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  1. m3rlino

    Buying a game for private server

    Hello. Sorry if I speak, maybe i have a stupid idea. Did you think about suggesting a crowdfunding to the company for the game? Maybe you could use the fact of the crowdfunding to revive the nostalgia, grow the hype and find old fans of the game. Many crowdfunding campaign aim at reviving old games and it could be a good fit.   Anyway I didn't like the ending of the wiki, it looks like if they are looking for a way of suing some lawsuit on the people who will own their own code. Once a person will get involved and buy the code, how will he/she be able to demonstrate that nobody copied or stole it? It could happen that the firm could pretend somebody else, maybe some known person owns the game and cheat you. Maybe I'm only a person who doesn't trust others and i'm a little paranoic, I'm always like that. I wish you good luck with you project!
  2. m3rlino

    Resume Feedback

    Hello Phil,   i would change the order of things   1. Job Experiences. 2. Skills overview 3. Education 4. Project 5. Language   I don't know if it's better 1 or 2. Then i would try to make the CV a bit longer. No more than three relevant projects and maybe at the beginning a little resumè of your key strengths, skills, features, behaviour. What are your communication skills and personal attitudes. See you,   Merlino
  3. m3rlino

    Need some feedback on my CV

    Hello Amit,   since you aim at applying in Europe I would suggest to use the european CV format --> Looking at the model you can find instructions in how to compile. Anyway I think your last cv is good, Bye   Merlino
  4. I liked the game, very interesting.   Maybe there is not still some final goal or quest to finish in order to capture player attention, so i can't evaluate it fully.   Good work.
  5. m3rlino

    Info on a general game programmer

    Hello,   from the responses I saw that people who are wiser and more experienced than me have answered to your question. I'm a programmer, with some analysis experience (very little). I know a bit of Unity development. I think that it's important to ask for a portfolio of work to programmer, maybe you can hire some known programmer to consult bits of code to judge technical programmer skill. Unfortunately not all the programmers are the same, maybe two programmer can both finish a project in two months, but if they are technical unskilled then you will recognize later and it will be a very hard pain. Consider you will not like the result, maybe you like it partly and you want partly to be changed, good programmer would plan his code to be fit for the problem, but easily modifiable since he followed some design patterns, unskilled ones with try to finish as quickly as they can to get a very big profit at the beginning and they can refuse to work for you once you have payed them since they will say you are too much requiring. Maybe at the beginning you can set very tight milestones to see how the work is going, and try to ask many details to see how flexible is the programmer. In case he finds many excuses and try to direct too much the design of the project you can change it. From another point of view anyway there are some technical details that simply can be very difficult to implement, so you have to be wise as well. Try to understand a bit of the basis of developing in unity.   The answers (Unity).   1. Difficulty medium 2. If i understood well the requirements, for me it would take 100 hours I think, but for a good programmer it can take less than 40 hours. 3. It depends on the programmer and it depends on you, you have to find what it's good for you and what it's good for programmer. Anyway all this work unity can be converted one into another, so try to be more flexible, every work unit has its pros and contros. 4. I agree with Tom, I could also add that if you could see good profit opportunities you could risk to pay even a bit more than your budget. 5. It depends on many factors, the country of the programmer, the experience, how the project attracts him. Keep in mind that some foreign programmers can ask a lot less than others, but you have to think of the time of explain and negotiating features, counting how much effort and time you want to spend on it.   Excuse me for my english, I'm italian :)
  6. Hello,   I hope I will manage to explain what I want to say and that this is the right place to post this question. As in many other professions there are some small jobs that you can do as a hobby to practice one profession. I.e. If you want to practice carpenter you can do some bricolage at home or do it paid for the others. If you want to become a chef you can make some cake at home and try to sell it.   Do the same exists for game industry? I have some programming and management skills and I could try to use them to make some small tasks for some game firm or for some indie team and to earn some pocket money from these things. Since I'm a web developer I know that there could be some chances of such small jobs in testing. Maybe there could be such small jobs also as a help desk service to receive bug records?   Thank you for your responses!   M3rlino  
  7. m3rlino

    tic tac toe AI

    Hello, but speaking of wiser AI. Is there a good AI system to make tic tac toe forecast other person move? As I know if you play second you can only draw.  If you play first you can win, but if the other player is good enough he can also draw. So priority to the center, then the corners and then it depends on the other person's moves. I tried to create some schema based on weights of cells, but sometimes i managed to deceive my AI, so I'm asking
  8. m3rlino

    Revenue per user on Kongregate

    Hello everybody! Just to close the argument. My experience was that the revenue is about 1.45 $ per thousands users. Not bad I would say. Anyway we weren't so lucky. We got only 600 plays, our replay rate was not so high. I agree with what Simon said, reading it after few months I can say that he was right! Thank you for your help, wish you all to develop good games!!!
  9. m3rlino

    Evil bay

    Hello everybody, we are proud to announce that we published our game "Evil bay"! Since the date we published 400 people have already played with it! We got a score of 2.38 from 5 and we would like to improve that result. Evil bay was built to participate at unity contest for beta testing version 3.5. Lidfrid built the biggest part of the game. Evil bay is an action platform game. The game tells the story of a young boy that was cheated by a seller of a e-shop. So he decides to leave and to look for him. Unfortunately we didn't succeed in the unity contest, but anyway we learned a lot from this participation! I hope you will like our game! Click here if you want to play our game! We would like to receive suggestions and critics about it!
  10. m3rlino

    Revenue per user on Kongregate

    Hello, thank you Simon and Frob for your answer. Sincerely I'm not interested in the revenue for the game, not that I'd be unpleased of a big return, but mine was only curiosity. My primary interest is to have as many players as I can, so I appreciate Simon experience about Kongregate and as I understood the rules. 1) Not to give exclusive to Kongregate. 2) Plan an update plan to listen to players wishes. And of course... design a good Game!! In my previous experiences about publishing a game one of the biggest problem was to find people that would play them, so I'm studying waying of advertise. Thank you, M3rlino
  11. m3rlino

    Revenue per user on Kongregate

    Hello Tom, Thank you for the answer, I would have preferred some direct experience from some user here in the forum, anyway for now I found only one article of 2010. So this article says that it should be 20$ per thousands players. For me it looks a bit too much. I tried to check on the websites you wrote, but I didn't find anything. I'll keep on searching... Thank you, Happy holidays!! M3rlino
  12. Hello, I was researching some information on how much does 1000 players pay on a game in Kongregate. I would like to develop a browser game and upload it to Kongregate. Of course my primarily interest is spread my game as much as I can, so I want to reach as many players as I can and I would primarily use kongregate for the number of players, but it would be interesting to know also potential revenue. It's only a curiosity. I tried to search on the forum,but I didn't find any topic related to that. Thank you, Happy holidays, M3rlino
  13. m3rlino

    Computer Science

    Many of these are true of all fields, not just CS. [/quote] Sorry for answering to you again, I agree with you. I just wanted to remark what could be downsides of this profession, i didn't add things connected to my job otherwise I could lose it . Especially for that "body rental" stuff. It's a common practice in Italy, there are some firms that hire you, then they rent you to some other firm as a worker. They use this way to create flexibility, since here in Italy it's not easy to fire a person whenever you want, so these firms sold you to other firms and when the contractor doesn't need you anymore, he cancels the contract with the firm and then the firm who hired you looks for another job for you. The point is that in such a way of working there are no mission or established know how in the firm. Well, I will stop whining about all those things. I think anyway there are also a lot of possibilities to learn new things and raise your skills. I'm a programmer and I like my job, especially when I solve people needs and I create something they appreciate. Greetings!
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