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  1. Interview with Glu Mobile today!
  2. GDC Days 4-6 - The Conference http://wp.me/pRFp5-9e
  3. A week of vacation, and I feel like a coding fiend :D
  4. Interview with @zeegeegames today. Oh God. So excited. So nervous. I'm spiraling. I'm spiraling! Gaaaahhhhh!!!!
  5. Résumé/CV Added - February 7th, 2011 http://wp.me/pRFp5-7G
  6. Matrix math, how I missed thee.
  7. Thanks @g_shonk and @FSGameDev. Glad to be in the running for most nerdy... I think? Nerd's the bad one, right? HEY! lol
  8. Thanks @GGJ11 and @IGDAPhilly! I had an amazing weekend and I'm thrilled with the result. Next stop: @GDC
  9. #ggj11. "If we kill all the gnomes, who's gonna make the cookies!?" *panic* "Wait! ELVES make cookies!" *crisis averted"
  10. Must. Complete. Game. Sleep. For. QUITTERS! #GGJ11
  11. #ggj11 ftw. Haven't had this much fun since college :D
  12. I should make discovering security flaws in file locks on Unix systems my hobby.
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