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  1. Is Vulkan on Android in the future roadmap?
  2. Steve_Segreto

    3D What's wrong with this shader?

    My guess is something to do with passing a texture sampler as a param in the shader
  3. Can you tell if the makefile sets the AOBJS variable as you would expect it?
  4. Steve_Segreto

    Strange Assembly Error

    I think the best course of action is for you to define your target platform as explicitly as possible. It’s OK if it’s a completely emulated/virtual platform, but let’s try to define it so folks on the forum have some context. My understanding is your target platform is pure 16-bit real mode DOS using Intel BIOS, leveraging a DPMI extender for 32-bit advantages. I think DOSBOX can emulate this environment
  5. Steve_Segreto

    3D Quick questions about anisotropic filtering

    Setting sampler states via HLSL in dx9 was a convenience feature, consult documentation for defaults and other details. Another surefire way to tell what your default anisotropic setting currently is would be to examine a frame capture with Pix. I don’t think you need to set the mip filter to anisotropic (but see if it even does anything different visually)
  6. Steve_Segreto

    Rotate screen DX9

    Assuming you’re on a device that can’t meaningfully rotate it’s screen (desktop and most laptops), I suggest doing this rotation in the view transform? Another option is a rotation post process step?
  7. Steve_Segreto

    3D upgrading directx 8.1 to directx 9

    Use Pix for DX 9 and examine the device states before rendering to see if alpha testing or blending is accidentally left on by a previous step.
  8. Steve_Segreto

    DX11 Water Reflections in DX8

    It’s been almost 15 years since I last worked with D3D8, but at that time it was really trivial to convert even a large commercial program from 8 to 9, might be worth the effort for the better tools. If not you can try things like this: http://jrfonseca.blogspot.com/2008/07/tracing-d3d-applications.html?m=1
  9. Steve_Segreto

    DX11 Water Reflections in DX8

    You really should try a graphics frame capture debugger like Pix to be sure your issue is what you think it is. From that last snippet of code, if you comment this line out, does that fix your render from flickering? D3DXMatrixMultiply(&TransformTextureToWater, &InverseTheView, &TransformTextureToWater); Have you tried reversing the order of the matrix multiply?
  10. Steve_Segreto

    Issue with MS-DOS .BBM file format.

    Give this a read: http://www.shikadi.net/moddingwiki/LBM_Format Don’t give up programming though, but I do agree you should try to learn modern tech if your computer can support it.
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