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  1. SlimDX

    The problem is I'm new to any software like that, and I would have problems throughout the entire book so a good tutorial covering the basics would help more. I would rather not just post every time something comes up. Should I go and buy a primer book or would tutorials work?
  2. SlimDX

    Ok I already posted a question about Game Programming With Visual Basic For Teens. I asked what graphics software can I use besides DirectX to use with the book and someone pointed me to SlimDX. I am using it it is working correctly but I'm new to Game Development (The only game I have made is pong and a small unfinished game that is very stupid, but have made many programs like calculators ect). I googled tutorials but couldn't find any ones that fit my problem can anyone point me to a good site for tutorials on slimDX.
  3. Visual Basic Gameprogramming for teens problem

    Thanks a lot. I hope to be making games soon.
  4. Ok I'm having a problem with this book (see title) unfortunately I bought first edition instead of the second. It is out of date he uses VB 6 and I use VB 2008 but that's not the problem. The problem is he has a CD that has direct X 8 and I'm supposed to download it. As you probably know Direct X 8 doesn't work with VB 08. So my question are there any other free graphics software that will work with VB and this book?