you have on the team developing for this project?
  12. Multiplayer Pac-man Challenge

    If there is a Tower Defence challenge I'm in!
  13. If there is a Tower Defence challenge I'm in!
  14. Obligatory Intro

    I love it!
  15. Art Update

    looks fantastic!
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