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  1. Ranger_One

    fonts question

    Have you realized you disable GL_TEXTURE_2D before glPrint is called, which uses a texture based rendering technique? Also I don't see anything there that create the ortho mode you most likely need.
  2. Slightly off-topic, but... I'd like some example sites that don't accept a 0.9 request. Just checking with my function I used a while back (say a couple years) right now, I didn't find any off hand. Is 0.9 really that unsupported now? Also via the host: header part, on my virtual sites simply using the full URL as the URI makes everything work just fine.
  3. Ranger_One

    Syncing peer clocks..

    I found Zach Simpson's paper "A Stream-based Time Synchronization Technique For Networked Computer Games" to be quite helpful on this subject. He was one of the programmers for Netstorm.
  4. Ranger_One

    GUI suggestions

    Doesn't look bad, but I'd really look at handling the program interface another way. If you are using C++ and not just C, perhaps you could establish a base class for any editable value and use that as the core. Let the classes in the program contain the editable value, and pass the pointer of it too the GUI engine. Then when the GUI widget changes the value, the linked object gets notified and the program knows right away. Just a thought :)
  5. Handling a minimal number of sheets is indeed less strain on the graphics subsystem. I've done the same, so I say: Rock on. (Also, I wouldn't call easy optimization like this over-reacting :D)
  6. Ranger_One

    strange lighting

    I see you are lighting front and back, but did you take into account polygon winding? (link) I'm unsure if this would cause the exact problem you have, but it is the only thing that readily comes to my mind.
  7. Ranger_One

    Triangle strips and performance

    1.) The OpenGL Geometry Benchmark does just what you are asking, but the results are pretty much a given. You can find it here. Strips are faster them immediate mode, and lists vary with implementation. It is a little old, but still does what it is supposed too. 2.) Um, that will vary with the format, but even .obj can contain polygons with more then just 3 vertices, though they could be easily triangulated.
  8. I downloaded, compiled, and ran the complete code. On my 6600GT, I get 60FPS regardless of Cube present or not. Are you sure your drivers have been installed for OpenGL? You also have an interesting color problem which (using just idle stabs) I couldn't solve.
  9. So, If I read your first post right, you want to create a single function to take all the world objects and render them to view using GL? If so, that is both quite possible and easily handled. Without getting language specific, all you'd have to do is define all the possible states of the object (shaders, lighting, etc) and then setup the modes for each and then pass through the vertex data to GL. Now, you may want to look at intelligent grouping if you have any transparency and/or depth testing. I'm also a bit confused about 'clever'. What would a clever solution here entail?
  10. Thanks for the fix. Compiles just fine, runs good, looks neat. Took a bit of time to rifle through the code and figure out exactly how it works, but it wasn't too hard. Thumbs up!
  11. Ok, so you got me all excited and I downloaded it, thinking "Wow, this should be cool!". Then I couldn't run the .exe, and I can't open the .sln in Studio 2003... Could you save it in an older format or something? *sniff*
  12. Ranger_One

    using enet

    Are you using your EnetStream class above? I don't see any linking (to actual use) for mPeer, and that is what determines where a packet is sent with send(). Just a thought. Show us the source!
  13. Ranger_One

    LUA String Table

    So, I was looking at the LuaGL source. They use strings like "QUADS" to represent the enumerated values inside GL. I was shocked to see them comparing strings from LUA to C with strncmp()! Now here was my thought: Lua has a string table of unique strings. Just do this: Register the string inside lua, so that it gets entered into the table. Compare the unique table pointer to a stored one for comparison. Am I missing something? This seems like something that is easy, way faster, and should work.
  14. Ranger_One

    StarLok - First Demo (Progressing)

    Massive updates to the demo and site! Here are some new screen caps! Now I'm getting somewhere :)
  15. Ranger_One

    StarLok - First Demo (Progressing)

    I started up some external documentation here (yay!): Playing the Game Forum Well, just playing by myself I can stay alive indefinitely. I'm going to assume the controls are at issue here, so I'll just explain them: Z = Jump (speed doubler) X = Shield (6 seconds or so of protection, depending on how much you get hit) C = Capture (Capture stars to earn points) V = Special (Not implemented yet) Let me know if that doesn't help, cause I can give you simple stay-alive advice easy enough :)
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