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  1. gofresh

    realtime rendering

    i have one more question. is it possible to compute the operations in gpu which are in physics engine ? can i use nvidia's cg or something else for this operations?
  2. gofresh

    realtime rendering

    ok, i'll try it. thanks between.
  3. gofresh

    realtime rendering

    thanks for your reply. can you show me some code example ? because i'm newbie at directx.
  4. gofresh

    realtime rendering

    in brief, i'm not loading model from .x file. I'm creating and processing polygons in my physics engine. but i dont know how to send realtime processed vertices to directx in runtime ? any answer would be very helpfull. thanks.
  5. I want to render the motion of a character model in runtime but the character model is not loaded from file. so, more than 50 times every second updated model of how to create Direct3D path for vertex are drawn?
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