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  1. DevIL Library

    tnx both of you. it worked!!!! i didnt have the lib files, so i needed to download them tnx Kazade for the link also i didn have the paths configured so i followed the Kwizatz instructions and worked; again, tnx both
  2. DevIL Library

    hi, im stuck at the lesson 6 with DevIL library, i linked the dll to my project but when i do the include #include <IL\il.h> it says that it cant find the library. i copied the dlls to my windows\system folder, but still no luck somebody know how to use DevIL in microsoft windows with VS2008? any help will be apreciated. TIA
  3. [SlimDX] - Need Some Tutorials or documentation

    ill sart reading now, tnx Promit
  4. Hi, can someone recomend me a web tutorial, book or documentation? im trying to code in C#, but i dont mind if the tutorials or books are in c++. note: before doing this post i searched on the forums, but i didn't found nothing, i did found some sources, but there wasnt what was i looking for. Ps: sorry about my poor english, i hope you can understand my message. TIA